Cole Lewis was a senior at Mission San Jose High School when he got severely injured in a car accident in November 2012. Even though Cole has lost mobility of his hands and feet and has been confined to a wheelchair, he is working hard to gain full recovery.  To regain mobility, Cole needs about $2,000 per month to go through SCI-FIT, a spinal cord rehabilitation program. 

FUSS, with the support of VIFE (Virtuoso International Flute Ensemble), and many generous donors in our community have started a fund-raising drive for Cole Lewis since June 2013. The total amount donated as of today is $6,570.91. Please join the following donors to continue your support by donating to the Cole Lewis Fund.

The donation drive through FUSS will end by December 31, 2013.


$500 and More:
Mona Mameesh
Millie Wong
$100 – $499:
Yung-Hsiao Lai & Yu-Hua Liu
Lily Kao & Peter Mei
Mark & Tammy Christensen
David & Judy Lam
Chia Lin Liao
Ming-Wei Lena Zee Family Trust
Li-Ching Lin
Rosa Lu
Robert & Sandra Brandle
Cynthia Vail
Rich D Bergstrom
ChuanCheng Cheng & Hsii Yang
Horng Bruce & Sophia Lin
Melissa Ma
Clement & Ruxi Chiang Foundation
Lawrence & Anna-WaiMing Wang
David & Mary Domelle
Daphne Huang & Henry Leung
Robert Sylvia
Jamunarani Balaraman Ramaraj
King Phoon
Cheryl Berggren
Marie Agleham
Frederick Chin
Sophia Ahmad
Cindy Oliveira
SJ Stoneberger Business Account
$10 – $99:
Alan & Lynda Koraltan
Anne Fairbairn
JiangKai Chen & Wenge Ma
HengWei Hsu & Wan-Ying Chen
Sit Heng & David Willmore
Douglas & F. Elizabeth Blizel
Arlene Lu
James and Melinda Jih
Gerry Low Sabado
Takeshi Yamaguchi Family
Lydia Santo
Dana Whitney
YunMing Tsai& WenWen Cheng
Montesa Patawaran
Robert & Beverly Krieger
Lewis & Carol Lynn
Asokan Ramachandran
Judy Schwartz
Donald & Lillian Adams
V. Marlar
Sue Kwong
Clara T Mar
Karen S. Ashcraft
Jo Marshal



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