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Community Farewell for
Heather & Jerry Tanguay

As you many of you will already know Heather and Jerry Tanguay are leaving Palmerston North for Auckland in the very near future.  

After so many years in Palmerston North their department will leave a gap in our community and something that many will want to acknowledge. 

Palmerston North City Council, the Volunteer Resource Centre and the Community Services Council are working together to co-ordinate a community farewell for Heather and Jerry.  This will be held on the afternoon of the 8th of May. 

We know that people from many areas of the community will be keen to attend.  Numbers in the venue will be limited by the capacity of the venue (unfortunately we do have to keep in mind fire regulations and health and safety requirements) so we cannot offer a general invitation.  If you would like to attend, please collect an invitation from any of the following locations:
·         Council’s Customer Service Centre
·         The Volunteer Resource Centre
·         Community Services Council

All invitations will be numbered and issued to a person (with their name on them).

PNCSC and VRC are also arranging a gift for Heather & Jerry from the Community.  After many discussions (including with Heather herself), we have come up with the idea of purchasing a local piece of art (Item to be confirmed depending of funds received), and we wish to encourage people or/and organisations to contribute towards this item as they are able.

Contributions can be made to the Volunteer Resource Centre or Palmerston North Community Services offices.  If these options do not suit please contact one or other office to arrange an alternative. Please make your contribution by Friday 3rd May in order for us to finalise the purchase.

Any additional funds over and above the gift will be given to Heather & Jerry, who will likely donate it to a cause of their choosing.

As Heather and Jerry will be downsizing in their move to Auckland, they have asked groups to please not make individual gifts.

Please feel free to pass this along to groups and people who may be interested in contributing to this parting gift also.
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