February 2020
Tips and ideas for health and wellbeing from Health Navigator.

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Coronavirus update

Coronavirus outbreak: What you need to know
Health officials around the world are keeping a close eye on the new strain of coronavirus that has infected thousands of people since its outbreak in Wuhan, China. 
Reduce the risk of illness spreading
Tips for what to do if overseas visitors, or returning New Zealanders, become sick within a month of arriving or returning home.
Get connected, get snapping and get winning!
Enter our Connected Photo Competition and be in to win a $150 retail voucher!

The Health Navigator Connected Photo Competition runs until 29 February 2020, and is a chance for you to show us through photography what being connected means to you. There are 3 main themes:

• Tāngata – how you connect with other people.
• Hauora – how you connect with your health and wellbeing.
• Tūrangawaewae – a place you are connected to. 

We aren’t after polished professional shots but are looking for images that show a wide and diverse range of New Zealanders.
Enter your winning pic now!

Spotlight on...

How does sunscreen work, what is SPF and why reapply so often? 
When choosing sunscreen, look for a broad-spectrum, water-resistant, sunscreen of at least SPF30. But what do we mean by 'broad-spectrum' and 'SPF'? To help you make sense of these and other terms we've put together a list of frequently asked questions, and answers, about sunscreen.
How to manage your asthma over summer
The warmer months can play havoc with your asthma; we tell you how to manage your symptoms so you can enjoy a better summer.
Have you washed your reusable bags and containers recently? Or ever? 
Lots of us use reusable bags but how clean are they? Here are our top 10 tips to keep your bags and containers clean and why you are going to want to keep them clean.

Parenting puzzles solved 

How to talk to your kids about vaping
As vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, the long-term effects aren’t completely known. Find out about our tips to talk to your kids about vaping and the potential dangers.
Is your child experiencing gender dysphoria?
Gender dysphoria refers to the distress, anxiety or uncomfortable feelings some people experience due to being assigned a sex that doesn’t match their own experience of themselves. 

Understanding your medicines

Antihistamines for seasonal allergies
Summer can see an increase in allergic reactions and have us reaching for the antihistamines. Find out how they work and what you need to know.
Never heard of ear candles? That’s probably a good thing
Ear candles are sold for removing ear wax and there are claims they can cure a wide range of medical problems, but research shows ear candling has no medical benefits. In fact, ear candles are harmful and can cause serious injury.

There's an app for that!

Need help quitting smoking?
If giving up smoking was one of your New Year’s resolutions then you might want to consider one of the Quit Smoking apps reviewed by the Health Navigator team.

Video of the month

Tobacco is not our whakapapa
The first in a series of videos, this clip focusses on the history of tobacco use in New Zealand and how it's not part of Māori whakapapa. 
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