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As some of you might know, I’ve been working towards becoming fully qualified in massage and soft tissue therapy. I obtained my massage certification a couple of months ago and this past month became qualified in Active Release Techniques for the lower extremities. For the rest of the year I’m going to be trying to gain more experience and work on my skills as a manual therapist, specialising in pain management and range of motion enhancement for athletes like you and me. I’d like to share some tips to help you self treat yourself in between appointments with guys like me, and your other allied health professionals. 

First, know and understand the benefits that self myofascial release (SMR) can give to your body. SMR techniques include foam rolling, lacrosse ball work and using anything else you can think of to release the tension in tight, short and fibrotic tissues. Learning a little bit about your anatomy and practicing the art of self massaging yourself should be part of your daily (or twice-daily if you’re in desperate need of some TLC) recovery protocols. If you’ve got no idea where to start and are looking for a good place to find information, head to Mobility WOD and do their daily mobility prescription.

Second, know and understand the benefits of stretching. Both static poses and dynamic stretches can do wonders to not only increase your range of motion, but also give you a much needed psychological edge to help you deal with stress and the rigours of life. Even if you didn’t exercise, something like yoga is going to do wonders for your mind and your body. If you’d like a resource to help you learn more about stretching and introduce some yoga inspired movements into your training and recovery protocols, head to ROM WOD and do their daily stretching prescription.

Third, know and understand how to activate muscles that are dormant or under active in your body. When you all got started with us at CrossFit Devonport, you all received a Functional Movement Screen. This allowed me to devise a corrective exercise strategy for you to do prior to the start of each class. You were instructed to spend 10-15mins prior to each class working on improving your range of motion and activating poor functioning muscles or movement patterns. 

The template I follow to help you get ready for a training session is “R” stands for range of motion and implies that we should complete enough mobility and stretching activities needed for our bodies to obtain the range of motion requirements needed for the days training session. “A” stands for activation and means that anything that is weak should be woken up and activated. “M” stands for movement and means that we should start moving after we are released and literally warm up our body and increase muscle motility and blood flow. “P” stands for preparation. After doing everything else, have a look at the WOD on the whiteboard. Figure out if there is a skill you need to brush up on, a percentage that you need to calculate, an exercise you need to scale or substitute. Do you need some help figuring out anything? A good idea might be to chat to a coach prior to the workout actually taking place. It’s a lot easier to figure things out before hand, especially if there’s a big class. When you began, I gave you all a RAMPing protocol to follow. How many of you are following that advice? I know the bulk of you are and that is great! However, there’s still quite a few of you who rock up either right on time or even slightly late for class and in doing so self-limit yourself and the effectiveness of your training session that is about to take place. If you’d like a bunch of things that can specifically help you with your training and help take you to the next level, perhaps you might want to book in with a trainer for a short 30min personal training session. Both Jason and I are able to help you with your skills and training program preparation (RAMPing) and are more than happy to help you out. 

If you’d like to book in for a personal training session, please contact Filipa on 0408707249 or email her at


We'd also like to make special mention here of our strong movers who have been with us for two years - Seth W - and one year - Kayden W, Chris (Robbo) R and Danielle HThanks guys for trusting us and for helping make Move Strong what it is today! To show our gratitude,  we'd love to give you you $20 credit to spend on our Move Strong apparel :)

If you'd like to learn more about our CrossFit Group Training, our CrossFit Competition Programming, our FAT-LOSS Private Coaching Program or our Individualised Programming, feel free to contact us

Our CrossFit training program is also uploaded daily on our blog. Feel free to play along at home. We also upload CrossFit members' results daily on our blog under the corresponding daily WOD. Check them out!

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Pre & Post Workout Nutrition 
Over the years, a lot of people have asked us what foods or supplements they should eat before and after a workout. We tend to focus a lot on making sure you get adequate protein 15-45min after a workout to aid faster recovery and muscle tissue repair. Generally a whey isolate protein shake with some carb, and little fat (i.e. like coconut water) is a quick and effective post-workout functional food that you can easily consume within the small 15-45min window. However, workout nutrition is so much more than just chugging down a protein shake. 

In this article, Charles Poliquin, an expert in training nutrition, has put together the top five best and worst workout nutrition foods. You'll find that Poliquin emphasises on real foods, and not on highly refined, sugary sports drinks and the like. It's a good read for any one wanting to improve their performance, or at the very least, feel less 'sore' after training. Eating the right kinds of foods, at the right time, can also significantly help to combat fatigue and increase energy levels. Switching up the kinds of foods you eat around training, really can make a world of difference. You can read the article here.

If you'd like us to help you with your personal nutrition, wellbeing and lifestyle, contact us to book in for a nutrition consultation. We also have a 12-week educational program - the Wellness Nutrition & Lifestyle Program - which will teach you how to make healthy food and lifestyle choices for fat-loss and optimal health. During the program you will have unlimited support from our coaches, as well as daily monitoring of your eating and lifestyle choices. For more info on nutrition, health and lifestyle, check out our Eat Strong blog.

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Strong mover and talented photographer, Tracey Kent, has entered her awesome pic of Coach BigDog in the Devonport City Council "Distinctly Devonport - Faces of Devonport" photo competition. Let's help Tracey win...Head on over and place your vote!


And finally, a huge shout out to our TIS Athletes, Deon Kenzie and Amy Cure, as they prepare to compete at the Rio Olympic Games! As the North-West Satellite TIS Coach, Chris has been working closely with Deon in particular, helping this bright athlete prepare for the Rio Paralympics. We'll be keeping a close watch on Amy and Deon as they go forth to make Australia proud!

