Graduating Seniors Panel at
Irvington High School PTSA Meeting
At the Irvington High PTSA meeting Thursday night (4/6/2017), parents and students had the opportunity to hear 6 graduating seniors talk about how they navigated through high school and prepared for college. The presentation was lively, humorous and sincere. The audience was engaged and asked many questions.

Some advice shared are as follows:

1.  Don't take too many AP's and don't take AP's under pressure.
2.  Do things you really care about.
3.  Be good at time management .
4.  Ask for help.
5.  Be motivated and be a self-starter.
6.  Live a balanced life (e.g. friends, hobbies, sleep, social media, etc.)
7.  Find your passion so you can help change the world.
8.  Grades aren't everything. Drop classes if need to.
9.  Don't worry about what others think.
10. Avoid procrastination. Going to library to study may help.
11. Failures are chances for you to build on.
12. Taking community college courses in high school can be considered.
13. Going to community college is a viable option.
14. Parents need to be in the change process.
15. Their parents have given them room to become who they are.
16. Spending time talking to parents about their day is good.
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