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Exclusive Designer Mary MacBean shows you how to make a Gatefold 2014 Calendar Mini Kit . In this video Mary makes a Pastel Posy Shaped 2014 Calendar reference cup454057_1648. Mary has done her own editing and needs to be commended on the quality and professionalism of her work. There are lots of these beautiful designs to choose from and you can see more of Mary's stunning designs at - Watch Now

Pastel Posy Shaped Gatefold 2014 Calendar Mini Kit
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Mixed Posy Shaped Gatefold 2014 Calendar Mini Kit
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Hibiscus and Berries Shaped Gatefold 2014 Calendar Mini Kit
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Bonkers about Conkers by Ann-marie Vaux

You just know when Christmas is coming when the conkers are on the trees. It is my favourite time of the year, the run up to Christmas, the planning and preparation and then finally the event. So seeing the conkers on the trees this week makes me think its all ahead of me now and I am excited already!! so get Christmas crafting, its never too early x Keep Christmas crafting or keep crafting at Christmas, ideal kits for both. x

cup453987_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

cup453985_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

Archie John by Frances Dent

After a fraught nine months, which has resulted in my prolonged absence from site, while my daughter struggled to carry her baby and I looked after my four year old grand-daughter Oliveah, Archie John, her baby brother, arrived safe and well on 10th August at 11.10hrs weighing 8lbs 15ozs. Hoping to be back on site on a regular basis come October. Thanks to all who still buy my designs and make such beautiful cards. These two designs are part of my new Christmas design sheets. More to follow. Enjoy.

cup455329_825 by Frances Dent

cup455330_825 by Frances Dent

U3A Cardmaking Group by Janette Ellison

The day had arrived at last - the day of our first U3A cardmaking group, with grateful thanks to Crafty Bob for his sponsorship, without which the group would not exist. In total there were six ladies, that is to say me, a couple of experienced crafters and three newbies. After the introductions, I spoke about how much I liked CUP and that wonderful cards of all kinds could be made by beginners or by experienced crafters and that imagination and creativity were not pre-requisites. All the participants enjoy the benefits of the internet and I explained about downloading designs, keeping them forever and using them many times. I also gave each lady my CUP business card, which quite handily gives the internet address for CUP.
I went on to show and explain about the tools I use and we discussed the possible places to purchase these things.
As one lady had expressed an interest in making up Christmas designs, I had taken a lot of my Christmas cards and I spread them around the table. I also took some printed designs, cardstock and envelopes, foam sticky pads and double sided tape. Designs were chosen and five happy crafters got to work.
After about an hour of talking I needed a cuppa and I set to making the drinks. The meeting lasted 2 hours and my new-found friends departed happily, one saying that she had not anticipated actually making a card that day.
The meetings are taking place fortnightly and, judging by the reaction of people, I anticipate that our little group will grow and that would be marvellous.

It was that BIG !!!! by Julie McGregor

My Grandson was down in our Caravan at Scoutscroft holiday park in Coldingham and was desperate to go fishing so my hubby took him a few times my hubby caught a fish but poor Drew caught none! then a few days before we went home low and behold he caught 2 ! well you would of thought Christmas had come early he was that excited to say he pleased would of been an under statement!! but I was pleased for him. Then my hubby went a bought him a new rod the next day, You would of thought Christmas had come again!!. It was great to see him so happy. Here is a photo him with them.

Lucky old me! by Carolyn Robertson

I was one of thousands who sent a card to Their Royal Highnesses on the birth of Prince George ... guess what I got last week?

I had made a pink one and a blue one in readiness for the news. No points for guessing which I sent.

Card sent was kit 417776_425

Daft as a kitten by Kirsty Green

Remember how I said Toffee my cat was not very clever, well we worked that out right at the beginning. Here he is as a very small but nosy kitten. You must have heard of 'curiosity killed the cat', well Toffee thought I would be fun to hide from his sister inside my work coat. Fun until he squeezed down the sleeve & got stuck in the cuff ;0) I had to push him back through to get him out, daft cat!

cup456117_1914 by Kirsty Green

cup416475_1914 by Kirsty Green

Time in Saudi Arabia by Joan King

My husband and I (ooh that sounds rather royal...) spent two years working in Saudi Arabia and although much of the time was brilliant there were a couple of downsides to it in the form of restrictions. The times when we were not working we used to go down to the red sea or up into the mountains where it was 7000ft high and cooler temperatures. On one of our trips we climbed down the mountain into the waddy (this was a stream that had little water in it!!!) but the hardest thing was getting back up the mountain. We had to climb it like mountain goats but it was fun. No climbing gear for us!!! We did it with another couple and this photo is taken of the cliff face we were climbing at the time. I am just below the guy in the photo taking this. I shall share a few pictures of our time there with you in the coming weeks.