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Move Strong Promotion

A big thank you to all those who shared and tagged their friends in our FREE 2-Week CrossFit Trial FaceBook post in July. Today we announced the winner of the lucky, happy tagger/sharer :)

Congratulations to Ange Allen! You are the winner of 2 Doz Raw Paleo Treats! Please come into the gym to claim your prize.

Also a massive thank you to all those who gave our 2-week trial a go. It's been awesome meeting you all, and having some new faces in our classes. We look forward to helping you get stronger, fitter, healthier and better. Welcome to the CrossFit Devonport - Move Strong Gym Tribe!

movestrong updates

- Move Strong Kids & Youth: Kids & Youth Classes are back in action! Term 3 classes are on Tuesdays @ 1545 for the Kids (ages 5 - 10 yo) and Thursdays @ 1545 for the Youth (ages 10 - 15 yo). We still have a few spaces left for any late-comers. 

- Sat 0700 ROMWOD Class: The Sat 0700 ROMWOD Class has been cancelled until further notice. Feel free to play along at home or at the gym - you can get access to ROMWOD here

- Girls WOD: Sat 6 Aug, 3:30pm. Calling all Move Strong Girls and lady friends! Girls WOD has changed to the first Saturday of every month at 3:30pm. Come along and hang out with the girls, do a WOD and have a laugh. It's a great chance to get to know your fellow strong movers. All females welcome - free for all Move Strong members (including 24/7 gym members, private coaching clients and CrossFit members). $10 for non-member friends.

- DIY Chemical-Free Cleaning Workshop: Sat 13 Aug, 4pm at Deloraine House - run by Filipa from Move Strong Gym.  If you're looking for ways to improve your health and well-being, this workshop will help you to reduce health-damaging toxins in your life, by teaching you to make your own chemical-free cleaning products using Young Living essential oils and other natural and cheap ingredients.   During the workshop, each participant will make five cleaning products to take home to replace toxic ones! Cost is $30 and covers all ingredients, containers, oils and oil-infused treats. Bookings are essential. You can register here.

- 2016 Strongest Man & Woman Series: Sat 27 Aug, 9am at CrossFit Agema, Launceston. Are you ready for Round 2 of the 2016 Tasmania's Strongest Man & Woman series? It's not too late to get training! You can sign up here for the full series, or compete in Round 2 only as a casual entrant. You'll save money by signing up for the full series, and all ASA members will receive a further discount. There will be prizes for the winners, and Round 2 will crown the Strongest in Northern Tasmania! 

- CFWX Throwdown: Sat 8 Oct, 8:30am at CrossFit Works, Kingston. The annual CFWX Throwdown is on again! Join the CrossFit Devonport team, and challenge yourself in this fast-paced, exciting comp. Registrations are $50. There will be both RXd and Scaled versions of the WODS - so ALL can compete and participate! 

- Ricky WOD: Our thoughts are with our friends at CrossFit Resonate who recently lost one of their athletes, Ricky Maui. A kind thank you to all those who  participated and/or donated to the Ricky WOD fundraiser on Saturday, to help Ricky's family out with the costs of the funeral.

- Competition Online Programming: If you want extra programming to prepare for upcoming comps, or to push your strength and fitness to the next level, you need our online Competition programming. Sign up now to get access to our exclusive programming! Membership also includes a weekly coached group training session.

- FAT-LOSS Private Coaching: Are you finding it hard to get rid of unwanted bulge? Forget about fad-diets and pointless cardio workouts! Our expert coaches will TRAIN you to lose fat and build muscle with 3 x strength-based personal training sessions a week, and a closely monitored Nutrition program. For more details, go hereFollow our program and we guarantee that you will see excellent and long-lasting fat-loss results! in just four months, strong mover, Nicole, went from 23.5% to 16.1% body fat while doing our Fat-Loss Private Coaching Program. She also went from being in the 'obese' category, to the lower end of the overweight/muscular range (almost into the athletic range), and shredded her abdominal fat from 83.5cm to 74.8cm! Have a read of Nicole's testimonial here

- CrossFit Devonport & Move Strong Apparel. Show your pride in the Move Strong tribe and stock up on our apparel! We have a range of funky apparel, including tees, tanks, hoodies, sweaters and caps. Products are for sale NOW at the gym. There are limited sizes and colours, so be sure to get in quick to score your favourite designs and styles! To check out pics and details of our stock, go here

- Skipping Ropes: We also have a new batch of skipping ropes in a range of colours (green, red, purple and yellow) available for purchase for $15. 

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Sending some MSG BIRTHDAY love to
Kirsty J - 6 Aug
BJ M - 10 Aug
Olivia H - 15 Aug
Curtis L - 20 Aug
Lisa S - 20 Aug
Brie C - 22 Aug
Alyssa P - 22 Aug
Danielle S - 24 Aug
Dennis H - 27 Aug
Tracey K - 28 Aug
Jessika M - 29 Aug
We've got a little bday pressie for you all. Come get it from our office!

We've had some new (and old!) peeps join our Move Strong tribe these past few weeks. Welcome to Jesse S, Jake M, Frances S, Molly P, Shae S, Andy B, Danielle S, Brodie M, Benj A, Phoebe C and Beau M.
 Rad to have you guys! Make sure you say hello to our newbies and make them feel at home. Get your comrade cheer on!

Member testimonials...
"Move Strong Gymnasium is an awsome place to train the crossfit group classes are great for people of any fitness level from beginner to athletes wanting to lose weight or gain strength/lean mucle.
The power lifting/olympic and strongman equipment is great, If you are wanting to be a stronger version of yourself move strong is the place to be.
The people who train at msg are all very supportive and the coaches are great. i would like to thank chris and fillipa for helping me reach my strength goals i would highly recommend giving move strong a go".

- Daniel H

"Wow, what can I say from the moment you step inside your welcomed by all, Your pushed pass your limits and beyond."
- Rachel V.

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