Highlights from India on recent art journeys including Sankalpa's first publication, an international art exchange, events and ongoing programs.
All art requires courage. -Anne Tucker
Sankalpa provides art therapy and creative literacy/empowerment programs to village youth and women in south India. In offering a safe space and the tools for expression, we hope to facilitate insight and transformation through the art-making process.
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Body Tracings & Meditation

Body Awareness

Recent programs include full body tracings with meditations; collages; puppet-making and performances; a creative literacy curriculum through color theory, painting and drawing; jewelry-making with recycled materials; traditional activities such as henna and kolam, and ongoing play and experimentation! 

Hand Art Exchange

Art Exchange

Building creative bridges across cultures, we recently facilitated an art exchange between children in Edyanchavadi village and East Side Middle School in Manhattan. Both groups meditated to increase awareness of energy in the hands, created hand tracings with artwork and shared photos, all exhibited in NYC.
World Sand Ceremony

World Sand

In April, children from Edyanchavadi village and Auroville met in a circle for a very special World Sand Ceremony. Since Hilde Goris started this project in 2010, children in over 35 countries have mixed this traveling sand from their homes while blessing it with love, peace and a special song to honor our Mother Earth.
Blooming Thamarai


Our first publication is a 72-page bilingual book released in December 2011, including handmade affirmation dolls and stories created by village children in art therapy sessions at the Edyanchavadi Healing Centre near Auroville in south India. Order a copy by making a $15 USD donation (including shipping).
Sankalpa Center Vision

Our Sankalpa

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word that means intention, affirmation, determination and willpower. Facing many challenges this year, we continue to persevere with our programs in existing centers, while developing the dream of our expressive therapies center to include music, drama, dance and the visual arts. We're raising funds for a mobile art center now!
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