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Busy,Busy,Busy! by Amy Perry

What a busy half term I've had unfortunately i spent most of it down my local hospital with my youngest who got in a really nasty accident with my porch door and ended up losing the top of his finger hes so brave and amazing he has been acting like nothing has happened hes a true inspiration to me he's in hospital this week having an operation to tidy it up a bit i wanted to take this opportunity to thank all my craftsuprint friends who have sent well wishes and have cheered me up through this tough week :) Here are my lastest designs please take a look at my designs new ones added all the time <3 xx

cup521966_983 by Amy Perry

cup521963_983 by Amy Perry

Blast from the past! by Sue Way

I love looking at old photos & for a special (BIG!) birthday my mum & dad were making me an album of my life. Unfortunately we lost my lovely dad just weeks before my birthday & obviously my mum couldn't bring herself to finish it at the time. The following Birthday I got the lovely surprise of the album all finished by mum with help from my lovely sister who is just 15 months older than me. It was a lovely moment when mum gave it to me & I must admit I shed a few tears. This is one of my favourite photos from the album. It is me & my sister Kathy sitting on the kitchen step at my nan's house in the east end of London, where we were living at the time. I am the little one & am about 1yr old.

Here are a couple of my new scalloped easel cards for a special wedding day.

cup522458_38 by Sue Way

cup522180_38 by Sue Way

Baby Photos by Kelly Barker

Recently in my daughter's school they were doing a topic called "all about me". This meant that Jessica had to take in a baby photo of herself to play "guess the baby". The kids in her class had great fun playing this, Jessica enjoyed it too even though everyone thought the photo was of a boy! It gave me a great excuse to look through the hundreds (if not thousands) of photos on my computer. This is the picture I sent in to school, it's one of my favourites!

Here are two of my latest designs, both from my Garden Tea Party range. The 1st is a double twist easel and the 2nd is an A5 card front and decopage.

cup521504_1028 by Kelly Barker

cup521041_1028 by Kelly Barker

HARD AT WORK by Hilda Mullinger

This is a picture of our little card making group, me, June, Betty, Mary and Cheryl. We meet on the first Wednesday of the month at my house to make beautiful greetings cards for all our families and friends, and enjoy a coffee and chat while we work. We have been meeting and making cards for eight years using a wide variety of techniques and designs. These are two cards I have recently made.

cup520979_8 by Angela Wake

cup306813_123 by Robyn Cockburn

Maisie the Champion by Liz Harrison

While Crufts 2014 is on, we thought you might like to see Maisie with her medal. She came runner up in the best groomed catagory ,at our local fun dog show . Maisie would never be able to show in a serious dog show,shes far too stuborn to do as shes told,and would probably kiss the judge then roll over for a tummy rub. Good luck to all the competitors at Crufts 2014 xxxx

cup521734_15 by Liz Harrison

cup520422_15 by Liz Harrison

Walking with Clues by Suzi Cooper

Last Sunday we were invited to do a Walking with Clues, which is a sort of treasure hunt. We were given start times & a list of things we had to find ? some of which were anagrams. There were also quiz questions to answer during the coffee/wine breaks. We set off with our sheets in hand wandering around our local Spanish town. What the Spanish thought we were doing I don?t know. Our team even involved a young Spanish boy to try to find one of the clues but neither he nor his abuelo (Grandad) could help.
After 2 hours of walking & stopping in bars we arrived back at the car & then went to the Golf Club for lunch. We were already on desserts by the time a couple of the cars appeared ? they had found the clues but couldn?t find the golf club!
We didn?t win either the treasure hunt or the quiz but had a lovely morning walking in the sunshine instead of sitting at home in front of the TV.
The picture shows myself & the 2 friends that we went with studying the clues.

cup354656_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup285303_692 by June Young

A lizard called Rango... by Anne Lever

My family and I recently went to our local garden centre, which also has a fabulous craft shop and pet centre, so something for every member of the family! We took this photo of a lizard in the pet centre, which my son had christened Rango. There were also little snakes, very big snakes, turtles, giant african snails, rabbits, budgies, parrots and love birds, all of which my son wanted to take home with us!

