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We hope everyone has enjoyed the variety of seafood you received during the fall CSF! 

This week we are bringing King Mackerel and littleneck clams. These fish were caught using hook and line in the Atlantic Ocean by fishermen, Skip Conklin and his son, Chris. The clams were harvested by hand rake in Newport River.


Delivery Details - Thursday, December 8th

King Mackerel caught in the Atlantic Ocean by fisherman, Chris Conklin

Littleneck clams harvested in Newport River by Paul Russell

Pick up Information:
Sarah P. Duke Gardens parking lot

4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Chris does most of the processing of seafood for Walking Fish. This is a photo of him with a Spanish Mackerel.

These clams were harvested this summer in North River. The one on the right is a small littleneck clam. Small clams are wonderful when steamed. The 'Chowder Clam' would be good chopped up and added to a pot of clam chowder. The larger the clam the tougher the meat and needs a longer cooking time.
*You will be receiving the small clams tomorrow!

Blackened King Mackerel
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