Southern Come Grassland Alliance - Newsletter 49 - May  2016


 Newsletter 49 - May 2016

Bird friendly beef in Porto Alegre's market

Porto Alegre is now able to consume Grasslands’ Alliance bird friendly beef.

After the certification process of 110 grassland farms that produce beef from native grasslands, the Grasslands’ Alliance through SAVE Brasil has signed an agreement with Marfrig Global Foods to supply the Carrefour supermarket chain in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

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The chronicles of the Saffron-cowled Blackbird

From bird lovers and scientists alike, one hears the same comment: “It’s becoming harder and harder to observe the Saffron-cowled Blackbird in the wild”. Habitat loss, increased encroachment of agricultural land, pressures from illegal trapping and high levels of parasitism from another bird (Shiny Cowbird) seem to have condemned this species to certain extinction. 

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Gauchos of the Grasslands: safeguarding nature and culture

The pampas grasslands of the Southern Cone are recognised as a conservation priority in the Neotropics. Originally they covered an area equivalent to the size of California and Texas combined, stretching across Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Grass-fed and pasture-raised beef program moving to pilot phase


A tender rib-eye steak and a western meadowlark bird normally aren’t connected, but that will soon change as the National Audubon Society embarks on a pilot program, “Conservation Ranching Program,” that will partner with ranchers to develop a market-based incentive program

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Christian Artuso, Bird Studies Canada

 Cristian Artuso, from Bird Studies Canada, stressed the importance of preserving conservation sites of many species of migratory birds that cross the American continent annually, breeding in North America and wintering in South America in the IX Rancher' Gathering of the Southern Cone Grasslan

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 Regional Coordinator: Nicolás Marchand

Argentina: Gustavo Marino (Aves Argentinas)
Brasil: Marcelo Fett Pinto (SAVE Brasil)
Paraguay: Lorena Sforza
 (Guyra Paraguay)
Uruguay: Esteban Carriquiry (Aves Uruguay)

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