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Hey guys! We're excited for July - why?! Because this month we're offering the public a chance to check out what our unique CrossFit Devonport program is all about - for FREE and 'no-strings-attached'! So if you, or your friends, have even been interested in checking us out, but you haven't wanted to commit to anything until you knew it was the right fit for you - well now is your chance! It's also a great opportunity to get off your bum (we know some peeps tend to go into hibernation during the winter) and get moving. You'll find our CrossFit workshops and classes to be educational, challenging, community-based and fun. And best part, the program is completely scalable so almost anyone can give our CrossFit program a go. Don't delay, this offer ends at the end of the month, so hit us up now while the thought is whispering sweet-nothings to your mind ;)

Speaking of CrossFit, our awesome CrossFit coach Jase is opening up spots for Private Coaching. Jase is the real deal. Not only is he a great guy, but he's also extremely dedicated to strength and conditioning training, and very knowledgable in the area. If you're looking for an enthusiastic personal trainer who knows their stuff, Jase is the coach for you! He'll 100% be able to help you with your performance goals. Contact us to get started kicking butt with Jase today!

I'd also like to make mention of the awesome efforts of our strong movers who competed in Round 1 of Tasmania's Strongest Man & Woman Series for 2016. Well done to Ali S, Selina S, Thomas B and Daniel H. It was awesome competing  alongside my Strongman training buddies, and a nice little cherry on the top that we qualified for the Australian Strongman Alliance Strongman Nationals 2016! Have you got what it takes to be Tassie's Strongest? Come along to Round 2 of the Tassie Series at CrossFit Agema in Launceston on 27 Aug to test your mettle! You can find out more detailed info about the events here, and you can register for the Series and/or for Round 2 here


We'd also like to make special mention here of our strong movers who have been with us for two years - Chloe M - and one year - Shaun E and Todd W. Thanks guys for trusting us and for helping make Move Strong what it is today! To show our gratitude,  we'd love to give you you $20 credit to spend on our Move Strong apparel :)

If you'd like to learn more about our CrossFit Group Training, our CrossFit Competition Programming, our FAT-LOSS Private Coaching Program or our Individualised Programming, feel free to contact us

Our CrossFit training program is also uploaded daily on our blog. Feel free to play along at home. We also upload CrossFit members' results daily on our blog under the corresponding daily WOD. Check them out!

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Food as Medicine: Garlic Oxymel

Colds and flus and respiratory infections run rampant during the colder months, so it's super important to keep your immune system strong, especially during winter. While many people grab little white synthetic pills to try and get over their illness, there are so many other natural and simple ways we can support our immune system. Garlic is an amazing food full of antimicrobial properties, and combined with vinegar and raw honey to make a medicinal oxymel, it can induce soothing and healing effects on the mucous membranes, as well as the gastrointestinal tract.

This garlic oxymel is a great medicinal immune booster to take at the first signs of a cold or flu or infection - or take it daily over winter as a preventative. It also makes a great salad dressing, as well as an effective natural medicine. In addition to helping with the immune system, garlic has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, osteoarthritis, and helps to normalise cholesterol and blood pressure.

• 30gm (about 10 cloves) garlic bulb
• 4gm (1 heaped tsp) fennel seeds
• 4gm (1 heaped tsp) caraway seeds
• 100ml apple cider vinegar
• 40ml (about 2 tbsp) raw honey 


1. Gently warm seeds in vinegar without boiling for a few minutes.
2. Remove from heat and then strain.
3. Add honey and warm to combine.
4. Peel and crush garlic and place in jar.
5. Pour the warm honey and vinegar mix over the garlic and steep for between 2 - 4 weeks. The longer you steep the stronger the medicine.
7. Strain the garlic and take 1 tsp - 1 tbsp daily at the first sign of a sore throat, cough, cold, flu, or as a preventative.
*Considering that garlic is an antimicrobial, the oxymel is unlikely to go off. However, best to use within 5 - 7 days. 

If you'd like us to help you with your personal nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle, contact us to book in for a nutrition consultation. We also have a 12-week educational program - the Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program - which will teach you how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices for fat-loss and optimal health. During the program you will have unlimited support from our coaches, as well as daily monitoring of your eating and lifestyle choices. For more info on nutrition, health and lifestyle, check out our Eat Strong blog.

