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8x8 beautiful roses for birthday

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Designed by Karen Adair

A Little Bird 1950.s style topper in mint greens

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Designed by Julie Hutchings

Vintage Music Tags With Flowers

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Designed by Diane Hannah

Liz's Flower Basket quick card & 3D decoupage

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Petunias for Granny 5x7 Mock Envelope

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Dog Group 3D Decoupage

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Two Chocolate & Elegant Roses Frames Blank Card Fronts

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easter bunny couple card front

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Designed by Michelle Johnson

Red Birds Birthday Tweets!

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Cream Roses 8x8 Approx

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Designed by Denise Rhodes

Two Lilies & Butterflies In Fancy Frame

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Today is for Tulips

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Sandie Burchell

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Sandie Burchell


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Card Maker Spotlight

Angela Styles makes:

Over the edge watering the sunflowers topper

by Pamela West

Card Maker Comments: A really cute card! I printed this at a smaller size on to CUP glossy paper.I mounted the base image on to a card blank.I added the decoupage elements with foam pads.I added a sentiment and ribbon to complete.

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(It's not) My New House by Ann-marie Vaux
Hopefully this months bad weather is over now, but it did not matter to our friends who love camping and have proved they do it in all weathers now and yes.. they are as mad as a box of frogs!! in a good way... so I just wanted to share the picture of their tent when we went for birthday cupcakes earlier this week when it was -2 and it was very cosy inside.. but I would rather have a bit of sunshine..

cup410202_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

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Texas Kite Festival by Silvia Griffin
Hi, another stop on our Travels this time at the Kite Festival on the south padre island in Texas. I have never seen such a variety of Kites.

On the creation front I have been busy making new sheets and I hope you will "pop"over and have a look :) thank you for considering my creations, Silvia Griffin

cup410246_262 by Silvia Griffin

Winter Wonderland by Carol Clarke

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr ............. Winter seems to be going on and on and on here!! This is the view out the back of my house today ........... with this huge icicle hanging from my Fig tree!! I don't think I'll be picking fresh figs any time soon! lol

I'm hoping that the warmer weather will soon be here but in the mean time here is one of my new Wobble Head Animated Card Kits. There are 10 new fabulous keepsake cards to choose from and they are simple to make but look really stunning when made up and will WOW the recipient. A gentle push and pull on the animation bar will allow the decoupage to animate and move. ......... How cute is that!!

cup411190_359 by Carol Clarke


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