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Welcome to our February Newsletter. You haven't heard from us for a little while as we have been super busy over these winter months.  With lots of changes afoot in 2015 we wanted to share some of our most recent articles from our blog on a regular basis and we hope you like the new additions to our site.

In this newsletter you will find news about our recent change of name, our regular Friday Fun blog articles, top tips and tricks and much more.

We would also like to invite you to share your experiences with us and with each other through guest posts. Share your most useful Digi Me tips as part of our community!

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Ch-ch-ch-ch changes

Many of you have already heard that we are going through a transition phase this year and are changing from SocialSafe to Digi Me. 
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It’s Your Life – Tweeting With the Stars: The Oscars

Many people want to share that anticipation with celebrities that they follow on Twitter but very few of us ever get a direct response back.  But when you do that moment is magical!  So how do you go about doing it?
Tips for Tweeting with the Stars

Guest Post: Digi Me a Photographers Perspective

Guest writer Abigail Hobbs provides an independent review of Digi Me.  As a keen photographer she shares her unique perspective with us. 
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Facebook Terms & Policy Update – What does it mean for your data?

If you have a Facebook account you may have noticed a little icon pop up in the top right of your account making you aware about the latest Facebook terms and policy changes.  Most people tend to ignore these small changes but it is always worth noting how recent changes affect who owns your data.
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How to find out which Instagram Filters You Use Most Often

Back in December Instagram added 5 new filters to their image options.  Some of you may not have noticed them but they are: Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden & Perpetua.  For the photo enthusiasts out there this came as great news but it is always interesting to know which filters you use most often. Saving you time trawling through them all and finding just the ones you know you really like.
Save time and See what Filters You Use

Research Insights:
One in Five has Left Social Media Services

A recent report from Open Xchange has found that one in five people have tried and then shut down one or more of their social media accounts. The research was commissioned due to the CEO of Open Xchange regularly finding people that are quite rightly worried about the data being collected on them. Some of those people have even gone so far as to stop using certain online services and apps as well as closing accounts down completely.
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Backing up your social data

A while ago we read an article about the importance of data backups.  It really got us thinking about data and the importance of the data that we share across our social media accounts.

The article twas all about backing up your laptop or computer and ensuring that the data that was being backed up was secure.  Now we know many people are terrible at doing regular backups of their personal machines but what about online data, that information that is shared with friends and family?  What would happen if suddenly we accidentally deleted our account or it got suspended for some bizarre reason.

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Managing your Reputation – Tips and Tools

As the internet gets older so does our online digital footprint which builds up our online reputation.  Over time our online reputations have become more important on both a professional and personal basis.  Companies now look to our social media accounts to see if we have a presence there, they look at  what our behavior is like and how that will affect their companies. Companies too are protecting their own brand reputation online as this is what they use to trade on.

This article will detail some tips around how to manage your online reputation and provide links to a few useful tools that may help you to clean up you reputation online should you need to!

How to Manage Your Reputation

Poll of the Month - Getting to Know You

Each month we have started to put together a poll so that we get to know you and your needs that bit better. We would love it if you could spare a few minutes to complete our short survey which is all about you. We want to get to know our readers better and find out what makes you tick so that we can share more relevant and interesting content with you for 2015!
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Read Our How To Articles

We regularly share how to articles on our blog about a range of subjects!

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Digi Me Predictions for 2015

At the start of the year we had a little fun and decided to put together a few predictions for 2015. 

Take a look and see what you think!
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Friday Fun

Every Friday we have a little fun and share some top tips and hints on the blog.  
Why not get involved and try out some of our top hints and tips or if you have a bit of Friday fun that you would like us to share with the Digi Me community let us know!
Friday Fun
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