cup522842_1763 by Anne Lever

cup521912_1763 by Anne Lever

Little Fluff Balls by Kirsty Green

I went to my friends house the other day. Her cat had had kittens. I couldn't wait to hold one & mum was happy for me too hold her baby. She did keep a close eye on me & her baby though. Luckily I had my camera with me & so I got a lovely picture. My friend new that she was close to her due date & made a great cardboard box home, it was even lined with a baby blanket.

cup418445_1914 by Kirsty Green

cup429916_1914 by Kirsty Green

The Winter That is Making History by

Barbara Hiebert

This is a picture of our front yard and driveway, if you look closely you can see our truck buried in snow,
There is another 30cm of snow forecasted for tonight, and more in the future.
This is a winter that is making history, with cold temp, and wind chills,
We are snowed in and waiting for the plow.
This has allowed me some time to make some new card sheets.
523266_1865, is a history book style of a card sheet, and there is also a pyramid style,with the same theme

cup523266_1865 by Barbara Hiebert

cup523273_1865 by Barbara Hiebert

Has Spring Sprung..... by Davina Rundle

We are lucky enough to live close to The Eden Project, situated in the Clay Country of Mid Cornwall. A visit recently gave us hope that spring is almost upon us after all the stormy weather we have experienced in recent months. Eden is a great place to visit if you love plants and flowers, and also includes beautiful sculptures. Here are two of my recent floral cards

cup521601_1056 by Karen Wyeth

cup521156_1763 by Anne Lever

Imagination of a child by Tina Fallon

My 7 yr old great niece, like many other children her age just loves to dress up. Thought I wouls share a couple of photos of her with you. One where she should have been getting ready for school but decided on being a cross dresser princess instead and another with her doing her take on Cousin Itt from the Adams Family. Hope they bring a big smile to your face as they did mine and yes she does have very very long hair lol enjoy.
A very versatile Box card and the family tree cutting files which are very popular at the moment.

cup521442_1929 by Tina Fallon

cup521435_1929 by Tina Fallon

Franz Joseph Glacier by Silvia Griffin

Showing you another lovely spot we visited on our New Zealand Trip. We had the perfect day. It is located on the West Coast of the southern Island of NZ.
Hopefully all those pictures I took will be showing up as new card sheets for you to consider buying. Best regards Silvia

cup485497_262 by Silvia Griffin

cup388654_262 by Silvia Griffin

Grapevine by Joan King

We have two amazing grapevines in our garden, one red and one green. They were here when we moved here and they produce an amazing amount of grapes. We usually have to give over half of them away to neighbours as there is no way we can eat them all. This is our first picking from the vines. Its been a hot summer so they have all ripened much earlier than usual. The birds of course love them so we have to keep them covered with netting.

cup519107_1716 by Joan King

cup518939_1716 by Joan King

Mum's Trusted Taste Test by Kim Blundred

My Mum turns 60 in a few weeks - just before Mother's Day. Preparations have been underway since her 59th Birthday regarding what gifts she would like and how she would like to celebrate. Part of the preparation has been arranging a night out and, of course, choosing a perfect cake. Being a little crafty I like to have a go at all things creative so I baked some cakes. Even though my Mum isn't a huge fan of cakes her 60th Birthday celebrations could not pass without cake! This phot shows the cakes I baked and my Mum - doing her duty - taste testing the cakes. The verdict . . . Taste - OK, Presentation - Nice, Decoration - Too much topping!

Thank goodness for the honesty of Mums . . . I'm getting her 60th Birthday cake off someone who knows what they're doing ;-) Here are 2 of my designs celebrating Mums. I hope you like them.

cup521712_1072 by Kim Blundred

cup245368_1072 by Kim Blundred

The Duck Pond, Temecula, California

by Sandie Burchell

I've been walking at the Duck Pond close to where I live quite often lately. It is 1/4 mile all the way around so I have been walking about 2-2.5 miles every time in an effort to get some much needed exercise! The scenery is certainly more interesting than my treadmill! The designs below are a couple of my latest Vase of Flowers 8" x 8" Mini Kits which also have inserts available. Thanks for looking!

cup522821_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup522529_425 by Sandie Burchell

