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8x8 moonlight and roses


Designed by Carol Smith

Lola Elephant n Postbox quick card n 3D decoupage


Designed by Carol Clarke

Football Fan Card - Football


Designed by Sheila Rodgers

For the Love of Iris


Designed by Janyce Cotterill

Winter lilies envelope card with decoupage


Designed by Amanda McGee

hearts and flowers wedding 8x8 topper with corner stacker


Designed by Michelle Johnson

The Love Cats wedding, engagement or anniversary topper


Designed by Sue Way

Princess Lily - Quick Card Front


Designed by Jane Butler

Rosy Glow Multi Use Topper


Designed by Denise Rhodes

Glass vase and roses pyramid


Designed by Bodil Lundahl

2xfairy toppers with floral decoupage


Designed by Julie Hutchings

Cosmos Quick card


Designed by Carol Dunne

Happy Easter 8x8ins Card Front


Designed by Sandra Carlse

You Are Wonderful Topper With Butterflies 4


Designed by Anna Babajanyan

Birthday Beauty


Designed by Marijke Kok

CUP TV - Episode 152

In this CUP TV episode Exclusive Elite Designer Carol Clarke makes A fabulous 3D Gift Box Card. If you enjoy making cards with decoupage or pyramage layers then these lovely easy to make boxes will be a great addition to your crafty stash!!

Carol has designed these card box cards with unique double walls to ensure they are sturdy and really easy to make. They open pizza box style and are available in lots of other standard card sizes. The boxes are in 2 parts and are really easy to make. A full photo tutorial is included in each kit.

Full photo instructions are also included in the kit.


Elite Designer Carol Clarke

Makes a 3d Card Box Mini Kit

These designs are exclusive to Craftsuprint and as Carol draws all her own graphics you won't find her designs anywhere else either! There are lots more 3D Card Box Kits to choose from too!

You can download this project and see more of Carol's wonderful designs at HERE - the cup ref number for the kits used in this tutorial are - cup395329_359 also shown in the video are:- cup395341_359, cup395337_359, cup395328_359 and cup395335_359

June Young

Check out these FUN new designs


Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Janet Chen Curtis

Taiwan. Now I live in St Albans, UK

Please enjoy a small collection of my cats series

View more of Janet Chen Curtis's items HERE

Card Maker Spotlight

Cheryl French makes:

Gardening Girl DL No Hole Foldback Card

by Exclusive Designer Christine Crowther

Card Maker Comments: Printed onto glossy photo paper. Glued image to pale green thin card using pva glue. Scored and folded. Built up pyramage with 1mm foam pads and attached to card with 1mm foam pads.

cup389244_994 just 80p

Crafty Bob's Pick of the Day - Karen Adair's Latest Mini Kits

My Lovely Chickens by Christine Crowther
Years ago when I worked all hours in a busy office, I never dreamed that I would become an avid vegetable gardener and hen keeper. We inherited two hens when we moved house in 2004 and I've never been without a little flock of girls since. Now, my friends will tell you that I'm totally hen-centric. They follow me everywhere in the garden, even hitching the occasional ride in the wheelbarrow when I've emptied it!

cup280554_994 by Christine Crowther

Hooooorayyyyyyyy for Sunshine!! by Carol Clarke

At last after all the Snow, Frost and Ice we've had some sun this week!! Soooooooooo ...... we took full advantage of it and headed out for a walk in Derbyshire and I took this photo of Hardwick Hall bathed in the golden light.

I have been uploading some new personalised large DL birthday age decoupage designs this week. There are lots of ages and styles to choose from and If you'd like any of them personalised with another name or age then leave me a message in the forum and I'll be happy to design it for you.

cup397401_359 by Carol Clarke

Nearly Platinum by Julie Hutchings
I am so excited I am counting down as I am soon to reach Platinum!! It only seems like yesterday that I was first uploading my design sheets to CUP and I have loved every minute of it!
A big thank you to Rob and all the staff at Craftsuprint for all the help and support over the last 6 months and big hugs and thanks to all the card makers and customers that have purchased my design sheets and got me this far!!
In celebration I am Putting my very first design sheets into special offers
Again a big thank you to all and happy crafting!! xJuliex

cup328984_1483 by Julie Hutchings

30,000 Downloasd by Ann-marie Vaux
Wow, what can I say?? I now have 30,000 downloads available on CUP. I would never have thought all that time ago when I started with CUP that I would at any point have this many sheets and kits available! I really have to thank everyone that buys my sheets and that keeps me sane by spurring me on to designing more! And a big thank you to CUP and everyone that works for CUP, if they didn't do what they do, I wouldn't be doing what I do!! So thanks everyone for allowing me to design and upload.. Heres to my next 30000! This is the sheet that shows as the magic number, and its my wedding month this year, I didn't plan it showing June so maybe its a good omen.. xxx

cup397862_10 by Ann-marie Vaux


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