July 2019
Tips and ideas for health and wellbeing from Health Navigator.

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Video of the month

How to support a grieving friend – it's not by trying to cheer them up
What do we do about all the pain we see in the world, all the pain we feel in our own lives and why does it seem like our efforts to cheer them up always backfire? 

General health round up

Feeling the cold?
See our top tips for keeping you and your whānau healthy and warm this winter.
How to live on your own
There are many reasons why you could find yourself living on your own. If you're used to living with someone else, living alone can take some adjustment – we’ve put together 10 tips to help.
You only have one brain – look after it!
Most people don't know the signs of a concussion or how long to rest after receiving one. Do you? Knowing what to do can help prevent more-serious brain injury.
If you don't smoke, don't start vaping
Vaping may help some people quit smoking cigarettes, but it's not harmless. If you don't smoke, don't start vaping. Read on to find out other vaping do's and don'ts.

Parenting puzzles solved

Depression doesn't just affect adults
If a child or teenager is feeling depressed, the sooner they talk to someone who can help them the sooner they'll start to feel better. Find out how to support them to get the help they need.
How to share a bed safely with your baby
If you choose to share your bed with your baby, keep them safe by giving them their own safe space, such as in a wahakura or pepi-pod. 

Understanding your medicines

Learn more about your angina medication
Medicines are used together with healthy lifestyle choices to help manage angina. Find out about the different angina medicines.

There's an app for that!

Now you can search the app library!
A search function has been added to the Health App Library so that you can search by category (such as asthma), use filters or sort for apps by category, price, device, New Zealand app and clinical score.
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