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Update on the VRC's

There has been a lot happening since we last emailed!

Membership Fees for 2013-14 year
We are currently in the process of sending our Membership Invoices for 2013-14 financial year. Please have a look over our invoice once you receive it and let us know if you have any concerns.
We have changed our membership fees this financial year, although we are still have some of the lowest fees of any Volunteer Centre in NZ.
The new Fee Structure valid from 1 July 2013 to the 30 June 2014 is:
  • Ÿ       Income up to $49,999                                                                               $30.00
  • Ÿ       Income between $50,000 and $199,999                                                   $45.00
  • Ÿ       Income between $200,000 and $300,000                                                 $60.00
  • Ÿ       Income greater than $300,000                                                                  $85.00
  • Ÿ       Organisations with 2-5 registered branches or subsidiaries                      $85.00  
  • Ÿ       Organisations with 6 or more registered branches or subsidiaries            $100.00
  • Ÿ       N/A - for branches of an existing member organisation                               N/A
  • Ÿ        $100 per year for Associate Members (Government departments, businesses, units, school or programs which directly involve volunteers and support the objectives of the VRC, or organisations who refer their clients to the VRC in the course of their business).
Please note, if your organisation is the Head of many subsidiaries or small branches, we encourage you to join, but also ask that each subsidiary/branch joins individually also as this allows us to ensure we can support the needs of each group with understanding and without confusion.
Community Outreach Programme
As you will be aware we have employed Ariunaa (Ari) as our new Community Liaison Assistant, to help establish community outreach/satellite services in the PNCC Suburbs. Firstly she is focusing on Awapuni. If you or someone you know is involved in an organisation who work or are based in Awapuni we would like to hear from you! Please email Ari on
Ari is holding short meetings at Community House or at the Awapuni Library to talk to groups about this development. If you would like to know more please make contact with her. She is more than happy to visit with you personally if you prefer.

Training Opportunites - VRC Members Only
We have been discussing ways of helping to find more training opportunities at a reasonable cost to the community organisations we work with.

We are working with the Manawatu Chamber of Commerce to try to extend the opportunities we can offer, and can now bring you this:
Each week Manawatu Chamber of Commerce runs a Brown Paper Bag series of workshops:
The Brown Paper Bag Series is Members teaching Members.
These are held at lunch time and include a 40 minute session and then Q & A time.
If a topic requires more time we will run a series over the course of a week or two, whatever works.

Manawatu Chamber of Commerce(MCC) has offered us a FREE place at each Brown Paper Bag session they run. So, check out their website and email us ASAP if you (or one of your staff or volunteers on your behalf) would like to attend one of the upcoming sessions! First in first served, but we will share it around, so that a variety of groups are represented at these events!

MCC are also encouraging their other members to consider a similar offer - we will keep you informed as things develop!

Database Updates
We are currently making a variety of alterations to our database to help speed up our processes, BUT we need to ensure our data is also up to date! Along with your membership invoice, you will receive a copy of any active roles we have online for your organisation.  Please check these over carefully, and log-on to the Database to make any alterations or add new roles if you wish! The more variety of roles we have from you, the more enticing we can be to new volunteers! Admin, PA type work seems to be of interest to many people at present too (just saying!).

If you do not have a log-in to the database (or you have lost the details) email us and we can provide you with all the information and the instructions to get you moving! Just remember if you need a role deactivated please email us with the details and we will arrange that ASAP.

Media Opportunities
Finally we just wish to remind you that you can be a part of our Media activities - there is NO CHARGE, and generally we do all the work (well, our wonderful team of volunteers does!) Please contact us if you would like an article written about your organisation to appear in The Guardian, or if you would like to do a Show on Access Manawatu (it is really simple), We have spaces available NOW!

Have a great week!
The VRC Team!
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