A Letter From The FUSS Team

October 29, 2013
Dear Friends,

More and more people have been asking about FUSS and many have signed up to subscribe to the FUSS newsletters lately. This letter is to help everyone, especially the new subscribers, understand who FUSS is and what it does.

FUSS (Fremont Unified Student Store) was started in April 2012 because of the tremendous and continuous economic challenges that FUSD (Fremont Unified School District) was facing. Seeing how the many diverse educational needs could not be adequately met due to the budget constraints, FUSS came up with a win-win idea to help raise money to support FUSD schools and programs. 

Basically, FUSS provides a platform where the needs are shared and presented to the community, so that people who want to help will have the opportunity to serve and contribute in a way that they feel comfortable doing.

With this goal in mind, FUSS did a Flash Mob Dance in August 2012 and raised $1,000 which were all donated to the FUSD anti-bullying campaign. In November 2012, $5,000 were raised from the FUSD's Got Talent Show and gift cards were purchased for 150 homeless students in FUSD. In March 2013, the $3,000 raised from the Education in Fashion Show were given to the drama and arts programs of the 6 high schools. All of the net proceeds (less operational expenses) generated from the subsequent events (i.e. Spring Test Prep Camp, Speech & Debate Workshops, Web Development Workshop, AMC/CAML Math Tests, FUSD's Got Artists Contest, etc.), as well as from the sales of products, are designated for the FUSD schools and programs.

FUSS has also partnered with organizations such as DingDing TV to provide TV Internship opportunities for our high school students; and VIFE (Virtuoso International Flute Ensemble) to do a special donation drive for the Cole Lewis Fund which addresses student drunk driving problem. As the rate of stress, depression and suicide among young people increases, FUSS seeks to work with the school psychologist and concerned community members to set up FUSS Cares. 

It is truly a blessing that in less than 2 years, FUSS has been able to touch upon so many different needs with the assistance not only from FUSD, but also from many other individuals and organizations. With the increasing awareness and support from our new subscribers, FUSS looks forward to do more including sponsorship for the after school math clubs as well as the Native American Studies Program.

To those of you who are interested in learning more about FUSS, the best way to learn is to get involved with our activities. Our next big event is the FUSD's Got Talent Show 2013 which will be held on December 7, Saturday. The winners of the FUSD's Got Artists Contest will also be announced at this event. It is going to be a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. We need your help! Please contact us at if you are interested in helping.

Thank you,

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