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DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Workshop

Next Saturday 2 July 7pm, we're running another DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Workshop at Alchemy Cafe in Forth. In case you haven't read the event description (or didn't get to the end of is rather long, I do like a good ramble!), we're holding a challenge for all workshop participants to put on your Sherlock Caps and go and investigate what exactly is in your cleaning products. If you find that what you're using contains toxic ingredients, bring them along to the workshop and chuck them in the TOXIC BIN. The person who chucks away the most toxic products will win a prize!

But how do you know which chemicals are toxic, and which are ok? I'll be the first person to admit that this can be a daunting task, trying to decipher through the thousands of chemicals that are included in our cleaning products. To make this task easier, I've come up with 10 toxic cleaning ingredients to avoid:

1. Chlorine/bleach

2. Sodium lauryl sulfate

3. Fragrance

4. Formaldehyde

5. Quarternium 15

6. Ammonia

7. Triclosan

8. Phthalates

9. Phenol

10. 2­Butoxyethanol

This, of course, is not an exhaustive-list, but they are some of the more dangerous ingredients around. I've written about the damaging health effects of some of these chemicals in previous posts (go to the links above). I'll also be discussing the adverse effects at the workshop next Saturday night. It's crazy to think that those headaches you've been having, or the asthma you're plagued with, or the infertility or the cancerous tumour or the behavioural problems your child is experiencing may be due to what you spray in the shower or what you wash your dishes with.

It's difficult to pinpoint what exactly has caused your health problems - it could be a combination of poor nutrition, lack of sleep, stress over-load, emotional/spiritual disturbances, toxin-overload (from the environment, medication, additives, preservatives, pesticides, and yes, the chemicals in your cleaning products, furniture, clothes and cosmetics). Some of these things are difficult to change - for example, giving up sugar. It is so addictive and often provides comfort and/or social inclusion, that completely giving it up can seem impossible for many people. Giving up toxic cleaning products, on the other hand, is SO EASY! Seriously, can anyone actually say they're addicted to their Omo washing powder, or their Ajax cleaning spray? There isn't really any pressure, socially speaking, to use a regular supermarket brand cleaning product, is there? Surely you're not going to feel like an outcast at a social gathering if you tell your friends you use something natural like vinegar or borax to clean your dunny? They might think you're a little bit hippy, but whatevs!

So, are you ready to break up your toxic relationship with your dirty cleaning products? Come along to the workshop next Saturday (2 July, 7pm at Alchemy Cafe) to find out just how cheap, quick and easy it can be!

The workshop is $25, which covers the cost of all the ingredients, containers and Young Living essential oils that you will use to make five cleaning products to take home to replace your old toxic ones. We only have a few spaces left, so we would appreciate if you can book in and pay prior to the nightYou can purchase your spot for the workshop here, or you can pay cash at the gym (please place money in an envelope with your name on it) or via EFT (contact us for our bank details).

All welcome! Looking forward to seeing you there!

WHEN: Saturday 2 July, 7pm – 9pm

WHERE: The gym is getting quite chilly with winter coming on, so Grada Robertson has kindly offered for us to meet at the cosy Alchemy Cafe on 640 Forth Road, Forth.

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Move Strong Promotion

Stay motivated this winter by signing up to our FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial! You'll receive up to $400 worth of FREE training and nutrition services  - no-strings attached!

This special winter trial will end 31 July – so don’t delay or you will miss out! When you sign up for the trial, you’ll receive a FREE Personal Training Functional Movement Screen (valued at $40) to assess your movement patterns, and detect any pain or dysfunction. This is paramount for our coaches to know so that we can individualise our CrossFit programme to your ability level. You'll also receive FREE 4 x 30min Initiation Workshops (valued at $160) which will involve teaching you movements and techniques commonly used in our CrossFit classes, to make your transition into the classes seamless. And after your've completed your screen and workshops, you'll receive a FREE week or so to experience our CrossFit classes (RRP$36.25). That's $236.25 worth of training services that you will receive for FREE when you sign up to your 2-week trial! And if you don't think CrossFit is for you after the 2-weeks, you're free to walk away.


If you do fall in love with our CrossFit classes (and it's a fact that most people do fall in love and continue with their CrossFit journey!), we’ll throw in our 12-Week Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program (RRP$165) for FREE if you sign up as a CrossFit member after your 2-week Trial. With our carefully designed training program, alongside our closely monitored nutrition program, you will be unstoppable in achieving your goals!

Contact us today to get started!

