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March 2016

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Hello Culture Lab family,

We live in interesting times and it is relevant now more than ever to reflect on the idea of censorship. Professor William Mazzarella, from the University of Chicago, spoke at our Culture Lab in December on censorship in cinema and the many subliminal messages the act of censorship carries. The video of the talk has just gone up on our website, and we urge you all to watch it.

Our next event looks closely at the nation through a historical lens. We are collaborating with Godrej Archives and the MIT Club of Bombay to host a lecture by Professor Ross Bassett on how a group of MIT-educated Indians, in a span of a hundred years, changed the future of India. Don’t forget to RSVP.

From looking forward to looking back. Last month we hosted the lovable, prolific, award-winning writer Stephen Alter at our Lab. We have mined the best quotes from his amazing lecture. With all the adjectives you just read, you might have realized that we love him (and if you missed the talk) read this blog post so you can fall in love with him too!

We have focused on gender and sexuality as a theme at our Lab over the past few months. To celebrate Women’s Day we have compiled a playlist on our YouTube channel for you to watch. Either watch all of them in one go or pick and choose. Like that infamous ad said - it’s your choice!

Lastly, in this newsletter we also have two great photo essays from our #VivaVikhroli. The first is of our beautiful campus from our #ILoveGodrejOne contest where we asked Godrej employees to send their best pictures of Godrej One, the headquarters of our Culture Lab. The second is from our amazing mangroves visit where we took a small group of people from Godrej for a walk through the private Godrej mangroves. Working here is so much fun!

Kevin + Culture Lab team

Featured Video
A different take on censorship
Is censorship just a show of power? Or is it moral policing? While the two might be outcomes of censorship, Professor William Mazzarella believes that at its core, censorship in cinema is a form of publicity. Don’t miss this talk.

Watch the video by clicking on this link.
Featured Event
Talk by Professor Ross Bassett
Ever wondered how India has become a world power in the technology industry? Professor Ross Bassett will talk about how he used a unique database of Indian MIT graduates from 1882 to 2000 to chart how a group of Indians sought a way forward for our country through technology. 

Click here to RSVP for the talk.
Past Event
Top 10 quotes by Stephen Alter
Stephen Alter is as delightful in person as he sounds in his books. We had a great time listening to him talk about the nuances of nature writing interspersed with his personal experiences in the mountains. Don’t miss the best quotes from the talk. 

Click here to read the post.
Pictures from our Mangroves Magic
Our Viva Vikhroli is home to acres and acres of beautiful mangroves. We took some lucky Godrejites through a trail in the forest. The experience was breathtaking.

Here are a few pictures from the trip.
Happy Women's Day!
Women's Day playlist
We’ve hosted amazing events over the past few months under our gender and sexuality theme, and we thought Women’s Day is a great time to revisit them. Sheena Iyengar, Paromita Vohra, Bishaka Dutta, and many more powerful women are on this playlist.

Click here to watch the videos.
Featured Blog
View from Godrej One
The entries that we received for our #ILoveGodrejOne contest are simply too good not to be shared. Check out the campus that houses our Lab through the eyes of people who work here.

Click here to view them.
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