Thanksgiving Thought

It's difficult to give thanks when things don't work out our way.
Even when things do go smoothly, it may be hard to give thanks,
Because we tend to want more.
Giving thanks is an attitude, a way of life.
It does not happen only on Thanksgiving Day,
But also in every moment of our lives.
It is not looking at what we don't have,
But counting blessings for what we do have.

Since FUSS started in 2012, it has faced many challenges,
Because FUSS seeks to build support for the diverse needs in FUSD.
Be it academic support like AMC/CAML math contest, math club,
Speech and debate training, website development workshop; or
Social support like Talent Show, Fashion Show and Artists Contest; or
Emotional support like providing Stress & Depression resources; or
Financial support for Anti-bullying campaign, music/art/drama programs,
Native American and other programs in Fremont Unified School District.

Though limited, FUSS is grateful for every opportunity that it has 
To support the Fremont schools, programs, students, and families,
With an incredibly dedicated Team of professionals and volunteers.
The needs are great and work are plenty, but helpers are few.

FUSS welcomes your partnership in strengthening our school community.
FUSS believes that everyone has something good to offer, big or small.
By doing good, a bit at a time, we can build a culture of giving together.
Giving breeds gratitude. A Thankful Heart breeds Thanksgiving!

Upcoming Event

December 7, 2013

1pm - 5pm

Net proceeds from all FUSS events and sales of products go to support FUSD schools, programs and students.

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