On the BIG Swing by Carol Clarke

Olivia loves the Adventure Playground at Clumber Park ......... and on a recent visit was brave enough to try the BIG Swing .... she wasn't too sure about it at first but soon decided she quite liked it! lol

cup210037_359 by Carol Clarke

cup207099_359 by Carol Clarke

NEC by Amanda McGee

What a fab time at the nec this year. We only went for one night but it was such a good time. From the moment we landed we hoofed it along to the NEC and went to see the Bobster and met up with our good friends Davina and David Rundle. Lots of spending later we headed to the hotel only to find that my mum had left her bag in the toilet. We turned round and headed back but no bag. What were we going to do, her passport was in there for getting back home. Luckily the bag was handed into left luggage who handed it into security so all was well. Had a couple of well deserved wines in the evening with Davina and David after that. Sunday was another good day of spending again and a couple of glasses and some lovely sandwiches in the wine bar at the airport before heading home on an evening flight. Cant wait for next year. I love Promarker colouring and using for my sheets, hope you like the designs

cup530110_56 by Amanda McGee

cup518923_56 by Amanda McGee

Popcorn enjoying Spring weather. by Patricia Platt

We had a lovely day on Tuesday and so I thought I would take Popcorn out for a little fresh air. He was really enjoying being outside. Some of my Male card designs that can be used for various occasions.

cup528312_1416 by Patricia Platt

cup528386_1416 by Patricia Platt

Mothers Day & Birthday! by Sue Way

My mums birthday was just a few days after Mothers day this year, so we decided to treat her to lunch out. Hubby & me went to mums & then we taking her to meet some more of the family at the restaurant. Unfortunately 1/2 hr before we were due to leave I started to feel ill with a migraine aura. I ended up laying on mums sofa waiting for it to pass. It didn't last long, but I didn't feel up to a noisy pup lunch. So we ended up having chips from the chip shop up the round round mums kitchen table! Mum still enjoyed the day, seeing her family & getting her presents & cards. Here is a picture of me with my mum on the day, after I was feeling better. Its surprising what a smile can do.

Today I am showcasing two of my new Scalloped Round Easel Card Mini Kits, I hope you like them.

cup531033_38 by Sue Way

cup530881_38 by Sue Way

George and the Dragon by Joan King

My youngest granddaughter (5)took part in the Medieval Dress up for her school "George and the Dragon Day". My daughter who I didnt think was at all crafty made the hat for her so I was mighty impressed and Evelyn looks very pleased with herself in this outfit. I hope you like my two female cards

cup528113_1716 by Joan King

cup528785_1716 by Joan King

Easter Bonnets by Kelly Barker

Well I know it's not quite Easter yet, but as the schools and preschools break up for easter this week, Imogen's baby and toddler group had an easter bonnet competition. I was really suprised that so many people took part, all of the children came in all sorts of wonderful Easter Bonnets and lot's of the parents and child minders did too. The club is run in the village hall and they even had a chair person come to judge the competition. Here is Imogen's creation, all her own work except for her name (well I had to get my hands on that glitter glue!). She didn't win, but she had a great morning, not to mention the fun she had making it. Here are 2 of my newest designs. A very pretty "1 Today" and a space theme "2 today" Matching inserts available and lots more numbers too!

cup531044_1028 by Kelly Barker

cup531067_1028 by Kelly Barker

On The Film Set by June Harrop

On our recent travels we visited Bolton Castle in Redmire.
As we arrived we noticed a film crew.It turned out the bbc were filming the movie "Bill" a family adventure comedy about the fictional early days of William Shakesphere due for release 2015.
We were taken on a tour of the set and were allowed to watch the filming of the courtyard scene and then allowed into the courtyard.It was like stepping back in time.It was awesome.We also went into "Bill's" bedroom,not a claim many ladies today can make.The photo shows part of the castle from the roof.Due to filming we could not take many photos but it was worth it.It was a great experience Below are 2 of my newest designs ideal to make a beautiful wedding card.

cup530789_703 by June Harrop

cup530355_703 by June Harrop

Craft Room Chaos by Kim Blundred

I was thrilled when my partner agreed to my turning the spare room in to my very own craft room. This meant that we could restore order to our dining room - usually the table and sideboards couldn't be seen due to all the craft items on them - and actually eat dinner in there all the time rather than only on special occassions.

