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We are teaching grandkids to be responsible people as they grow up.  Okay, I’m a grandma and my job is to “spoil” the grandchildren.  “Spoil” for me means to love them unconditionally; to be there with kisses and hugs, to sometimes let them eat sprinkles out of Grandma’s special tea cup before dinner and to sleep in Grandma’s bed and stay up so late that fireflies are out!
Because we are so special to our grandkids, we also get to set examples for them.  We want them to understand money lessons, like, “the only way you get money is to earn it”.  But, as Grandma Neale, I want my grandchildren to understand that it’s important to also be a good citizen and to pitch in to help without getting paid.  So, part of my money system teaches just that.  We all need to make our home, our community and the world a better place for everyone. 
You are the boss of your home.  I have “Grandma Rules” and my grandchildren follow them.  Not every chore pays money.  As good citizens of the home, we all pitch-in to help.  Explain this to your grandchildren and give some examples, such as:
  • We go to bed when grandma/grandpa say so.
  • We help with the grocery bags.
  • We clean up our toys.
  • We put the cloth recycled grocery bags back in the car.
  • We brush our teeth.
  • We pick up our wet towels after our bath.
  • We don’t keep the water running when we brush our teeth.
I have some special ones, and I am sure you do too:
  • We clean the finger paint off the bathroom tiles when we’re done.
  • We get the Play Doh® off the kitchen floor.
  • We get the Shmootz™ stickers off the cat!
Make a list of your Citizen-of-the-Household chores rules with your grandchildren and let them decorate the list and put it on your fridge!
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