Mirror Lake by Silvia Griffin

Mirror Lake on the way from Te Anau to Milfort Sound.
Another lovely spot we discovered on our travels throug New Zealand. Make sure you go stop there on your way IN to Milfort sound not on the way out. We where very lucky to see it since that area get's a lot of rain and clouds.

cup524294_262 by Silvia Griffin

cup524292_262 by Silvia Griffin

Urban Art by Janyce Cotterill

While out walking recently I came across some brilliant urban art - or as some might call it graffiti.
I find this type of art really interesting and admire anyone who can produce impressive street art.
I'm always drawn towards more masculine designs and the photographs I took on this walk inspired me to create one of my latest mini-kits and some designer resources.
I hope you enjoy them. Thank you for your interest.

cup522942_1035 by Janyce Cotterill

cup516145_1035 by Janyce Cotterill

The Fog... by Anne Lever

We woke up to a real pea souper this morning, the first one of the year. My son told me it felt like we were on an island in the middle of a cloud whilst we were walking to school, I couldn't have put it better myself. These designs are part of my new 'Stunning Shoes' range of toppers.

cup524845_1763 by Anne Lever

cup524843_1763 by Anne Lever

A real rainbow! by Kelly Barker

Back in January my eldest daughter Jessica finally got in to Rainbows after months and months of waiting. She was very excited this week as she had her official enrolment and had her new Rainbows t-shirt. Although Jessica is a very sociable little girl, she does get painfully shy when she is put in the spotlight. So I was extremely proud of her at her enrolment as the ceremony invloved her having to stand on a chair under a wooden rainbow and say her Rainbow Promise. You can see by the first picture that she was looking a little bit petrified, but she loved running under the ribbon rainbow. It was a very sweet little ceremony, I had a little tear in my eye!
This week I am showcasing two of my newest designs both with my original artwork. The first is a quick card and the second is a double twist easel.

cup524065_1028 by Kelly Barker

cup524607_1028 by Kelly Barker

Nature by Joan King

My grand daughters have grown up having no fear of insects etc. They love to hold them. As for me I hate them and would run a mile. This is the hands of one of my grand daughters holding what I believe is a tarantula. It makes me shudder seeing it.

cup524341_1716 by Joan King

cup523832_1716 by Joan King

Flowering Cherry Tree by Katie Silver

This is our beautiful flowering cherry and I cannot believe it is in full flower already!! We think it is about a month earlier than usual. Just hope we don't get any strong winds or all that lovely blossom will be gone.

cup523165_1784 by Maria Christina Vieira

cup521069_173 by Carol Dunne

Reviving Old Skills by Mary MacBean

When I found out a couple of months ago that I'm going to be a great-granny in July, I decided to get some wool and knit some little things for the baby. As I hadn't knitted for over thirty years, I thought I might have to learn all over again. However, as soon as I picked up the needles, I knew what I was doing. Reading patterns came straight back to me too. I've also done some crochet which I hadn't done for decades. It seems that once a skill is learned, it never leaves you. As you can see from the photo, I've made girl and boy items rather than neutrals. The unused items will go to charity, so nothing is wasted.

These are 2 of my shaped toppers. I hope you like them.

cup523713_1648 by Mary MacBean

cup523708_1648 by Mary MacBean

Hidey Bo Nana!! by Carol Clarke

On a recent visit to Clumber Park we took Olivia into the Adventure playground ... and she loved it! She especially loved climbing up into the tree house and running to the window to shout Hidey Bo Nana! lol

These are 2 of my pretty 8 x 8 Floral Lace 3D decoupage kits which are great for Birthday, Mothers Day etc

cup524381_359 by Carol Clarke

cup524378_359 by Carol Clarke

Happy 9th Birthday Alfie! by Sue Way

This week was my darling baby boys 9th birthday. Alfie is one of my Golden Retrievers & he is the sweetest most gentle dog, who is always so happy & smiley. Of course we brought him presents, one of them was a new "chimpy" that makes monkey noises. He loves monkey toys & still has the one first one from when he was a pup. It is very worn & dirty now, but he still loves it & takes it to bed every night.
The first picture is of the day we brought him home at 8 weeks old & the second was taken on his 9th birthday. Happy Birthday Alfie, we love you!

Here are a couple of my latest designs. The inserts are the perfect way to finish off all your floral cards & will compliment many designs on CUP

cup524790_38 by Sue Way

cup524290_38 by Sue Way

Latest Update on my treatment

by Margaret McCartney

Hi everyone. I would once again like to thank all the designers and card makers who have been a tremendous support to me over the last seven months of my cancer treatment. A big thank you too to Rob and Neil and all the admin staff for their support and encouragement.
I am happy to say that I am now cancer free but still have a lot of treatments ahead of me this year to make sure the cancer does not return. Currently I am undergoing radiotherapy and have encountered no problems so far. I have another five weeks ahead of me and I am sure it will be fine.