***Please help spread the word about our special winter 2-Week CrossFit Trial by jumping onto our FaceBook page to share this winter promo, and tagging your friends' names in the comments below. At the end of July, everyone who has shared this post and tagged their friends in the comments below will go into the draw to WIN 2 Dozen Mixed Raw Treats (RRP$72) created by strong mover and chef Lisa S!***

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Move Strong Kids & Youth: Thanks to all our kids and teens (and their parents!) for coming along to our Term 2 Kids & Youth Classes. We'll be taking a break over the school holidays, but will be back in Term 3 for some more Move Strong action! Term 3 classes will start back on 19 July, with classes on Tuesdays @ 1545 for the Kids (ages 5 - 10 yo) and Thursdays @ 1545 for the Youth (ages 10 - 15 yo). Term 3 classes are $100 for the term (1 session per week, for 10 weeks). Bookings and upfront payments essential. 

- DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Workshop: Sat 2 July, 7pm at Alchemy Cafe - run by Filipa from Move Strong Gym.  If you're looking for ways to improve your health and well-being, this workshop will help you to reduce health-damaging toxins in your life, by teaching you to make your own chemical-free cleaning products using Young Living essential oils and other natural and cheap ingredients.   During the workshop, each participant will make five cleaning products to take home to replace toxic ones! Cost is $25 and covers all ingredients, containers and oils. Bookings are essential, as we have only a couple of spots left. You can register here.

- 2016 Strongest Man & Woman Series: Sat 27 Aug, 9am at CrossFit Agema. Are you ready for Round 2 of the 2016 Tasmania's Strongest Man & Woman series? It's not too late to get training! You can sign up here for the full series, or compete in Round 2 only as a casual entrant. You'll save money by signing up for the full series, and all ASA members will receive a further discount. There will be prizes for the winners, and Round 2 will crown the Strongest in Northern Tasmania! 

- Competition Online Programming: If you want extra programming to prepare for upcoming comps, or to push your strength and fitness to the next level, you need our online Competition programming. Sign up now to get access to our exclusive programming! Membership also includes a weekly coached group training session.

- FAT-LOSS Private Coaching: Are you finding it hard to get rid of unwanted bulge? Forget about fad-diets and pointless cardio workouts! Our expert coaches will TRAIN you to lose fat and build muscle with 3 x strength-based personal training sessions a week, and a closely monitored Nutrition program. For more details, go hereFollow our program and we guarantee that you will see excellent and long-lasting fat-loss results! in just four months, strong mover, Nicole, went from 23.5% to 16.1% body fat while doing our Fat-Loss Private Coaching Program. She also went from being in the 'obese' category, to the lower end of the overweight/muscular range (almost into the athletic range), and shredded her abdominal fat from 83.5cm to 74.8cm! Have a read of Nicole's testimonial here

- CrossFit Devonport & Move Strong Apparel. Show your pride in the Move Strong tribe and stock up on our apparel! We have a range of funky apparel, including tees, tanks, hoodies, sweaters and caps. Products are for sale NOW at the gym. There are limited sizes and colours, so be sure to get in quick to score your favourite designs and styles! To check out pics and details of our stock, go here

- Skipping Ropes: We also have a new batch of skipping ropes in a range of colours (green, red, purple and yellow) available for purchase for $15. 

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Sending some MSG BIRTHDAY love to
Sarah H - 1 July
Poppy B - 2 July
Faye S - 5 July
Duncan F - 10 July
Mike W - 11 July
Dane S - 16 July
Brooke J - 21 July
Danielle H - 23 July
Jackson T - 24 July
Shaun E - 25 July
Thomas B - 26 July
Paul H - 30 July
Noel D - 31 July
Learnna S - 31 July
Chris W - 31 July
We've got a little bday pressie for you all. Come get it from our office!

We've had some new (and old!) peeps join our Move Strong tribe these past few weeks. Welcome to Melinda Q, Stacey R, Curtis L and Georgia T. Rad to have you guys! Make sure you say hello to our newbies and make them feel at home. Get your comrade cheer on!

Member testimonials...

"Our 5 year old started the kids gym session this year with Coach Chris and absolutely loves it! The kids are learning about team work, trying new things and HARD WORK! To sit and watch them each week is a joy and I am super proud of the way our son never gives up. As the youngest in the group he is always looked out for by the others as well ☺ The best decision ever to sign him up! Thank you Move Strong."
- Julie F, parent of Move Strong Kids member

"One of the best if not the best gym I've ever set foot in, the people, equipment, atmosphere it's all incredible! The coaching is also 10/10. The perfect gym for anyone."
- Brandon Z, CrossFit & 24/7 Gym Access member 

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32 Don Road, Devonport Tasmania 7310
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