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Greetings from the four corner outposts of our beautiful, indigo, flat earth! Thankfully, it seems as if we've all survived the flurry of paranormal attacks during the equinox. I hope you've learned something, as we've learned to never trust someone who self-identifies as an Indigo Child. We'll get deeper into psychic children and psychic grown-ups at the end of the e-mail in our second edition of HausMo School, but let's first strap those headphones onto your breadbox. The new Andrew Bernstein album is out in the world for you to enjoy, and then as we go deeper down the time tunnel we'll find some delicious teaser-taster-sampler-sorta-dealies for our Fall releases from Pepper Mill Rondo, Shnabubula, and Bonnie Baxter. 🌋🍹🌴
Andrew Bernstein - An Exploded View of Time
released on 9/28/2018

available on LP, CD, and digitally

"As he unfurls the florid melodies that make up "Broken Arc" or as he splatter-paints notes across the canvas of "Round Up," he has this way of making every moment last for both a blip and eternity. Part of its in the way he packs in flurries of notes, but part of its in the woody repetitions, the way these melodies unfurl like tree rings, each one another visible reminder of the passage of time. It's an experience that's well worth undertaking" - Noisey

"Even when you know that no electronics were involved, it’s hard to believe an un-aided person created the album. The speed of the fingering required to create the vibrating line on opening track “Vescia Piscis” seems like an impossible physical achievement." - Splice Today

"Rigorous but never cold, this is experimental music at its best. A." - The Vinyl District

"There are numerous pieces on the album where Bernstein’s unrelenting focus has that hypnotic effect—each time I’ve played it, there’s been some point where I’ve felt like I’ve been put in a trance." - Chicago Reader
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Andrew Bernstein's composition "Boogie Woogie Phase" is featured in Apple Music's official "Minimalism" playlist alongside OG timelords like Steve Reich, Arvo Pärt, Meredith Monk, and Philip Glass. If you're an Apple Music user, check it out!
Pepper Mill Rondo - E.D.M.
releases on 10/19/2018 on cassette and digitally via Bandcamp

pro-dubbed silver C-100 with black imprints. artwork by Pepper Mill Rondo.

Hausu Mountain co-founders Doug Kaplan and Max Allison record sample-based sound collages under the name Pepper Mill Rondo. Their debut album E.D.M. [short for Ecstatic Dissonant Mashup] presents a mind-fracturing 100-minute menu of divergent styles and compositional strategies that features both duo and solo recordings, like a demented 21st century noise update of the credit-sharing Lennon/McCartney songwriting partnership.  Featuring somewhere between 69,000 and 420,000 samples (by the duo’s own rough estimate), E.D.M. skips at random between chunks of pop culture and celebrity gossip, garbage from the infinite expanse of vlogs and video-on-demand, shards of anime and video game soundtracks, tropes of classic rock and pop history, and glimpses of the fervor of various cult-like fanbases. Pepper Mill Rondo present their listeners with a paralyzing program of sound designed to wash away this vivid simulation of the real world in favor of a fugue state of constant forgetting and half-remembering, a purgatory of blinding bliss and existential terror in equal doses. 
stream the track "Lominipiccolominipiccolominipipiccolominipi"
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E.D.M. trailer video
Shnabubula - Game Genie
releases on 11/2/2018 on cassette and digitally

pro-dubbed light blue C-46 with black imprints. artwork by HausMo Max.

Principally inspired by video game music of all styles and eras, Shnabubula’s wide catalog encompasses instances of progressive synth composition, works for piano and digital orchestra, and cybernetic jazz fusion characterized by stunning harmonic and structural sophistication. Game Genie's dense compositions, programmed in tracker editing software, trace serpentine paths through innumerable discrete melodic frameworks and soaring solos, bouncing over constantly fluctuating basslines and grids of meticulously calculated synthetic percussion. Animated by earworm melodies and on-a-dime transitions, Shnabubula's symphonic compositions contain enough detail to sketch out their own pixelated landscapes in the mind of the listener.
stream the track "Eye Trickle Scuba Wagon"
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"Aqua Fever" music video
Bonnie Baxter - Ask Me How Satan Started
releases on 11/16/2018 on cassette and digitally

pro-dubbed pink C-36 with black imprints. artwork by HausMo Max.

Brooklyn-based producer, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Bonnie Baxter makes her solo debut on Hausu Mountain with Ask Me How Satan Started, a fierce live program of distorted percussion patterns, unholy vocals, and peals of harsh abstract texture. The album follows the 2017 release of No Self Helps (HAUSMO61) by Kill Alters, her band with Nicos Kennedy and Hisham Bharoocha (of Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, Boredoms). On her own, Bonnie Baxter maintains the ferocity and body-animating rhythmic sensibilities of her collaborative work while pushing her live-recorded compositions to towering climaxes of ego-erasing noise and vocal catharsis.
stream the track "Axiom"
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full bio and album artwork
The lovely and supportive folks at Tiny Mix Tapes placed Fire-Toolz - Skinless X-1 on their list of Third Quarter Favorites calling the album "a huge evolutionary leap in Fire-Toolz’s compositional and songwriting skills."

AllMusic dug deep into Dustin Wong - Fluid World Buidling 101 With Shaman Bambu, praising the album as "easily one of his most intricately constructed works."

Fire-Toolz chatted it up with CHIRP Radio. You can listen to the full interview as a podcast.
            HAUSMO SCHOOL: INDIGO CHILDREN           

Also referred to as a crystal-domed-newt or a star-twin, an indigo child is a person who has come into this world destined to create change and spiritually awaken humanity with little lies that help to expose greater universal truths. Indigo children are considered to be troublemakers with profound insight into commodity broking and an ability to make intricate balloon animals. As spiritually gifted old souls, indigo children find it hard to be bothered with "normal human conventions" such as eating food, wearing clothing, and fearing the good ol' christian God. The indigo child is also thought to possess strong body odor and varying spiritual gifts such as the ability to discover all of the horcruxes.

The primary role of the indigo child seems to revolve around predicting crimes before they happen while chilling in a giant-ass pool of this clear goo with other indigo children who are also predicting crimes from the goo. From a young age, indigo children are able to communicate with spooky ghosts, spooky demons, and other spooky goblin-like things. To their parents and the police, they may seem like overly flatulent, disorienting, hotdogs, but my grandchild Marflin is the cutest little indigo child and I love his cute little toots. As precocious truth tellers and adept fibbers, child and grown-up indigos can’t help but see through the bullshit facades of other people and expose them by creating an infinite tunnel of even more facades and funhouse mirrors, trapping you in a labyrinthine harddrive of your memories, and then right when you're going to finally break, they smash through the facade with a crystal sledgehammer.  COOL!

In 2002, the first international conference on indigo children was held in an underground, offshore base, drawing over 419 attendees, and there have been subsequent conferences in Branson, MO, and additionally elsewhere. The conferences were a giant catfishing scheme propagated by the US government to capture the indigo children and force them to work in their experimental precognitive crime department (which is still active to this day). Several films have been produced on the subject, including Grumpy Old Men (1993), Grumpier Old Men (1995), and Grumpiest Man Standing (2019). The concept of indigo children has been criticized for being less about the color indigo, and more about the lucrative profits to be made by the deep state from trademarked escape room experiences, funny hats, and jalapeño poppers.
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