Rewired to Inspire Program
Great Kick-Off

FUSS is happy to support this student initiated Care Project to help build connection between older adults and students.

The high school students did a fantastic job organizing their first Rewired to Inspire Kick-Off session last Friday. What a great turn out with 21 adults and 15 students attending the first session!
WARM UP EXERCISE: Playing Name Game with the use of name tags to help introduce everyone to each other. 
DISCUSSION CIRCLE: Adults were paired with students and given a question at each round of discussion. Students rotated so they could talk to a different adult at the new round. Everyone was really engaged and having fun communicating!
MAIN ACTIVITY â€“ Pictionary: There was fierce competition between the two teams. It was great fun to see the adults getting competitive! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the game.
CLOSING ACTIVITY:  The session concluded with a survey about topics adults will share in the upcoming sessions – current events; politics; sports; biographies; stories; language & culture (Hindi, Gujarati, Mandarin, Japanese, Greek); civic duty; building confidence; career direction, bike laws; emergency preparedness; knitting/sewing; promoting welfare....

This program will meet every 3rd Friday of the month starting August 19th at the Fremont Main Library. If you are interested in participating in the future sessions and/or if you need more information:

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