To celebrate the festive season we will be giving away a FREE DOWNLOAD in every mailer between now and Christmas!

On the first mailer of Christmas, Crafty Bob gave to me...

12 Mailers of Christmas - Todays FREE Download is HERE - Designer Janet Briggs


Take a look at the new Designs from our EXCLUSIVE PLATINUM DESIGNERS!

Poinsettia Candle Triple Easel Card

Only £ 1.95

Designed by Ann Smith

Lilac Roses Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Gillian Hutchinson

Rosy Glow Teapot + decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Anne Lever

3D Christmas rose, ponsetia and mistletoe, studio


Designed by Lyn Simms


Only £ 2.00

Designed by Janice McFarlane

Bumper Santa's Flying school Easel Draw Card + Matching Box

Only £ 4.00

Designed by Alison Sulley

Silent Night See Thru Cracker Card

Only £ 2.00

Designed by Lynne Crosskill

Maratime Delights

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Ceredwyn Macrae

Steampunk Squirrel One Too Many

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Diane Hannah

Santa's List

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Sue Cumming

A Frame Card - Beauty

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Angela Ludwig

reindeer & gingerbreadman-digi stamps

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Janet Chen Curtis

Hot Bike! Two Sheet Pyramage Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Janyce Cotterill

Heritage Rose and Lace for 8x8 #2

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Di Simpson

Thanksgiving Dinner

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Hilary Hallas

Guitar Music

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Christine Maunder

Christmas Cottage Card

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Annie Lang

Merry Kissmas xx

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Susan Heanes

Amanda McGee

Check out these STUNNING new designs

Lots to choose from and simple to make.


Amanda McGee

Perpetual Desk Calendars

See more of my designs HERE




Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Lorna Quinney

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who has purchased my designs this year, and wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

View more of Lorna Quinney's items HERE

Card Maker Spotlight

Yvonne Middleton makes:

Christmas Wreaths Tr-Fold Quick Card

by Karen Adair

Card Maker Comments: Printed on 200 gsm paper, cut out and scored and folded as per instructions. This is a very easy card to make and it looks beautiful when made up.

Buy now for just £ 0.80

I love my Purple Bag by Helanna Hancock
I was fortunate enought o attend a Craft Fair at the NEC in Birmingham in 2011 and visited Crafty Bob and friends. After having my picture taken with Crafty Bob i received a lovely purple CraftsUprint bag with some goodies inside. I was at my craft group at month or so ago and took some things in my CraftsUprint bag and all the ladies & Bob were very surprised to see my bag, so they decided I needed to have my photo taken with it and send into you.. So here it is.. I know it is a little blury but you can see me and the lovely bag...

Unexpected Friends by Vicki Avcin
As some of you will know I come from Australia. There are designers and cardmakers at CUP also from Australia, but we don't all get to meet up as we are spread all over Australia.
Saturday morning I was just sitting here reading my emails and the phone rang. Hubby answered it and said 'its a lady but I dont know who'.
So I took the phone and a lady says 'I saw you in the CUP mailer and you live not far from me'.
We got to chatting and had lots to talk about. She said it was so great to find someone nearby that had the same interests and CUP in common!!

Josie, you sound like a wonderful lady, and one day hopefully we'll meet face to face and have a cuppa!!!
Thank you for making my Saturday and ringing. I loved our chat!!

cup379603_543 by Vicki Avcin

Horse, Sheep & Golfer Card Request - Eunice Roberts
I have just bought and made up the card on CUP249332_874 as it comes on the file. But I wanted a card with a horse, sheep and a golfer on for a friend of mine. So I used the above cup number, got a picture of a sheep, and used the lady golfer on CUP88491_376, printed it smaller and attached it with sticky tabs. Thought this may be of interest to your crafters.

