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July 2013 Newsletter
Many of you will have seen this already thanks to our Friends at The Guardian and Palmerston North Community Services Council's Flax... but we wanted to bring it to you also!
WELCOME TO ARIUNAA!! We are pleased to have you on board!

From Mongolia to the Manawatu
The Volunteer Resource Centre (VRC), in King Street, has a new Community Liaison Assistant to help advance the services they provide in the voluntary sector. Ariunaa (Ari) Mendtsoo, originally from Ulaanbaatar, the Mongolian capital, starts her new post in July.
Ariunaa came with her family to Palmerston North in 2006, which meant starting all over again, both with her career and her friendships. She was a civil engineer, but a downturn in Mongolia’s building industry made it hard to find work, so she then worked as a translator and interpreter. Ariunaa speaks four languages — Mongolian, Russian, English and German – but found little demand for her services here.
Then she heard about the VRC and was ‘curious to see what they do’, as volunteering is not a widespread activity in Mongolia. In 2011 Ariunaa joined the VRC, helping out in their office. For her, it provided an opportunity to network, sharpen her skills and gain valuable kiwi work experience and now she has a paid position.
Her role will include developing community outreach services in the city suburbs (particularly in Awapuni and Roslyn to begin with), and assisting the VRC in growing both its membership and the opportunities available to volunteers around the region. In her voluntary position she has already run workshops and community forums and found she likes public speaking more than she thought.
If you are interested in finding our more about the development of these outreach services or to attend one of the meetings currently being planning in the Awapuni area please contact Ariunaa (Ari) on
Her advice to other migrants is to be active, look for opportunities and join in events, as this gives you insight into the country you now live in. In Mongolia there is a saying —Usig uuval yosig daga —meaning if you drink the water (of a place) then you follow their rules. But she still maintains her Mongolian heritage by drinking süütei tsai, which is tea with milk and salt!
Ariunaa says she is very thankful for all the people who’ve crossed her path and helped her, and would encourage others to try volunteering, as ‘everyone has to give a little bit’.

Volunteer Coordinator Forums
As we are co-hosting the Rights and Rules workshops along side PNCSC we have opted to hold off on more forums until this series is over, so as not to overload your calendars!
Next forum will be in September 2013 at this stage! Let us know if you have a topic you would like us to consider for an upcoming forum!

See below for the Rights and Rules upcoming workshop dates and topics

Community Outreach Program
Lead by Ari Mendtsoo

We will be working over the next year developing satellite services and will be holding small focus meetings aimed at "non-member" organisations and groups to find out more about our services and tell us more about theirs and how we can collaborate in each area.

These meetings will be held either at Community House or at this time in the Awapuni Library (our first area of focus). If you would like to be involved in these meetings, please email to have more details sent out to you.

You may have already received some information, please have a read over this and RSVP to one of the meetings listed, or if none of the times suit please contact us to make an alternative arrangements.

We look forward to meeting more of our local community!
Here is another sneak peak at where we are at!
Registered Organisations = 48
New this month = 2
Active Volunteers = 314
Active Roles = 89
New this month = 4
Out matches are only successful if both sides fit well together – therefore we really appreciate any feedback you can provide to us around those who we send your way! We will be instigating a new process around feedback shortly to help us establish how we can improve what we are doing for you!
FMG Community Amplifier
FMG has a proud history of supporting the communities we grew up in, and nowhere is this truer than in the Manawatu. We’ve been in the neighbourhood for over 100 years and have always been keen to lend a hand, from the bright lights of FMG Stadium, to your local school pet day.

The FMG Community Amplifier is our way of helping local schools, charities, groups and not-for-profits in the Manawatu area find their voice. If you want free air-time to promote your event, activity or cause, click here  for the chance to win radio advertising through MediaWorks on us!

If you would prefer to fill in a printed form visit our Palmerston North or Feilding offices to pick one up.

*Terms and Conditions apply; please click here to read them.

Free Workshop series - brought to you by:
All to be held at Community House
77 King Street Palmerston North
Click on the links to register or send an email

Tuesday 6 August 10am -11.30am Blue Room - Privacy Law
Details online shortly for the following programs:
Tuesday 20 August 10am -11.30am Blue Room - Charities and Societies
Tuesday 27 August 10.30am -12.30pm Double Room - Health and Safety Legislation
Tuesday 07 September 10am- 11.30am Blue Room - Financial –Debt and Insurance

New Members!
More inquiries have been received this past month from a great range of potential new members!
We welcome to:
Menzshed Palmerston North
Abbeyfield Palmerston North

to our membership ranks!

Media Opportunities abound!!!

Palmerston North Community Services Council and us the, Volunteer Resource Centre have come together to create an exciting media opportunity for all our members in association with The Guardian newspaper!

We have a number of student writers, photographers and even editors to put together these fabulous articles! We have given our writers the opportunity to select who they would like to interview, and will begin our schedule based on this. However, if you have an event or activity which we can help promote through these article please get in contact and we will do our best to add you to the schedule at an appropriate time.

Our agreement is to publish on a fortnightly basis, and we have the opportunity to publish logos and photos along with the articles where possible.
We at Volunteer Resource Centre also have our weekly radio show on Access Manawatu and we welcome you to join us on the show! Please make contact if you would like to be involved in either the Radio show or The Guardian articles.

We have slots for Radio regularly available, and Newspaper slots available from June!

Upcoming Shows & Articles
In no particular order!
The Guardian - Palmerston North Street Van
Access Radio & The Guardian - Life Long Learning Event
Access Radio - Arinaa Mendtsoo & our Community Outreach program
Access Radio - IPC Interns

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