I have a lot of cards in my reserve and will make as many as I can when I am able so apologies to the designers if I take a wee while to make their lovely designs into cards. I keep saying I will not buy any more but then more gorgeous designs appear and I buy and buy.
My hair is growing and as soon as I can I will have my photo taken with my wonderful trophy. Winning the Crafter of the Year was the best start I could have had to 2014. Here are two of my favourites. It was so difficult to choose just two as all the designers are really excelling themselves this year.

cup522714_936 by Marijke Kok

cup523853_1763 by Anne Lever

Crafty Bob's Craft Paper

Perfect for ALL Your Crafting Needs


£3.49 For One Pack of 20 Sheets

£3.49 For One Pack of 20 Sheets

The Butterfly's
by Julie Hutchings
FREE on Volume 89

Have a Hoot!
by Janyce Cotterill
FREE on Volume 89

The fishing gnome
by Carol Smith
FREE on Volume 89

The Shoe Maker
by Susan Heanes
FREE on Volume 89

Carol Dunne

All cards in this series only have straight lines to cut out so you can make a great card with no fiddly cutting out. - View Tutorial HERE

Carol Clarke

**NEW TEMPLATE** 3D Butterfly & Flower Basket Shaped Treat Boxes, New Basket Shaped Treat Box, 2 sheets in the kit, Separate 3D decoupage Bows, Slot together Box A fabulous basket shaped treat or favour boxes. The 3D decoupage bow is separate in the kit so you can choose where to add it .... or you could leave it off and add a ribbon bow instead if you wish. These are great as table or party favours or to hold small gifts or they make great favour boxes too. The completed Boxes are approx 4.75 inch tall x 4.75 inch wide and 1.75 inch deep so there's plenty of room inside for chocolates, Sweets, treats or even a small gift!! There's a full photo by photo tutorial in each kit - View Tutorial HERE


June Harrop

These sheets are quick and easy to make and create a lovely card that anyone would be happy to recieve.You can decorate with your own embellishments,glitters, gems etc to make it even more special. - View Tutorial HERE


Diane Furniss

Blue Rose Bow Mini Kit
Only £ 1.20

Baby Boy Bow Mini Kit
Only £ 1.20

Baby Girl Bow Mini Kit
Only £ 1.20

Easter Bow Mini Kit
Only £ 1.20

A Bow Shaped Card Large DL Sized - View Tutorial HERE


Sandie Burchell

Beautiful Over the Edge Card Mini Kit suitable for Birthdays, Anniversary and Mother's Day - see sentiment list in CUP descriptions. It has a finished size of almost 8" square which folds flat and fits into a standard 8" square envelope. The Mini Kit has two pages which comprises: Card Front & Back Triangle Base with Writing Panel, Pyramage, and choice of Sentiment Panels. A full photographic Tutorial is included in every kit but can be viewed by clicking on the link below. A quick and easy card to make with impressive results which is certain to please any recipient. To search for more designs in this series please click on my name and enter: over the edge in my search box. I hope you like them and thank you for looking! - View Tutorial HERE


Tina Fitch

Well they are now here at CraftsUPrint! Yes ScanNCut files have arrived, All my designs will slowly be converted for you ScanNCut users to be able to load them into your canvas.. Some are already available now right here on Craftsuprint! I do have more and you can find them all here http://www.craftsuprint.com/cutting-files/scanncut/various/?designerid=596.. Thank you for choosing my designs for you Cutting machine! - View Tutorial HERE


Robyn Cockburn

A set of foldover cards with a decorative panel at the left, which secures the pyramaged panel that folds over from the right hand side of the card. Kit contains card base, card top panels, decoupaged border, pyramage main image, various greeting labels including a blank as well as step by step photographic instructions. Card is approx. 5" x 7" when finished. - View Tutorial HERE


Mary MacBean

These are my new Wavy Border mini kits. They are very simple to make, but look great when finished. The front has a wavy edge that co-ordinates with the border on the insert. I hope you like them. Thank you for taking the time to look. - View Tutorial HERE


Christine Crowther

LARGE 19X15X6CM GIFT BAGS - Hereâ??s a set of designs which make a large gift bag 19 x 15 x 6 cm approx. (7.5 x 5.75 x 2.25 inches). You make the bag by printing the sheet twice. Thatâ??s a large gift bag for only 80p! Tabs are provided to use as a gift tag and/or a closing piece. Each design incorporates a panel on which you can add your chosen sentiment so they are suitable for many different occasions. You can even use the side of the bag to make a matching card if you wish. There are 20 designs to choose from. Please see the tutorial for illustrated instructions, finishing ideas and completed bag examples. I hope you like them. Christine x - View Tutorial HERE


June Young

This design fits an 8" x 8" card front. An Octagonal Stained Glass effect panel, set on a flowered background embellished with a toning ribbon and butterflies. There are matching gift tags and a Pillow-Box for a small gift or chocolates. Included in the kit is a backing sheet for your own use, a matching insert for the inside of your card, pyramid layers and decoupage for the card and for the box. There are also twelve greetings plates, one 'handmade by' plate and two blank plates for your own lettering. These cards are suitable for lots of different occasions and for both ladies and men. - View Tutorial HERE


Di Simpson

Hope you enjoy these very easy step by steps and toppers all for Easter - View Tutorial HERE


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