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Christmas 2012 Newsletter
Seasons Greetings from the VRC
The team here at the Volunteer Resource Centre Manawatu & Districts would liek to wish everyone a safe and happy silly season! 

We will be closed from 12noon Thursday 20th December 2012 through 10am Monday 14th January 2013. We will be periodically clearing emails and phone messages so feel free to make contact!

On reopening we will be planning for our next Managers of Volunteers Forum - this will be held in the 3rrd week of February and more information will be out will in advance!

We will also be training some new office volunteers, and planning towards more out-of-office activities!! If you would like to join us in these "out of the box" activities let us know! The more the merrier!

This week we are fare welling Yuji - he has been with us since February 2012 and has been a fabulous addition to our office team and his regular and consistent presence will be sorely missed! We congratulate Yuji on his graduation from IPC and wish him well on his return to Japan.
We have other plans in the pipeline for 2013 and we look forward to bringing these to you as they are padded out and details are finalised!

Finally this year I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our partners! PNCC and PNCSC in particular. But everyone who has helped or worked with us this past year, thank you – you have made our year more interesting and more valuable! We look forward to assisting you in 2013 with your volunteering journeys!

Norelle Ward
Centre Manager
Thinking forward to the New Year – Why not load up some new roles into the Database so that people thinking about New Year Resolutions might have more variety to consider if volunteering is an option for them!
We look forward to helping you with creative and alternative ways of presenting roles within your organisations and encourage you to be flexible about how and when things could be completed where possible!

Upcoming Events

Christmas in the Square
22nd December 12

We are not planning anything until late February 2013, however if anything comes up we will place it on our Website!

A reminder of our closing dates:
Close 12noon 20th December 2012
Reopen 10am Monday 14th January 2013
(limited Hours - watch out on Facebook, Website & our door for details)

 Here is another sneak peak at where we are at!
Registered Organisations = 46
New this month = 2
Active Volunteers = 218
New this month = 5
Active Roles = 74
New this month = 2
Out matches are only successful if both sides fit well together – therefore we really appreciate any feedback you can provide to us around those who we send your way! We will be instigating a new process around feedback shortly to help us establish how we can improve what we are doing for you!
New Members!
More enquiries have been received this past month from a great range of potential new members!
We welcome Friends of Court and Midcentral Health Board to our membership ranks!

Youthline & Anchor Growing Communities

Have you been into Melody’s New World lately?
Did you wonder what the Anchor Growing Communities Posters are about?
We have been nominated as one of three participants of Anchor Growing Communities; a joint Initiative between Anchor and Melody’s New World to raise funds for local causes and charities. When a shopper buys Anchor Milk they will be given a token at the checkout, which they can then place in one of the three specially designed Anchor Growing Communities boxes, one of which belongs to Youthline Palmerston North. This is located behind the checkouts. At the end of the three month period, the money will be distributed proportionally according to the number of tokens each cause has received. Anchor Growing Communities is all about locals supporting locals and making sure there are much needed funds for local organizations. Place your token in the Youthline box and help us support the youth of Palmerston North. Finishes end January 2013.

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