Our New Birdfeeders by Pamela West
We put up some new birdfeeders in our garden a couple of weeks ago. It took the birds sometime to find them but now we have quite a variety of them coming down to feed. My daughter took this lovely pic of a bullfinch on the feeder. We also have bluetits, robins, blackbirds, coal tits, wood pigeons, starlings and collared doves.
I have just put a design on CUP with bluetits which was from a watercolour painting that I did.

cup380153_117 by Pamela West

Australia's Latest Addition by Di Simpson
I want to share our fabulous news from Hervey Bay, Australia of a new little grandson for us.
His name is Ripley Jax and is so adorable. This is number 6 grandchild for us, but the first baby for my daughter. Ripley inspired me to design all of my "Babies first Christmas" card toppers and kits series.

cup376466_986 by Di Simpson

Image of the Week & Card of the Moment

Check out this weeks winners Sandie Burchell and Dianne Jackson who are both worthy winners for this weeks prizes. Crafty Bob sends you Big Hugs!!

cup377866_425 - Image of the Week

cup378657_425 - Card of the Moment

I am so proud of my Hubby by Debbie Knechtel
Was so very proud of my hubby he was one of the recipients of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal here in Canada. He was recognized for outstanding service to his country and community.
My hubby is in the middle.

Roll on 2013 by Susan Donaghie
Well I, for one, won't be sorry to see the end of 2012!
The year started badly with my husband, Jim (see photo), being seriously ill and off work for 5 months. He eventually underwent an operation and returned to work in June.
It was a very stressful time as can be imagined then just when we thought we could breathe a sigh of relief and get back to normal I had a nasty health shock a few weeks ago.
I had noticed a few symptoms and went exploring the internet and as a result I asked Jim to check my blood glucose levels on his monitor - he is type 2 diabetic - he insisted I get an emergency appointment with my GP. I was sent straight from the surgery to the hospital! There tests confirmed that I had sudden onset type 1 diabetes which is very rare at my age. My glucose levels were very high and I was started on insulin immediately.
It was a tremendous shock and my life seems to have become a constant round of doctors, dieticians and diabetic nurses while my insulin levels are monitored and adjusted. It is very hard to accept that something as simple as eating has now become a daily balancing act to keep my blood glucose levels within safe limits.
Hopefully, as time goes on, I will cope better as I learn and understand more about the disease, but at the moment I still panic if my monitor reading goes up a few points. One of the most frightening things was developing blurred vision though thankfully that is now improving and I can see to do my designs again.
Looks like no boxes of chocolates for me this Christmas, so roll on 2013 and here?s hoping it is an improvement on this year.

cup379514_114 by Susan Donaghie

Crafty Bob Goes State Side by Margaret Jones
Just wanted to let you know about a newspaper article I noticed on a trip across the border. In case you can't read it clearly, here's what it says:
"Homeland Security announced today that the citizens of this great country have fallen in love with a handsome young man with a decidedly British accent and a winning smile. He has replaced our beloved Lady Liberty in the hearts of all cardmakers and designers in every state. He has even replaced her on her pedestal at the entrance to New York. Thousands of Americans turned out to welcome him here when he arrived, and they are looking forward to getting to know more about this new arrival who is known as the Robin Hood of the crafting world."

cup380193_601 by Margaret Jones

My Very Own Santa by Carol Lepard
I am SO lucky! I have my very own Santa! My Santa loves to put on his suit and go listen to what the children want for Christmas this year. He is just super good with the kids! Always asks if they think they were good this year and asks if they have sent a letter out to him yet so he will be able to put what they want on his list. I made him a new suit this year out of velvet and some wonderfully white fur with silver filiments that just make the suit so much better. Today was our local Christmas in the Village and he was taken to the Library via horse drawn wagon where he presided near the fireplace and Christmas tree for several hours talking to all the kids that came in and giving them each a candy cane.....and yes, his beard is his own...but he has to use a store bought belly ;-P
Please take a look at all my Christmas designs for your card lists this year and thank you to all the card makers for making such lovely cards with my designs.

cup349480_11 by Carol Lepard

Izzy Loves Advent Calendars by Hilary Hallas
Here's our gorgeous little granddaughter Izzy with the advent calendar I made her. She's getting so big, she was one year old on November 1st, and we haven't actually met her properly yet. Her mum constantly uploads new photos on Facebook so we've watched her grow on line and they are hoping to get over here to see us in France after the new year some time, hopefully in February - we can't wait!

cup380064_819 by Hilary Hallas

Weekend Bingo Winner Marion Evans

Game 115 Full house Bingo winner - Marion Evans has won £100 CASH - Enjoy your £100 prize Marion.Eyes down for game 116 Bingo Fans, here we go again


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