Highlighting updates of collaborative and community art programs as a bridge between villages in south India, Auroville and beyond!
Mandala Mural at LEC
Art Break Day flyer for community art event, September 6th, 2013.

Art Break Day

A community art event simultaneously hosted at 19 sites around the world, is also coming to Auroville on September 6th!
Supported by the US-based organization, Art is Moving, $500 USD of art supplies have already arrived here.
The event will be from 9 am to 5 pm at Dreamer's Café in the Visitor's Centre, all are welcome!

Art Break Day materials!

Art as Connection

Visual communication forms relationships; fostering collaboration, connection and community through expression. Sankalpa provides art therapy and creative empowerment programs, to facilitate insight and connection through art. This art serves as a bridge between village youth and women in south India, the international community of Auroville, and beyond.
Click to see photo album of Safety Through Art event, photo by Edoardo Grassi.

Safety Through Art

As part of an Auroville community meeting on safety and security, an alternative non-verbal creative space was offered for processing the topic. Art themes included the body, body parts, enclosures and positive messages of solidarity, light, unity and protection.
Mandala journal circle with adolescent girls from nearby villages at Life Education Center in Tamil Nadu, India.

Mural of Mandalas

Watch our video at Life Education Center (LEC)! In ongoing work with adolescent girls and women from villages in Tamil Nadu, mandala journals provide a safe space for symbols, dreams, and stories to be expressed. These mandala designs are being painted on a new bridge at the LEC entrance in Kottakarai village, nurturing self-esteem and a sense of legacy.
"Sankalpa denotes various shades of ideas such as will, volition, mental resolve, solemn vow to perform an observance, purpose, aim, intention, determination, wish, desire, thought, ideation, reflection and imagination." —Ribhu Gita
Henna, Hands & Healing

Henna, Hands & Healing

Inspired by deepening links to the local culture, an exploration of traditional Indian art forms such as henna is being offered in regular workshops as a non-traditional form of self-care. Guided meditations, hand tracings and dialogue offer a space to interact, learn and consciously personalize local art rituals.
Art Link: storytelling and creative expression as cultural exchange.

Art Story Exchanges

In January, youth from Turkey, New Delhi and our local Edyanchavadi village participated in a vibrant cultural exchange, including art and storytelling. In August, arts activities supported a leadership program with American International High School students in Chennai, India. These co-facilitated sessions are an ongoing partnership with MindVISA.
International Conference on Art Therapy, Shenzen, China

Presentation in China

In May, international art therapists and colleagues converged for an unique gathering at an International Conference on Art Therapy in Shenzen, China. A 3-hour presentation and workshop was offered based on our work in south India, including the story of our journey and traditional arts with therapeutic awareness.
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