We as parents want the best for our kids. We work hard to provide a good life and quality education for our kids. We don't want our kids to hurt themselves or hurt others. Least of all, we don't expect others to hurt our kids to the extent of even killing them!

What can we do?  G-R-A-C-E

Be a good Guide - Don' t just talk; Walk the talk 
Be Relational -  Keep a truthful and healthy relationship through effective communication
Be Alert - Watch out for our kids (e.g. words, actions, attitude), but don't be overbearing
Be Connected - Find and build good and safe support groups for family and children
Be Empathetic- Try to be understanding not only of our children, but also their associates

FUSS is in the process of working with Fremont Council PTA, Fremont Youth & Family Services, FUSD school psychologists and others to come up with a comprehensive and sustainable plan to address teen mental health issues. Updated info will be posted on FUSS's website at

If you are interested in joining us in this effort, please contact FUSS at
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