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BIRTHDAY Doll Large DL Quick Card n 3D decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Carol Clarke

be mine elephant card front with decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Michelle Johnson

Guitar Card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Diane Hannah

Beautiful Lilies at the waterfall + decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Anne Lever

Screen card Bleu Lilies

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Marijke Kok

Life Is A Journey... Stunning Romantic Card Front

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Lisa Baglietto

Holy Bible Sympathy Card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Sheila Rodgers

Puppy's Birthday Party Decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Sue Way

8x8 winter lilies

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Carol Smith

Perfume and flowers

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Mary MacBean


Only £ 0.80

Designed by Cynthia Berridge

Butterfly Card Front

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Chris Harland

Pink Roses & Butterflies

Only £ 0.80

Designed by June Young

S.W.A.L.K Faux envelope style card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Jean King

Baby Girl Cluster - Quick Step by Step

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Christine Crowther

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Margaret Jones


Margaret Jones

Fun Joke Cards

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Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Sandie Burchell Wildomar, Southern California.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Designer of the Year Competition. I am delighted to have won again! The designs below are my latest mini kits. I have 2 new concepts which I'm working on at the moment and will be bringing them to you soon! Thanks for purchasing my designs it is very much appreciated.

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Card Maker Spotlight

Denise Murray makes:

Summer Garden & Extra Frame

by Anne Lever

Card Maker Comments: I printed onto Crafty Bobs matte photo paper and mounted the topper,along with a mat of dark blue card, onto an A5 card blank.To give the frame some depth i used 3d foam pads,added the decoupage elements using glue gel and finished with a sentiment from one of Annes other designs.A stunning design that makes a beautiful card suitable for many occasions.

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Jayne Smith presents 'The Bobpot Song'

To the tune of Oh Christmas Tree (well if you play around a bit you might just get it - LOL)

Oh Crafty Bob Oh Crafty Bob
Can't you see I'm in misery
Oh Crafty Bob Oh Crafty Bob
It's a bobpot win I need.

I sit here waiting everyday
In the hope my name I'll see
Alas it seems I get no pay
because my name remains a mystery

Oh Crafty Bob Oh Crafty Bob
Please draw my name just once for me
Oh Crafty Bob Oh Crafty Bob
And when I'm not flipping fast asleep!

'Christmas Cheer' by Sue Way
I hope you are all having a good year so far. I just wanted to share what a lovely Christmas day I had. My 2 little granddaughters came for the day & were so good. They loved all their presents & loved seeing their great Nana too. At one point during the day I found them sitting side by side on the toy box. So I grabbed my camera & did an impromptu photo shoot. They were so funny & posing & looking gorgeous as usual (well I am biased lol) I am hoping to get the pictures put on canvas as a film strip to hang on my wall. Here is just one of the pictures I took of Jessica age 4 & Imogen age 21 months in their lovely red Christmas dresses.

cup391532_38 by Sue Way

'Wedding Bells' by Ann-marie Vaux
Adrian & Ann-marie are pleased to announce after being together for nearly 16 years that they are getting married on the 21st June 2013. With less then 5 months We are so excited about it and we wanted to share our news with you, we have lots to plan and organise and we are sure it will be our best day ever xxx

cup393400_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

'Let it Snow' by Carol Clarke
A Winters Walk!!

'Hazy Shade of Winter' by Carol Clarke

My hubby and I took advantage of a lovely bright sunny snowy day this week and went for a Winters Walk this week. We only walked about 3 miles ............... but it did feel like further with the snow ............... but ............... we didn't get cold though ............. the sun was lovely and we'd got lots of layers on ........... and the only bit of me to feel the cold was my nose! lol

This is one of my **NEW CONCEPT** 3D Gift Box Card Kits. Fab Cards and a Gift Boxes all in one!! A lovely card with 3d decoupage layers that once open reveal a gift box with pull out drawer for a gift plus a pocket for tags too!!

Ideas for filling your gift box include, chocolates, sweets, pamper kit (face mask, moisturiser, hot chocolate etc), pretty lingerie, home made cookies in a cellophane bag etc etc etc!!

There are more Coming Soon Too! lol

cup393638_359 by Carol Clarke


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'Puppy Love' by Christine Crowther
What inspires a card design? Well, almost anything - but with love in the air as Valentine's Day approaches, I fondly remembered one of my favourite films Truly, Madly, Deeply. Then I found this scrapbooking page I made of my goddaughter, truly, madly and deeply in love with her puppy. Aaaaaah..... and decided to make a set of cards expressing this sentiment. They are suitable for all romantic occasions, not just for Feb 14th!

cup393853_994 by Christine Crowther

'Litte Red Corvette' by Silvia Griffin
A friend of mine let me take his Corvette for a spin - never drove one before :)
Was so exited forgot to take my drivers license with me - aaa well luckily we did not encounter any cops ...

cup393013_262 by Silvia Griffin

'A Winters Tale' by Carol Clarke

'Walking in a Winters Wonderland' by Carol Clarke

'Wallace the Snowman' by Pamela West
With all the snow recently my daughters and I decided to build a snowman. They built the body and I did the head. They were laughing because it had a big nose and said it looks like Barry Manilow. I think he looks like Wallace from Wallace and Gromit. When I took the pic I didnt realise that there was a robin in the background. It looks like he is sitting on the snowmans head.
Today the snow is melting and he is losing his ears poor thing :-)

cup349856_117 by Pamela West


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