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Crafting with Nana!! by Carol Clarke

My 2 eldest granddaughters came over at the weekend for a Crafting with Nana Session .... boyyy did we have a good time!! Singalonga Christmas Carols, Santa Hats and making Christmas Cards and Christmas Treat Boxes ......... it was giggles all the way! lol These are 2 of my Pop Out Xmas Kits. Design that will Pop out as soon as the card is taken out of it's envelope

cup479788_359 by Carol Clarke

cup252945_359 by Carol Clarke

Christmas Fun by June Young

My son has recorded a Christmas 'poem' for the benefit of the charity MSUK. His wife's mother died a year or so ago from this disease and Steve has decided to try and raise funds to help them in their work. There is a video on Youtube and it is available for download from iTunes for about 75p. Not a lot of pennies but every penny count in the search for a cure and in helping sufferers. I'm really proud of him for making the effort to help in this way.

Links -

Watch Video on Youtube HERE


These are two of my recent designs for cards for men. I shall be making a donation from these designs to the charity.

cup488586_692 by June Young

cup489703_692 by June Young

The calm after the storm! by Sheila Rodgers

Well that storm last week knocked out our Broadband for 5 days and I felt as if I'd had my arm amputated! Being so isolated I really do miss not being able to catch up with my friends on Facebook and CUP every day. I couldn't do any online shopping. I couldn't put money into my daughter's bank account for her birthday. The ferries weren't running so we got no post or fresh food. But there must be an upside to living here, right? And my photo shows what it is - after the seas calmed down, I looked out my window and there they were - "my" seals were back.... Bobbing about, watching me as I watched them!

I haven't wasted my time either. I've designed some new cards which I've called Accordion Zig Zag Cards. I hope you like them.
Merry Christmas everyone! The frames of these cards zig zag and the centres of the cards zig zag in the opposite direction!

cup489872_66 by Sheila Rodgers

cup489868_66 by Sheila Rodgers

Maisie the Christmas Helper by Liz Harrison

Just wanted to share these photo of our Scottie dog Maisie Daisy. We were getting all the Christmas decorations ready to put up, when we came across Maisie's Christmas hat. She wasn't very happy to wear it lol, but its amazing what she will do for a mini bone lol Maisie Christmas every pawdy xxxxx

cup489742_15 by Liz Harrison

cup489743_15 by Liz Harrison

Imogens First Nativity by Sue Way

My granddaughter Imogen had her first nativity at pre-school yesterday. At two and a half we wasn't sure what to expect & she told us she was going to be a sheep. Well the curtain went back & there she was, a little angel! She looked so sweet & sang her little heart out. I am a very proud nanny.

Today I am promoting 2 of my latest Christmas Mini Kits.

cup488364_38 by Sue Way

cup489236_38 by Sue Way

When was the last time you checked your Crafty Bob Bingo Card

You've got to be in it to win it

Ruby Wedding Design by Susan Powell-Barton

As you may know i lost a very dear friend in October and I miss her and the welcome I used to get when we met. Olga and Bernie were Mum and Dad to us and that is what we always called them. Had Mum lived it would have been their Ruby Wedding Anniversary on the 8th December. I asked designer Denise Rhodes to make me a special card for the occasion and here are pictures of what she came up with. The verse and the tag could not have been more appropriate and I would like to show you all and say a special Thank You to Denise for this beautiful design.

Hat Day by Gail Collins

My son mark is a clothes designer and has a shop in Royal Wootten Bassett,his sister works with him,they do alterations as well as designing,last year my son had an excibition of medieval clothing he has made which drew in a huuge crowd,so much in fact that the hotel he held it in told him he could hold the next one free because of all the trade it brought in that day, so his next one is in feb and this time its a steampunk one. he has made the town criers out fits from all over England,i am so proud of them both,once a week they have a hat day which goes on FB for a bit of fun, they get visitors coming in to join in hat day,they all love it.this is one of the pics from last wk and it was just mark and Jeannette. this is two of my new designs,please feel free to look at the others

cup489468_695 by Gail Collins

cup489233_695 by Gail Collins

Our Tree Is Up! by Robyn Cockburn

Thanks to my daughters, Nicole and Rachel, our Christmas tree is up. Christmas shopping is almost finished - just those few difficult-to-buy-for people left! We have to be organised this year - firstly Nicole is off to the USA at the end of the week for a dental conference for 5 days. Then she's back for Christmas and off again on 27-Dec to the UK and Europe with her boyfriend Alex for 7 weeks! Not to be outdone, Paul has organised for me, Rachel and himself to go to India and on a cruise around SE Asia. We leave 31-Dec, so I won't have any designs for you until I get back. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas to everyone. Here are some of my new "shabby chic" scallop edged mini kits. They are very easy to make and come in a variety of designs including Christmas.

cup489266_123 by Robyn Cockburn

cup489484_123 by Robyn Cockburn

"I've got a trike..." by Christine Crowther

" can ride it if you like. It's got a basket, a bell that rings, and things to make it look good." Apologies to Pink Floyd for tiny word adaptation! This is my new tricycle. It replaces a very expensive, specialist, Italian Di Blasi model which I've had for three years and a couple of weeks ago, the whole gear mechanism collapsed. I'm having trouble getting it repaired. In fact, our local bike specialist has already tried and spectacularly failed. So, hubby has bought me this one, at a fraction of the price. However, it's much heavier to ride, so I'm having to cut down my mileage and really put some effort in. Gotta stay fit though and that's what it's for! My other one didn't have a basket and you gotta laugh because the basket is SO big on this one, I feel I could do a local window cleaning round with all the kit in the back - LOL! I made four funny Christmas designs this week, featuring cheeky elves. Here's two of them. All four are on sale for a couple of days.

cup489935_994 by Christine Crowther

cup489780_994 by Christine Crowther

Christmas tree by Joan King

Here in New Zealand, Christmas of course falls in the height of summer. We have a special tree here which is renowned to flower at Christmas time and it is called the Pohutakawa tree and its nickname is the Christmas tree. It has beautiful red flowers on it with yellow middles and when the whole tree is in bloom it looks gorgeous and streets are lined with them. Because we have had an incredibly hot Spring these trees have been in flower for a while and are looking magnificent at the moment. Normally they dont flower till late December early January. This is one that is a few years old outside our house. Merry Christmas everyone You have the option of 2 quick cards for Christmas or a design suitable for any occasion (details on design)

cup489482_1716 by Joan King

cup489966_1716 by Joan King

Christmas Lights by Sandie Burchell

All of the houses in my street look like Blackpool Illuminations, except for one, mine! I keep reminding my husband of this every year but he keeps turning a deaf ear! :( Below are a couple of my latest Christmas designs, thank you for looking!

cup488700_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup488443_425 by Sandie Burchell

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