I planned the decorating, the storage and the organisation. As you can see I haven't quite achieved the organisation yet . . . should only take a month or two ;-) Attached are 2 of my designs that are much more ordered and elegant than my craft room at present.

cup530031_1072 by Kim Blundred

cup529812_1072 by Kim Blundred

Sahara Rain by Suzi Cooper

While the UK this week is having problems with Sahara sand in the atmosphere I thought I would share with you what is a regular occurrence here in Southern Spain. Normally in Spring when we get rain it is full of sand from the Sahara. This means that after the rain everything is covered in brown sludge. The photo shows our car after the rain yesterday evening. Needless to say the day after the "brown" rain is spent cleaning everything down with the jet washer.

cup200459_173 by Carol Dunne

cup408560_68 by Janet Briggs

New Scan n Cut Category

Mother's Day Instructions! by Kim Blundred

No Pink! No Flowers! Must be Cute! . . . That was the "guidance" I received regarding a Mother's Day card for my Mum. I'd had similar instructions for her 60th Birthday - just over a week ago. It was going to be a challenge but thanks to some cup designer resources, by Karen Adair, and a very cute digi stamp cat I managed to pull it out of the bag with the design shown . . . Mum loved it. PHEW ;-) Here are 2 finished cards - 1 that is perfect for me and another that is perfect for my Mum. Can you guess which is which?

cup519948_1483 by Julie Hutchings

cup450654_750 by Eva Cano

A visit from the elk by Carol Smith

The elk paid us a visit last week and I just managed to get my camera out and snap a couple of shots although I stupidly took them through my craft room window instead of opening the window (David Bailey I'm not LOL) there is glare on the picture but you can see the buck at the back herding his harem of ladies along, they are beautiful creatures but cause lots of damage in the garden eat all our vegetables and will eat most plants we had two beautiful conifer trees on each side of the steps to the front door and they have completely trashed them, but I still love to see them with their distinctive cream bottoms.
As always my thanks go to all you talented crafters and to the cup team thank you all xx

cup529697_1209 by Carol Smith

cup529693_1209 by Carol Smith

Akaroa Cottage NZ by Silvia Griffin

What a lovely house we came across in Akaroa New Zealand. The whole town is full of them. It is about an hour from Christchurch. Lovely drive through the country side to get there.

I am back on US Soil and finished with my vacation. Look out for many new designs I have in the pipeline. Will be uploading a new from hopefully next week. Thanks for considering my creations Silvia

cup530630_262 by Silvia Griffin

cup530634_262 by Silvia Griffin

designer by Barbara Hiebert

This is a collage of photo's of eagles that we have using a very large tree for a lookout, and of their nesting sight,
these photo's are all taken from, our front steps, with a camera zoomed in,
The spruce tree, is approx.. 100 feet tall, and when it is mating season, we have seen several hiding in the tree.
They also like to bathe in the river and then sun themselves dry in the top of the tree.
The dark brown Eagles are the babies, and we had three
last summer, The babies are very hard to take pictures of.

cup529964_1865, has a matching insert with verse, and cup531016_1865 is tattered and torn, and that is how I feel when those Eagles start hunting.

