To fight against a culture of shaming, hurting, bullying, stigmatizing, and sabotaging, FUSS would like to start a "Let Your Name Shine" campaign. A meeting will be held this Thursday, 6/5, 6:00pm - 7:30pm.
If you are interested in attending, please contact FUSS at for more information.

Let your name shine like a shiny shine, shine.
Don't let it shame like a shameful shame, shame.
Though at times it gets shamed by others or ourselves,
Don't let it get stuck there and don't just whine.

A good name is worth pursuing with life.
Honor, guard and defend it all the time.
Don't pursue it with selfish ambition or vain pride,
'Cause it will only be a pretentious strife.

How to help our kids build a good name?
By living our life as their guiding LIGHT.
Loving, Inspiring and Gearing them up for honor,
Holding them accountable and Trusting them without blame.
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