cup342374_1716 by Joan King

cup453210_1716 by Joan King

Halt! Ewe goes there? by Christine Crowther

Another photograph from my husband's walking holiday this month. These lovely sheep were in a field at Bratton Fleming in Devon. Don't know what the walkers were carrying in their rucksacks but it obviously looked or smelled like dinner to this crowd, as they all advanced to check them out. Or maybe they just hadn't seen a friendly face all day.

cup456766_994 by Christine Crowther

cup457326_994 by Christine Crowther

Paull Village Scarecrow Trail by Liz Harrison

We spent a lovely sunny Bank Holiday Monday,in the Village Of Paull, East Yorkshire. the Scare crow trail is on each year and brings a good crowd. There were 28 Scare crows this year, including a six foot robot and David Bowie. This was our favourite though .Two racing cars and even a starter hanging from the bushes waving a flag .

cup457591_15 by Liz Harrison

cup303395_15 by Liz Harrison

Holiday to Cornwall by Amanda McGee

We recently returned from a lovely holiday to Cornwall, Devon and Birmingham and while we were there paid more than one visit to my lovely friend and CUP cardmaker Davina Rundle and hubby David. As soon as we arrived in Cornwall we went to visit them and were treated to a lovely tea in the garden. Also while we were there David took us to the dairy farm where he works and we saw the milking in operations and the gorgeous calves that were there. Jack was in his element getting on Davids digger too. What a fantastic holiday and Cornwall was a great start. Some lovely experiences including the narrow roads and Cornish miles. A couple of my new black and white designs, I think they are very simple and dont need alot of embellishing, a few gems and you are done

cup456242_56 by Amanda McGee

cup456240_56 by Amanda McGee

Witchurch Silk Mill by Pamela West

We have a silk mill near here where they still spin silk. They make some lovely fabrics. Also they had some venetian masks made from the silk. Here is a pic of them on our visit. Beautiful masks. Might use them as inspiration for a card design
2 of my floral frame designs made with my watercolour paintings

cup457015_117 by Pamela West

cup456511_117 by Pamela West


Crafty Bob Paper just £3.49


Beautiful Northumberland by Janet Briggs

Just had a few days away in the caravan. This time we went to the beautiful Northumberland Coast. What a gorgeous part of the country. Miles of lovely quiet countryside and coast, sand dunes and lovely beaches. Can't wait to go back.
Here is a view of Bamburgh Castle from Seahouses. Just one of many stunning views.
With scenic views in mind, thought I'd give my 2014 purse calendar kits a plug. Good little money makers for craft fairs, or to pop in with a card.

cup448702_68 by Janet Briggs

cup448906_68 by Janet Briggs

Bella by Mary Jane Harris

Bella is the newest member of our family! She is an Australian Shepherd. She is actually my second "Grand-puppy", and she is absolutely gorgeous! To celebrate my new "Grand-puppy" I am featuring two of my Flip-up cards... dogs, of course!

cup174212_99 by Mary Jane Harris

cup145350_99 by Mary Jane Harris

I'm the King of the Castle!! by Carol Clarke

What a fabby day out we had ... when we eventually got there!!! My Girlies (15 year old Nina and 10 year old Steph) plus hubby and went out on a day trip this week. We called at a local town for supplies so on leaving there I started to programme the TomTom ...

TomTom booted ... Clicked to set a route ... Said calculating .... But stuck at 0%!!

Decided to start driving and see if it would resolve.

I drive a few miles ... TomTom still stuck!! Switched off ... Restarted ... Unplugged .. Restarted ... Pressed every button we could find including cancel ... But nothing would budge it from the 'uploading 0%' page!!

Of course as we rely on our electronic gadgetry we hadn't brought a map ... and as my hubby is useless with technology I had to keep stopping to try and sort it!!

So and so's to this I thought ... and grabbed my iPhone ... which I've also got a TomTom on ... and I set that instead .... It's not so good as the real thing but better than no map!!

Start off again with hubby holding iPhone ... 'Oh ...what's happened' he says ... 'Where's it gone!' He says ... I have to find somewhere to stop again and sort him out ... As I said he's useless with technology and had caught a button on the screen!!

Once again we tried the other TomTom ... Unplugged, rebooted, shouted at it, hit it, screamed at it, jumped on it and swore at it ... All to no avail!!

Back to the iPhone version with a warning to hubby to make sure he didn't press anything else .... I'm sooo frazzled by now and we've already wasted about 45 mins!!

Off we set again ... All is fine for the first few miles .... and then we hit a traffic jam!! And there we stay ... For the best part of another hour!!!

Frazzle frazzle ... Insert your own swear words at this point!!!

We eventually get past said road works ... and as I start remember how nice it is to be in gears higher than 1st ... When we hit slow moving traffic behind a tractor!!!

I don't need to visit the hairdressers now ... I've pulled out all my hair by this point!! We should have been there hours earlier and we were still miles away!!

Thankfully the rest of the journey passed without anything of note happening ... Till we got there!!