cup529964_1865 by Barbara Hiebert

cup531016_1865 by Barbara Hiebert

Prince Freddy by Robyn Cockburn

For some months now this lovely green tree frog has been appearing in our garden. He looked a bit thin the first time I saw him so I googled frog food. I tried feeding him a bug I caught (with the aid of a small stick). He wasn't interested so I tried to just scrape the bug onto his rock. When I waved it around he suddenly jumped and grabbed it! Since then I feed him by hand. This picture was just after I fed him a freshly caught butterfly! Did you know frogs have teeth? Just a kind of rough bony ridge along the upper jaw, to help them grab their prey. I found out when he left scrape marks on my fingernail! My friend and I call him "The Prince" - but I'm not going to try kissing him to find out!! Please have a look at my latest shaped cards. These go together very quickly but look so pretty too! Cards are approx. 5" x 7" when finished.

cup529983_123 by Robyn Cockburn

cup529952_123 by Robyn Cockburn

Rose Haven Heritage Garden by Sandie Burchell

The Roses are in full bloom at the Rose Haven Heritage Garden in Temecula, California. I spent a good hour and took lots of photographs, I daren't tell you how many! I do so love Roses and the fragrance that was coming from these was so good. There are 1600 rose bushes with many of them having all different colours on the same bush. Beautiful, I've got a feeling that it won't be my last visit! The designs below are two of my latest Triple Arch Window Mini Kits and one of these feature roses and the other is for Christmas.

cup530411_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup530405_425 by Sandie Burchell

Now You See It - Now You Don't by Carol James

We had two very tall trees in our back garden, that is, until this morning. They started to become a nuisance to our neighbours as well as being unsafe especially in the bad weather we had this past year. So, we had no option but to have them cut down. The chaps arrived this afternoon at ten to two and it was all over by tree (my attempt at humour) o'clock... Was quite amazing to see how it was done. The photo's don't quite do it justice but I was hanging out of the bedroom window at the time.

I am promoting these 2 new designs which are on sale at the moment until 6th April.

cup531007_1010 by Carol James

cup530662_1010 by Carol James

Cinema swan... by Anne Lever

The city of Wells in Somerset is famous for its swans, which swim on the moat of the Bishops Palace, near Wells cathedral. Wells recently took part in a charity scheme, that saw many plain white swan statues painted, displayed, then sold to raise money. A lot of local businesses sponsered the artists, and had personalised swans. There is one outside a lawyers painted with a red coat and powdered wig, the police station has one outside it, painted like a police car etc etc. This swan was sponsered by the local cinema, and is displayed in its window. It is wearing 3d glasses, has film reels and film strips on its wings, and has cinema seats on the inside of the wings, with the queen and her corgis sitting in them! These two designs feature gorgeous Edwardian Roses

cup531078_1763 by Anne Lever

cup531138_1763 by Anne Lever

Where do poppies come from? by Christine Crowther

I've got this amazing purple poppy in my garden that I didn't plant, so where did it come from? I searched for an answer and found that poppy seeds can last in the ground for as long as 50 years when buried or kept in darkness by vegetation. The annual poppies are dependent upon disturbed ground and, as pioneers, they will seize the moment whenever the seed comes to the surface. This is why you will see them painting a new motorway embankment or transforming the rubble left after the bulldozers have flattened a building site. It's a bit harsh to liken my garden to a building site - LOL - but obviously this poppy came from a seed buried more than ten years ago, because that's how long I've been here. Here are my two top selling poppy designs. I've got 14 poppy designs - see them by searching for POPPY under my designer name.

cup288182_994 by Christine Crowther

cup486710_994 by Christine Crowther

A huge knitted Dragon at the NEC by Liz Harrison

Another bit of knitting inspiration at the stitches and hobby show , Birmingham NEC . He must have been about 8 feet tall , all knitted squares , a very handsome chap xxx . The colours really stand out and all though he was trying to look fierce , he was actually quite cuddly xxx

cup526514_15 by Liz Harrison

cup522435_15 by Liz Harrison

My Friend
by Debra Jenkinson
FREE on volume 92

Tiffany Window 2
by June Young
FREE on volume 92

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