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A lot of customers have been asking for a sale on Crafty Bob's CD's so that
they can fill the gaps in their CD collection –

CLICK HERE to view all of the back issues - All of Crafty Bob's CD Roms reduced to clear.

Take a look at the new Designs from our EXCLUSIVE SILVER DESIGNERS!


Only £ 0.80

Designed by Angela Ludwig

Yellow Rose Pyramid

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Tom Curtis

Bundle Of Joy New Baby Boy Shaker Frame Quick Card Front

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Karen MacKellar

Red and Black Mini Car Square Topper

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Patricia Platt

Love Westies - Blue - No hold back fold

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Christine Maunder

Sassy Teen 8x8 Decoupage Card - Granddaughter - Pink & Beige

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Emma Winnell

Stargazer lilies Happy Birthday, card with decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Berit Zakrisson


Only £ 1.90

Designed by Mishara Armenia

What a sweetie ~ for Mum

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Di Simpson

cheers in a vineyard-A4

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Janet Chen Curtis

Foxy says

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Lorraine Appleby

Vintage Poppy Step by Step A5

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Wendy Bromilow

Carol Clarke

Check out these STUNNING new designs

Lots to choose from and simple to make

Carol Clarke

Octagonal 3D Pyramage Mini Kits

See more of my designs HERE



Exclusive Designer Spotlight

June Young

Originally from Manchester but now I live in the Pennines in a small village outside Burnley. Love reading and designing. Thank you for looking at my work and hope you find lots to meet your needs.


Card Maker Spotlight

Kristina Norbat makes:

Lovely Yellow tits stopping for a drink

by Exclusive Designer Ceredwyn Macrae

Card Maker Comments: Printed on 160gsm card cutout and layered onto a blue card added extra flowers and gold border I then added diecut butterflies to complete this stunning design.

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sell it on for FREE


The BESTEST present ever yesterday! by Vicki Avcin

Having had a really bad week last week, I so needed something
to cheer me up and what a better 'something than turning around on my chair while at the computer yesterday to see her standing at the back door!!!

She's just had a 2 week holiday in Thailand and told me she started back at work yesterday morning (Monday). As she often does when she's driving home, she?ll ring me for a chat (on the Bluetooth) and we'd been chatting for about 20 minutes when I heard a noise and said to her 'What was that'? and she said she'd just bumped the Bluetooth.

That was when I just leant back and swung round on my chair and saw her!! I got such a shock that I was sitting staring at her thinking I'm seeing things when she said 'So you going to unlock the door and let me in'

Hell yeah of course I am!!! Then I find out she actually doesn't go back to work till next Monday, so she's planned this and never said a word!! She came bearing gifts for us too from her holiday in Thailand. Only one problem? she didn't bring one of those gorgeous big cats that she posted pictures of her sitting with its head in her lap and cuddling. (Tiger). The photo is of the pair of us after coming home from dinner last night.

The card promo is of one of a series of my Black and White Design Set, why not check them all out. Quick and easy to make but look so sophisticated when made up. Thanks to the cardmakers who?ve made some of them up and done an awesome job with them.

cup400292_543 by Vicki Avcin

Crafty Bob Now Sells Blank Cards and Envelopes

Pack of Ten 8 x 8 White Cards and Envelopes just £2.00

Pack of 10 New Crafty Bob's 8x8 Cards and Envelopes in white. Card weight: 270 gsm, Envelope weight: 100gsm.

Lots of other sizes Available - See them all HERE


Bob Bingo Winner & Important Game Change

This weeks FULL HOUSE Winner is Billie McDonald from Australia. Billie managed to claim the FULL HOUSE in record time. Only six other bingo players have claimed faster. Well done Billie enjoy your £100 Winnings.

We have had a lot of negative feedback from Bingo Players who cannot check their cards through the night while they are sleeping, they wake up in the morning to find that their numbers have been called and someone else has claimed the prize. They get very frustrated especialy when they only have a few numbers left on their card. For this reason we are changing the rules to help resolve this problem. Instead of calling a number every two hours we will call a number every four hours this means the chances of missing any numbers while you are asleep will be halved. And at the most you should only miss one or two numbers while you are sleeping - Big Hugs Crafty Bob xx

Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, Putnam County, GA, USA by Diane Hannah

A local hidden treasure is what I found here in Putnam County. A beautiful 4H campground with lakes, cabins, and tons of history.
The eagle mound is believed to have been constructed between 1,000 and 3,000 years ago. The tower was added to site for visitors to view the eagle from above. It is 102 feet long from the head to the tail, and 120 feet wide from wing tip to wing tip, and what an amazing site. I can't wait to go back to see more of the park and hike on some of the trails, maybe even do a little fishing!
I thought it fitting to promote a bird card with this newsfeed. The choice is a lovely bird on a romantic bouquet of flowers in a vintage teacup. There are three color choices for the teacup each with a different bouquet and bird.

cup316579_874 by Diane Hannah

Free Glue Dots for all our Irish Bobettes - Find Stampy and give him a BIG HUG

Hi Bobettes

Stampy here, Crafty Bob's man on the road & sea this week (I so hope the weather is not windy!).

I have nipped over the Irish Sea to Belfast, where we are setting up shop in the Kings Hall Belfast. The show will be opens Thursday 16 April and finishes on Saturday 17 April. I can be found on stand C12, Stamposaurus.

I have a good stock of all our new stamps, Crafty Bob's Card and all sorts of crafting goodies.

As always we have plenty of Crafty Bob Bags for our customers and if you let us know you are a Bobette you will recieve a free packet of glue dots.
Hope to see you at the show.

Happy Crafting

Stamposaurus Kevin

Newbie Jude Loves CUP - New Forum Friends

Well here goes....
I am set for yet another Crafty Adventure.
Please be patient with me as I feel my way around the WONDERFUL site.
Cards are my wonder drug, Yes the most relaxing, self satisfaction hobby in my world is making Cards and checking out the FABULOUS talent here.
Hey Ladies...oh yes and Gentlemen you deserve a big round of applause for your magnificent masterpieces displayed here on CraftsUprint.
Please keep up the Fantastic work so that I may enjoy your gift of creativity.
Hoping to get to know you all real soon,
Your Newbie friend,

When was the last time you popped in and said Hello in the Forum


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In other words you choose what you buy - what you buy isn't forced upon you.
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School Craft Class - no problem print 30 sheets.
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