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Girlz Birthday Large DL Quick Card 3D decoupae

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Carol Clarke

Classic Car - Morgan + easy layers

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Anne Lever

The Lone Swan

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Gillian Hutchinson

Birthday Lilies

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Marijke Kok

8x8 Calla lilies and roses

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Carol Smith

Speed and racing car card front and topper

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Angela Wake

Formal blue 3d wedding,engagement or anniversary

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Sally McIntyre

wool and copper 7th Anniversary

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Heather Howes

Floral Butterfly Beauty - Fan Sheet

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Julene Harris

Basket of Flowers

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Mary MacBean

By the light of the moon wavy corner side stacker topper

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Susan Alison

Easter Joy

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Janyce Cotterill

Be My Valentine Love Bugs Card Front and Decoupage

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Sue Way

Gold Sympathy Card With Butterfly

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Sheila Rodgers

Zebra Shoe Faux Envelope

Free On Volume 31

Designed by Diane Hannah

Sheila Rodgers

'GO ON' impress your friends

Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Mary Jane Harris

I just realized that I have been designing for CUP for almost 4 years now. How time flies when you are having fun! I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all my customers who have faithfully supported me during this time. I would also like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the card makers who have made up absolutely gorgeous cards using my kits and sheets. I love seeing each and every one of them. I am looking forward to this New Year and all it has to bring us. Here are a few of my favorite kits & sheets, I really enjoyed making them. Happy Crafting from Mary Jane Harris?

View more of Mary Jane Harris's items HERE


Card Maker Spotlight

Angela Styles makes:

Easter Bunny Pyramid

by Exclusive Patricia Platt

Card Maker Comments: A cute easter image! I printed this out on to CUP paper.I mounted white embossed card on to a card blank.I then mounted the base image and then the additional layers with foam pads. I finished by adding a ribbon.


Crafty Bob's Pick of the Day - Angela Wake's Fashion Parade

NEW Memo Boards by Amanda McGee
My new love in crafting is making memo boards. I just simply adore matching the buttons to the fabric. I have sold quite a few and had many requests.
The possibilities are endless with the vast array of fabrics available nowadays.
I hope to get some onto Craftybob.com soon x

cup390064_56 by Amanda McGee

Do You Like My Office by Ann Smith
I thought I would share a picture of my office with you - strangely enough when it looks like this I'm not too keen on being in it and much prefer being snuggled up in the warm working on new designs for you. One of my favourite dive sites is underneath that crashing wave!

I would like to say a HUGE, HUGE thank you to everyone who has bought designs from me. I am rapidly approaching my second 1000 sales, which although it isn't a major milestone, means more to me than I can say.

I am busy working on new designs for you and more cUp TV episodes to try to help our new cutting machine users. If you have any suggestions for topics you would like me to include please don't hesitate to contact me on the forum.

cup371446_1492 by Ann Smith

Big Crafty Bob Hugs to Marion West

Crafty Bob is sending his special cupcake a Big Hug and hopes it makes her feel better. You can't beet a good cuddle.

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You the community pick the CD content one week and then the next week we give you the CD for FREE when you place an order on CUP for £10 or more. As well as your FREE CD you will also receive FREE CRAFT GOODIES that will change every week.


Saved from the Floods by Ann-marie Vaux
I have just been re-saving all my photos from last year and these little fellas popped up, they are so cute and my Intended saved them from all the flooding that we had. There were 6 in all that decided to have their first flight on one of the wettest days, and they all ended up huddled together behind some plant pots, scared and soggy, so between us we moved them to safety and all of them survived. It seems such a long time since the summer but maybe my new designs are a little taster of what I hope might be the best summer ever xxx

cup395764_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

Has Carol Lost her Marbles!! by Carol Clarke

I've been sorting out my hard drives this week and came across all my old photographic files ......... and this has brought back many happy memories of the day my husband and youngest son thought I'd lost my marbles!!

Many years ago I had my first digital camera and coming from an SLR film camera background ............ and being Arty I spent ages taking photos and learning how to use it and what it could do. The weather was bad and I was looking around for a suitable subject to take when I spotted my youngest son's marbles ............ I scooped them up into a glass vase, filled it with water and washing up liquid and blew bubbles with a straw!!

My son and Hubby fell about laughing when they saw what I was doing ......... but I was fascinated with the way the light shone through the marbles and bubbles ......... and they way they echoed the shapes too.

I had the last laugh though when the editor of a Digital Photography Magazine contacted me though the online photography Group I'd joined. (this was before normal photography groups accepted us digital photographers! lol) Not only did he love my photos .............. he wanted to publish 2 of them in his magazine!! lol

Sooooooooooo .............. it's official ............. Carol hadn't lost her marbles after all! lol

cup394317_359 by Carol Clarke

I am chuffed to bits!! by Katie Silver
Not really a news story I suppose but I am chuffed to bits!!!
I have just uploaded my 2000 card and therefore will become a platinum crafter. I know there are lots with far more uploads than me but for on old un like me it has been quite a journey and one that I have enjoyed every minute of. Lots of Huggggs to everyone.


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