Be a FUSSilitator this Summer
 Earn Money for Your Schools


Fussilitator is someone who joins FUSS's effort to find solutions to problems in our community 


We want to build up our community and make it a better living, learning and working environment for everyone


Students entering K-12 grades in Fremont Unified School District in Fall 2014


For every good deed you do for the community each day this summer (6/14 - 8/26), you will earn $1 for your school. Examples:
  • pick up trash in public places and recycle 
  • donate toys, clothes and supplies to the needy
  • write notes to a member of the armed forces who is stationed overseas
  • report or turn off leaky faucets in public places
  • offer your seat on the bus to someone who is disabled, elderly, pregnant or who looks tired..
  • patrol your neighborhood by reporting any suspicious activities or hazardous materials
  • be courteous and hold the door for someone 
  • visit the elderly in senior centers or nursing homes
  • save an animal from the shelter
Each participant needs to keep a FUSSilitator Journal which should include the following information:

FUSSilitator Journal (6/14 - 8/26) 

Name of Student:






Grade Level







Good Deeds (Description)



















When Where to Submit

Submit your journal to FUSS by 8/31/2014
email:, or
mail: 47000 Warm Springs Blvd., #266, Fremont, CA 94539
* Good deeds will not be counted if they are done for a project or for pay
* Be honest in reporting your good deeds. Remember, if you have to lie about doing something good, then that is not a good deed.

* FUSS has the discretion and reserves the right to decide as to the number of good deeds performed by each participant
* Total dollars to be given away will be $5,000.00
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