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Heritage Roses Card Front

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Diane Furniss

Valentine Birthday Notelet Card Gift Love Baby Imp 2

Only £ 2.00

Designed by Emma Bee

Puppy Love

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Hilary Hallas

Glittered Frame Toppers with Flowers

Only £ 2.00

Designed by Lorna Quinney

Lilac Lily Romance Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Chris Wells-West

Red Roses & Pink Lace - Valentine

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Judith Flavel

Decoupage Butterflies

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Diana Hutchinson

I Love You My Sweet Valentine!

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Susan Heanes

Hibiscus Card Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Vicki Avcin

winter owls

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Kristin Guyer

Purple Iris - money wallet

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Karin Johansson

Birdsong Twisted Card Topper

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Luanne Collins

The Garden Tea Party Step By Step Card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Michael Tullio

Fab 3d Fashion Frame with Decoupage Elements

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Faith Wootton

Crafty Bob's Pick of the Day
Sandie Burchell


Concertina Bracket 3D Card Kits

Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Maurine Tapscott

San Antonio, Texas

Thank you to all the people who have bought my sheets and for sharing their beautiful and inspiring creations made from them. I love seeing everyone's special touches they add. I live in San Antonio, Texas, USA and have a son and a daughter, who both live here. I have been designing cards for two years now. I also love to sew and quilt, but have decided that hitting the delete button is MUCH easier than ripping out stitches. Again, thanks for sharing your beautiful creations! Please see the stunning envelope card mini kits and quick cards below. They are very easy to make and just beautiful!

View more of Maurine Tapscott's items HERE


Card Maker Spotlight

Dorothy Manchester makes:

Heart Shaped Box - Flowers in The Grass

by Exclusive Designer Sheila Rodgers

Card Maker Comments: Heart shaped box with three decoupage flowers on the top. Added pink flowers on side using a punch. Added grass on bottom.

cup394050_66 Available to download for just £1.20


Perks of the Job by Ann-marie Vaux
There are always perks to any job, and wedding planning is no exception!! Yesterday we had the job of cake testing, now I know what you are thinking.. what a terrible thing to have to do.. I know it was.. eating nothing but lots of different kinds of cupcakes all afternoon! but it was something that just had to be done. We had the best time trying lots of different flavours available and it was so funny. By the time we came home we were.. dare I say, all cupcaked out.. never ever thought I'd say that.. If you need a cupcake card take a look at this one, it reminds me of how all the cakes were laid out.. xxx

cup308839_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

I am now a Platinum Seller by Susan Murdoch

I am really pleased to have made it to Platinum status! I was very excited at the end of last week watching the countdown and waiting for the last few sheets to be sold to take me up to the Platinum level! A big thank you to all the cardmakers who have bought my sheets ? and to those who have made such a lovely job of photographing and uploading their cards
I have not been able to do much work over the past few months due to moving my mother near to us to look after her (time is no longer my own!), then when I thought all was more settled in the new year and I could to get back to doing some designing, I developed MAJOR computer problems ? TWICE! - which has set me right back! Hopefully I am back on track now and have just uploaded a new sheet ? hope you like it! It is based on an embroidery I did for the nursery while expecting my first daughter 31 years ago ? and the memories are flooding back because she herself is now expecting her first baby - due this week!!

cup397054_489 by Susan Murdoch

Stamposaurus Kevin - Find Him and Give Him A HUG

Hi Bobettes - Stampy here, Crafty Bob's roaming friend.

This week I am off to the Trafford Centre, Manchester, not to go shopping, but for a craft show at Event City next door (postcode M17 8AS). It is a Hobbycrafts Show, being held Thursday 7 February to Saturday 9 February, with lots of free parking.

I will have plenty of Bob's new maroon bags to put purchases in from our stand and if you say that you are a 'Bobette', I will give you a free packet of Stix2 Glue Dots. And maybe have your photo taken with me for the Newsletter.

I have some really good £1 bargins, including ribbon, buttons, stamps, card & envelope packs, embellishments, plus all my usual goodies and some brand new stamps.

I can be found on stand no C36, Stamposaurus. Hope to see you there. Happy crafting, Stampy
Kevin, Stamposaurus.

Bingo Winner Hazel Lippett Claims Her £100 Prize

Read All About It HERE

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Pirate Watch ohhh arrrr by Jean King
I have recently been on holiday cruising on a ship from Barcelona to Dubai stopping at Alexandria, Safaga down through the Suez canal (I was on Pirate watch ohhh arrrr). We had lock down from dusk till dawn with armed Marines on board for our protection. Then on to Muscat in Oman, which is the most beautiful place I have ever been... finally staying in Dubai for 3 nights. I took 1000's of photo's which I will be incorporating into my design sheets. My husband & I went to our first art auction, I tried to keep his hands down but he got carried away and bought 2 pieces. The picture of me was taken going down the Suez Canal.

cup397133_1298 by Jean King

My Golden Retriever Abbey by Sue Way
Nine years ago we brought home a tiny Golden Retriever puppy & called her Abbey. I am ashamed to say that she came from an Irish puppy farm. We got her at 12 weeks old, she was covered in fleas & had a big open sore on the back of her neck. She was very small for her age. By 5 months she had been very sick several times, including a form of Parvo that nearly killed her. She had to have a massive dose of high strength antibiotics, that upset her tiny digestion, We had to keep her away from other dogs & clear up after her immediately & wash our hands as she was highly contagious. Luckily she lived & grew into a sweet, cheeky, normal puppy, who loved everyone & every other dog. Unfortunately this was to change. After she was spayed at 7 months we noticed her personality changing. She started to growl at family members. Even snapping on occasion. She developed food aggression & grew possessive of everything. We have spent the last 4 yrs trying different ways to snap her out of it, we have it under control, but the growling stays. We realise that some people would have given up on her but we still love her too bits & have learnt to live with the "devil in her head" that just seems to "click" on. She is such a sweet, pretty & loving girl, but the bad start she had has caused something to be mentally wrong with her that just can't be controlled by the normal training methods. I have another Golden from a proper breeder and the difference in the 2 personalities is amazing. Most people are drawn to Abbey as she greets everyone with a big smile & a big wiggle! Its hard to believe that the same dog is so bad in our home. Even though I am sad & ashamed that I brought a dog from a puppy farm, I now know what they are & tell everyone I meet about Abbey to spread the word. Most people don't know what they are, but if we continue to buy from them & their outlets & pet shops they will continue. Abbey celebrated her 9th birthday on 2 Feb & here she is with one of her presents, she loves this one & its become her baby, its called Kitty! lol

cup356776_38 by Sue Way

Squirrel Goes Nuts by Silvia Griffin
This little squirrel like our almonds we shared with him at our Camping spot.

cup395848_262 by Silvia Griffin


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