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International Women's Day

Can you help us out???
Date: Friday, 8 March 2013.
Time: 1.30pm -7pm
Venue: Te Manawa Museum of Art, Science & History

Since the early 1900’s International Women's Day has been a day to recognize women from all walks of life without regard to their national, ethnic, cultural or political differences and to celebrate their achievements around the world. March 8th is also an opportunity to highlight gender inequalities and raise political and social awareness of the struggles of women worldwide.

In 2013 Te Manawa will host the celebration of this day in our Region running events throughout the day around the museum and its environments. Amongst other events we will hold a peace parade on the main streets of Palmerston North with the Big Girls, giant puppets made in conjunction with REACT and local women from diverse ethnicities.

We will be on site providing information about volunteering opportunities (for everyone!) and will also be doing hand-printing again! We hope to have a couple of outlines of women in dresses on large sheets which we will hang upside down on the wall and allow the kids (and adults) to hand-print the dresses. Once we turn the pictures up the right way the skirts should look like they are falling/flowing downwards. Just a bit of fun!

If you can assist us for an hour or two we would really appreciate it! Please email us with your preferred times!

Volunteer Responsibilities and Opportunities

Just a reminder
Thanks for taking the time to register with us! We hope you have had regular contact with us and been sent some great opportunities sent your way! And of course we hope this has meant you have found an exciting volunteer position or two!

Just a reminder that if you are not getting regular contact from us you might need to check that your details are up to date! If you have changed your address, phone number or perhaps email address, you might like to update your records with us.

If you have found a volunteer position we would love to hear from you and encourage you to tell your story so that others can learn from your experience.

If you have not found a role you like yet please let us know so we can send you some more options to consider. And if you have been put in contact with an organisation but you have decided that the organisation or role is not actually what you want please let the organisation or us know so that we can continue to offer the role to others. It can be difficult to say no to an organisation, so you are more than welcome to do that via our office and we can withdraw you from any role we have put you in contact with - no questions asked.

If (more if’s) you are still looking for a suitable role to check out our website, as new roles are appearing all the time. There will soon be a filter added to the site so you can narrow down the list to things that suit your interests better too!

If there is anything else we can do to help you find a suitable volunteer role please do not hesitate to contact us! We enjoy helping you – that is why we are here!
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