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Rosie Hue
by Deborah Davies
Only £ 0.80

Lady In Red
by Anna Babajanyan
Only £ 0.90

Picking Flowers
by Carol Brown
Only £ 0.80

red for danger
by Gail Collins
Only £ 0.80

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Keepsake Box Bows
by Teri Hanson
Only £ 0.80

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Card by Wendy Smith

Layered Butterfly card Print & Cut CraftROBO/Cameo
Designed by Tina Fitch
Only £ 2.25

Card by Diane Vermeer

Best wishes for a merry christmas
Designed by Ceredwyn Macrae
Only £ 0.70

Card by Michelle Chivers

Designed by Nick Bowley
Only £ 0.70

Card by Joan King

Lovely Maltese Card Front
Designed by Maria Christina Vieira
Only £ 1.20

Card by Audrey Wilson

Peace Rose Cottage Shaped Mini Kit
Designed by Robyn Cockburn
Only £ 1.20


3D Gardening Pop Out Gatefold Card Kit
Designed by Carol Clarke
Only £ 2.00

Card by Gwyneth George

601 Shaped Double Easel *SVG*
Designed by Rae Carr
Only £ 1.45

Card by Julie McGregor

Dancing To The Jukebox
Designed by Hilary Hallas
Only £ 0.70

Card by Jackie Bullock

Plummers can be Fun .
Designed by Ceredwyn Macrae
Only £ 0.70

Card by Katie Silver

Manchester Rosette Over Edge All Ages Birthday Father's Day
Designed by Kelly Barker
Only £ 1.50

Card by Mary Brunton

new baby boy
Designed by Carol Brown
Only £ 1.20

Card by Pam Stubley

FLOWERS & THINGS Shaped Card Kit - Christmas Blue
Designed by Valerie Dawes
Only £ 2.00

Card by Marion MacKellar

8x8 Sweet Baby Girl - Quick Card Front
Designed by Wendy Bromilow
Only £ 0.70

Card by Christine Crowther

10 Colourful Fireworks Inc White PNG A4 Papers
Designed by Jean King
Only £ 1.80

Card by Suzi Cooper

Santa's Village 3D Tree Card - From Our House To Your's
Designed by Beryl Wingate
Only £ 1.50

Card by Marijke Kok

Santa and mittens wobble card
Designed by Amanda McGee
Only £ 0.80

Card by Jane Halton

Floral Delight With Trim Mini Kit
Designed by Sheila Rodgers
Only £ 1.40

Card by Irene Jardine

ED124 Cherry
Designed by Emy van Schaik
Only £ 0.80

Card by Lynda Harman

happy birthday toooooooyooooooo
Designed by Heather Howes
Only £ 0.80

Card by Carol Bath

May Flowers Tags & Mini Card
Designed by Teri Hanson
Only £ 1.00

Card by Margaret Skinner

SUMMER MADNESS set of 10 card and 2 box templates
Designed by Tina Fallon
Only £ 4.99

Card by Jayne Jones

Butterflies & Lace 5x7 Journal Book Kit
Designed by Teri Hanson
Only £ 3.00

Card by Angela Styles

4-FOLD Card Kit - Shopping Pals
Designed by Valerie Dawes
Only £ 2.00

Card by Jane Wells

Criss Cross Pocket Thank you Hedgehog
Designed by Patricia Platt
Only £ 0.80

Card by Helen Tullio

Double Trouble! New Baby Twins Quick Card
Designed by Lisa Baglietto
Only £ 0.80

Card by Dianne Jackson

THE SNOWMAN A5 with Concertina Insert Mini Kit
Designed by Janet Briggs
Only £ 1.20

Card by Marion Evans

Shaped Layered Card - 1911 Visiting Dress
Designed by Sheila Rodgers
Only £ 2.00

Card by Rae Trees

Basket Shape Yellow Roses Card
Designed by Andrea Hippenstiel
Only £ 1.20

Card by Marion Enefer

Butterfly Rocker card.....CraftROBO/Cameo
Designed by Tina Fitch
Only £ 3.50

Card by Helen Gomm

Blue Christmas Church 7inch Vintage Tent Card Mini Kit
Designed by Ann-marie Vaux
Only £ 1.20

Card by Margaret Scott

'ANY AGE' Bagpiper Max the Cat 2 mini kit
Designed by Eva Cano
Only £ 2.00

Card by Wayne Swan

Stepper Shelf Card Lady Rosa
Designed by Andrea Hippenstiel
Only £ 1.80

Card by Jennifer Smith-Kirk

Words Of Wisdom - Choices
Designed by Gillian Hutchinson
Only £ 1.40

Card by Jenny Archer

LITTLE RUGBY FAN (Black & White) - 8in x 8in
Designed by John Kelly
Only £ 0.70

Card by Denise Murray

Designed by Nick Bowley
Only £ 0.80

Card by Diane Scotland

Ruby Floral Swirls Paperpack
Designed by Rebecca Brindley
Only £ 2.00

Card by Peggy Stogdill

Strawberry Social Side Step Card
Designed by Teri Hanson
Only £ 2.00

Card by Yvonne Middleton

Dahlias Basket Card Mini Kit
Designed by Mary MacBean
Only £ 1.20

Card by Norma Howgate

Designed by Nick Bowley
Only £ 0.80

Card by Maxine Jones

Red Rose Wedding Day ExLarge DL Diamond Topper
Designed by Ann-marie Vaux
Only £ 0.80

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