It's well past lunchtime now ... and I pull into the Woolsthorpe Manor car park ... which is quite small ... and full!!

Hubby says there's a gate open behind you and that car looks like its about to go ... Soooo I reverse into field gate and wait ... and wait ... and ... You get the idea!!??

So I reverse all the way into the field, which looks like an extension to car park ... Park up ... and break out the picnic!!

A number of Woolsthorpe Manor visitors came and went ... and some gave us odd ... Or even black stares ... But at least we're there and have been fed!!!

Picnic over ... and I can see a space in the car park sooo I move the car. As we walk past the field on the way to the Manor I spot a sign ... The field isn't a car park ... It's for picnics!!! ... But it didn't say we couldn't have a picnic in the car .... Did it!!!

My Girlies loved the Manor (birth place of Sir Isaac Newton) especially the science experiments ... the mouse hunt, real cat asleep on a bed and the other games ... which is just as well as we'd arrived too late for the early bug hunt and too early for the later big hunt!!!

I sooo enjoyed a restorative coffee with my hubby!!!

On way back to the car my eldest son (wizard of all things technological!) rang. I told him all about TomTom ... and he talked me through resetting it ... Phew ... It's now working again and reprieved from a fate worse than death!!! I reprogrammed it to take us to Belton House ... Wooohooooo ... It works perfectly!!!

Too late at Belton to do anything other than let the girlies have a great time on the Adventure Playground (that's Steph playing King of the Castle in my photo) ... Plus ice creams and the compulsory trip round the gift shops ... But they were happy with that!!

And now it's time to start the homeward journey ... and it's rush hour .... Gulp!!!

But apart from a small hold up for temp traffic lights at Grantham ... and a much smaller hold up at the road works that had caused us sooo much hassle earlier ... The journey home was sooo much easier ... and quicker!!!

After taking them out for a meal at a local pub we took the girlies back to their parents ... and we headed for home ourselves!!!

I feel like I did 10 rounds with Frank Bruno ... and I swear I've got the bruises to prove it!!! I'm not used to driving so far or so long ... but I DID IT! Lol

Then ... This morning ... Nice and early ... There's a car alarm going off nice and loud just outside my bedroom window (or that's what it sounded like!!) ..... Aggghhhhhh .... grump grump grump ... But ... That's another story!!!! Lol 2 NEW Santa Express Buses. Fab cards that Pop out as soon as they are taken out of their matching envelopes. Other colourways are already available.

cup456025_359 by Carol Clarke

cup456026_359 by Carol Clarke

Published on Amazon! by Jeannette Collins

I'm really excited to say I've just published my first book on Amazon for purchase on kindle. I've wanted to be a writer all my life and somehow I've suddenly written a series of vampire romance books. In the first week of sales I was really pleased to see I'd reached #29 in the top 100 gothic romance bestsellers and my first few reviews on Amazon have been great.

Needless to say with all the writing I haven't been able to do as much designing as I'd like, but once I've published books 2, 3, and 4 I hope to get back to it in earnest!

If anyone is into vampire romance, and doesn't mind books which get a little raunchy, please check it out on Amazon at:

cup372142_1751 by Jeannette Collins

cup352922_1751 by Jeannette Collins

Happiness by Heather Howes

Hi everyone ,just had to share this photo of my Godson with his son taken on a beautiful Norfolk day,the happiness in the smiles give you a real happy feeling inside ,I so love and miss all my family but pictures like these are always there to make me smile,
I hope it makes you smile too x thank you for taking the time to look at my designs here are a couple of fun Christmas ones

cup456541_107 by Heather Howes

cup455042_107 by Heather Howes

Happy Hat Day by Diane Hannah

Today is happy hat day at school! She does look happy (and original too). She did not want to wear a "boring" hat. I think she accomplished that. Type Pop-up next to my name to see them all...or fold back to see all of them! Thank you for looking.

cup456735_874 by Diane Hannah

cup452981_874 by Diane Hannah

St Mary's lighthouse by Angela Wake

a lovely day out visiting St Mary's lighthouse, which is just north of Whitley Bay, there is a small concrete causeway that you can cross to the small island when the tide is out. A nice cup of coffee at the little cafe, also there is a small museum

cup457020_8 by Angela Wake

cup457321-8 by Angela Wake

Air Show by Sue Way

For 2 days last week our town hosted Clacton Air Show. As we live one road back from the sea front so can see it all from our garden. The first day was very wet, so we just watched through the windows, but on the 2nd day hubby & myself sat in our garden chairs on the patio & watched the planes go over. We saw a Autogyro, The Trig Aerobatic display team, Vulcan & The Red Arrows go over & I took lots of pictures. Here is a picture of the Vulcan that was the most impressive, with its massive wing span & was so loud I had to put my fingers in my ears! Here are a couple of my latest designs.

cup457610_38 by Sue Way

cup456214_38 by Sue Way


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