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Crafty Bob's Sticky Pads 5mm x 5mm x 2mm - just £0.99


Crafty Bob's Sticky Pads 5mm x 5mm x 1mm - just £0.99


Crafty Bob's Sticky Pads 12mm x 38mm x 1mm - just £0.99


In this CUP TV episode Exclusive Elite Designer Carol Clarke makes A fun Large DL Age Card. Carol has designed these Ready to use Large DL card fronts with easy to cut 3d step by step decoupage toppers. They are available for most ages from ONE to NINETY and in lots of different colourways and designs too!! - Watch Now

Large DL BIRTHDAY Card & 3D decoupage
Only £0.80

13th Birthday Large DL Quick Card n 3D decoupage
Only £0.20

18th Birthday Large DL Quick Card n 3D decoupage
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Large DL Birthday GIRLFRIEND Card & 3D decoupage
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When Katie met Kevin

Hi Bobettes! - It was lovely seeing so many friendly crafters at the Creative Crafts Show, Shepton Mallet last weekend. I met Katie Silver, who regularly uses the CraftsUprint website. Lots of our customers left our stand with trendy Bob's purple bags, loaded with crafty goodies. Hope to see you somewhere soon. Happy crafting. Stamposaurus Kevin

I am back on the road again, nursing a bit of a cough and cold (or manflu and Mrs Stampy likes to call it). This week we are at the Creative Crafts Show in Manchester Central (formerly GMEX). The show opens on Thursday 2nd May, (oh my word, May already!) and runs for 3 days, which means Sunday I will be at home with my feet up, newspaper and a cuppa on the side, lovely.

We have Bob's purple bags loaded on the van, so if you come and find me on stand no A18 and tell me you are a 'Bobette' you will get a free packet of glue dots and a Bob bag to take your goodies home in. Purchases from our stand will also be placed in these lovely bags.

Hope to see you in Manchester this week.  Stampy x

Welsh Salon by Helen Williams

A few bits of news, firstly My husband and I recently had images entered into a local gallery, well he had First prize with one of his entries, £500!! Secondly he entered some images into the welsh salon, One got a Highly Commended and this image is one i use in card designs, it is my beautiful baby boy Ronny shown in the Picture ;-)

cup304989_443 by Helen Williams

cup305777_443 by Helen Williams

Summer Flowers by Diane Hannah

On a recent trip to the nursery, I took some photos of some of the flowers available for spring to summer planting. My husband and I can't wait to get them planted. These flowers are so beautiful, I may feature some of them as the theme for future card designs. The next trip will be to purchase the items for our summer vegetable garden!
I chose flower related cards for my items to promote, it seemed a fitting choice!

cup412135_874 by Diane Hannah

cup411262_874 by Diane Hannah

UK Trip by Joan King

This is a special time of the year for me as in a weeks time I am leaving New Zealand for the UK. Its a rather mixed feeling, I don't enjoy the long flight and I am leaving my husband in a rather precarious health situation and my health is not much better either but sometimes one doesn't have a choice in what you do. I am leaving my beautiful beach in the picture where I walk most days to spend time with my 93 year old mother before she passes away as she is in bad health now. I do of course get to see my 2 brothers and my daughter and 2 grand daughters.

This time though I am doing something completely different and meeting up for the very first time with my best friend ever who I met on cup when I joined and who lives in Spain and we have become like sisters now. We communicate every day and she is flying over to meet me. Her name is Suzi Cooper and this is an exciting time for us both. I will enjoy getting back to my home, my beach, and my family and grandsons over here but will have a very special treasured moment to take back with me. I doubt I will get a lot of designing done while I am away but who knows.

I hope you like two of my new designs from a set I have just done.

cup419719_1716 by Joan King

cup419723_1716 by Joan King

Pink Sea! by Sheila Rodgers

Last night we had a beautiful sunset and it made the sea look pink. This photo is completely un-retouched. The sea really did look pink!

I'm attaching a couple of my new designs - both themed around vans - one is a card and one is a little model.

cup419590_66 by Sheila Rodgers

cup419388_66 by Sheila Rodgers

Still around, but very busy! by Carol Lepard

Just thought I'd drop a note to let you know I'm still around but have been very busy getting my house ready to be put up for sale. This photo is of the first room that is totally and completely done. We replaced the floor in this bathroom and I really love it! Just wish I had done it sooner and could do the kitchen too! Love this floor! ;-P I'm actually looking forward to moving into a small apartment where I won't have to do any more maintainance, snow removal, lawn mowing...etc. It will be easier to keep clean too...lol leaving me much more time to do what I reallllly love to do! Create! To relax in the evening after all that painting & cleaning, I've taken up my knitting needles again as the brain is just toooo tired to do much graphic designing at all.

cup419829_11 by Carol Lepard

cup413344_11 by Carol Lepard

Holidays over by Carol Smith

well that's it holidays over and back to the grindstone for me, I had a wonderful month visiting my family and friends in England and Scotland, it was lovely to be able to spend time with my daughter and the grandchildren, I have attached a picture of me with my girls, I also have a 4yr old grandson who was visiting with his granddad when the picture was taken and a 21yr old granddaughter who stayed at home in Canada. One of the highlights of my holiday was a visit to CUP headquarters where I met with Rob and the girls who all made me feel very welcome, thank you all so much, I really appreciated it, sadly I missed Neil but maybe next time. I also picked up my Titanium designer trophy of which I am very proud, an achievement which is due to all you talented card makers thank you so much, it now has pride of place in my craft room. Anyway as I said it's back to the grindstone for me doing what I enjoy most, sitting at my computer designing.