Shooting stars galore by Dianne Jackson

I just want to say thank you to Crafty Bob for releasing 30,000 shooting stars last week. As soon as I got my mailer and heard about them the first ones I went looking for were the room with a view designs by Sue Douglas. I managed to get 7 of the shooting stars which was a big bonus to the gold stars I already had. I think these designs are the most amazing ever on cup and are my very favourite of all time. These never fail to impress all who receive them and I have had lots of orders, especially for the baby boy baby girl ones. They are so easy to make and look so impressive. They open up with such amazing 3D depth, but fold flat in an instant ready for posting in an 8 x 8 envelope. I am showing the new baby girl and boy ones her

cup333551_422 by Sue Douglas

cup333557_422 by Sue Douglas

Advanced Motoring by Christine Crowther

My husband has joined the Institute of Advanced Motoring and is taking advanced driving lessons to improve his road skills. And so is my grand-daughter! LOL Here's two very different card designs, both featuring cars.

cup486194_994 by Christine Crowther

cup438277_994 by Christine Crowther

Bears Looking After Bears by Carol James

I don't really collect bears but I do have a few. The little one in front was made for me by a friend and colleague quite a few years ago. She stitched it all by hand and it is in my favourite colours which happened to be the Company colours where we worked. The bigger bear was just one of those bears that I came across sitting on a shelf in a shop whose face cried out 'Pick Me Pick Me'! They sit together in my bedroom - the one looking after the other :O) I'm showing one of my Easter cards and another with a bear which can be used for a variety of occasions.

cup516490_1010 by Carol James

cup517494_1010 by Carol James

Finally we meet by Jean King

On Wednesday I finally met Michelle Havinga Since meeting through CUP, we have become good friends from afar. It was a wonderful day, Michelle got to meet my granddaughter Holly and we all had lunch and chatted. Then we got to mooching around in my craft cupboard & then mucking around on the computer, which was not easy as Poobear (Kendra) took an instant like to Michelle and decided that she had to be poodled and did just that. By the end of the day we were in such a silly mood, we actually did a Selfie.. A lovely day with a very lovely crafter & friend. Here are some of my New Paper Kits

cup521985_1298 by Jean King

cup518399_1298 by Jean King


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Just married
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Celebrating In Paris
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Moonlight Serenade
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Tiffany Style Peacock
by June Young

Day Dreamer
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Debra Laraway

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Carol Clarke

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Liz Harrison

Ready for Crufts ,or great for a dog lover .A Versatile design which can be used for cards and scrap booking, either as a flat image, or layer up the pieces for more depth. Also matching inset to complement design - View Tutorial HERE


Amy Perry

Here are my latest 8x8 mini kit's the tutorial is nice and simple to follow hope you enjoy making them :) x - View Tutorial HERE


Joan King

Your Special Day 10
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Your Special Day 5
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Your Special Day 4
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Robyn Cockburn

I've been digitally painting some new flowers for you and have put them on shabby chic style backgrounds in a 5" x 7" card. The kits contain card front, decoupage layers, insert and greeting labels. - View Tutorial HERE


Gillian Hutchinson

Artist themed 3 in 1 mini kits. - View Tutorial HERE


Sandie Burchell

Beautiful A5 size Card which has a Round Picture on Diamond Shaped Panels with 4 Layers of Pyramage with choice of Sentiment Panels see CUP descriptions for list. There is also a Matching Insert for these design please see related sheets. There is a full photographic tutorial - to view click on the link below. I hope you like them and thank you for looking. - View Tutorial HERE


Christine Crowther

CIRCLE PYRAMID POP THROUGH MINI KITS - Here?s a set of Circle Pyramid Pop Through Mini Kits, shabby chic designs each with a different pyramid subject. Each kit contains two sheets; the card base with pyramid layers and the card insert with gift tag and sentiment tags. The finished item is a square card, approx. 14 cm (5.5 inches) in size, with a circular pyramid built up on the insert which is presented through the circular opening in the card front. The back of the card has a panel on which you can write your personal message. Please see tutorial for instructions and finished card examples. I hope you like them. Christine x - View Tutorial HERE


June Young

Roses For Summer
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