cup419189_1209 by Carol Smith

cup412183_1209 by Carol Smith

Gold at last by Ceredwyn Macrae

What a lovely suprise on returning home on sunday to find I had reached gold ,I new I was getting close but didn't think I would reach it this month I would not have done it without all the loyal support from all the people who have bought my sheets and the card makers who make a wonderful job of the cards also many thanks to Rob, Neil and all the staff for there help in making this possible Once again many thanks to you all and now on to the next 5,000

Our Little Hyacinths by Carol James

Despite the amount of rain we've had this past year not to mention how cold and windy it has been these pretty little hyacinths still manage to shine through year after year. They appear just at the end of our driveway regular as clockwork each year. Isn't nature amazing?

cup391433_1010 by Carol James

cup407077_1010 by Carol James

Irises by Pamela West

We planted some iris bulbs in a tub earlier this year and they finally bloomed after all the cold weather so I went out and took some photos which I will use as inspiration for the art for my designs. Here is a pic of them

cup419276_117 by Pamela West

cup282233_117 by Pamela West

Muyffuletta by Silvia Griffin

No trip to New Orleans is complete for me without a trip to Central Grocery,923 Decatur St
New Orleans, LA 70116 for a Muffuletta.
Salvatore Lupo, a Sicilian immigrant opened the store in 1906 and operated it until 1946 when he retired .The Muffuletta is said to have been invented early on to feed the Sicilian and Italian truck drivers who were driving produce, etc. to The French Market.A great Muffuletta should have, a great mix of Genoa Salami, Mortadella, Ham, Mozzarella, Provolone a wonderful chunky Olive Salad made with Sicilian Olives just crushed, not chopped, Gardiniera, oregano, lots of oil , and the quintessential bread, the round muffuletta loaf, about 10-11″ across topped with sesame seeds, light in the center with a nice crust.

cup419630_262 by Silvia Griffin

Moorhen Saga - part 1 by Christine Crowther

Spring has definitely sprung, our local moorhens are confirming this for us. We have a small pond in our garden which they love. We've had the mating display and (somewhere out of sight) the hanky-panky and now the urge is to build a nest for the egg laying. Mrs Moorhen can be seen all day, every day, frantically running around with strips from our bamboo, in and out of the pond. I'm busy trying to sort out my vegetable plot, so haven't tidied the front garden and now I find I'm I'm happy about that as it means her nesting material is readily available. And look what she's built! Next there will be eggs, then chicks, so I'll aim to keep you updated as the story unfolds...

cup322545_994 by Christine Crowther

cup420871_994 by Christine Crowther

LATEST FAYRE by Amanda McGee

Just wanted to share with you a photo of my latest fayre. It was a ladies night to raise funds for Anthony Nolan. The night was an amazing success and I am doing another one this week for the same charity. As well as my cards I was also selling my memo boards and felt and fabric items.

cup420879_56 by Amanda McGee

cup421560_56 by Amanda McGee

Going Nuts! by Janet Briggs

We are really lucky to live by woods and fields and regularly see a variety of wildlife in the garden.
We have hedgehogs, pheasants, squirrels and various species of birds which visit us. We even had a white ferret one day!

For the last few years, we have had a woodpecker who has decided he likes one of our bird feeders. Here he is, tucking into the nuts hung on our apple tree. I love his beautiful colours and markings.

cup418912_68 by Janet Briggs

cup412459_68 by Janet Briggs

Three happy pals by Angela Wake

this is three happy dogs all good friends, Peter pointer is on the left with Baily the labradoodle, and otto my labradoodle is on the right, he is the big one. They are all waiting for a treat from Christine who used to be my dog minder. They have all had a lovely day out, running in the fields.

cup418039_8 by Angela Wake

cup416079_8 by Angela Wake

Wedding Hair & Make Up Trial by Carol Clarke

We recently went for the Hair & Make Up Trial for my daughter's Wedding. My granddaughter Stephanie, who has got lovely straight hair, wanted to have lots of curls ........ and was soon sat under the hairdrier and loved her very curly hair so much that she wanted a photo of the curls for her to keep! lol

As my the wedding colours are purple and silver I have re-coloured my popular Pop Out word Wedding card for them. It's available in a number of colourways now including this lovely Rose and Gold Colourway.

cup419764_359 by Carol Clarke

cup324937_359 by Carol Clarke

Visiting Holland by June Young

My son and his family live in The Hague, Holland and on a visit they took me to the 'town' of Madurodam. As you can see from the left-hand photographs, it is a typical Dutch town with lovely tall buildings and big public squares. If you look at the right-hand pictures you can see that the first ones were misleading! This is a model town! Much too big to be classed as a model village, it is a great tourist attraction on the outskirts of The Hague and, as well as the houses, there are cathedrals, a royal palace, a ferry port and airport and even a football stadium where the 'crowd' cheer as you go past. It is the size of a small park and you could happily spend all day there. We were lucky enough to be allowed to see the workshops and seeing these buildings under construction was amazing.

CUP417636_692 by June Young

CUP419471_692 by June Young

Alfie by Sheila Rodgers

My dog Alfie takes his job of looking after his family very seriously - although he is very friendly he likes to patrol his "borders". I took this photo of him guarding us against the Highland cattle who wander freely past our garden several times a week. He barks at them and they are completely unfazed by him. I think they're used to him by now! It's almost as if the cow is saying to him - not you again!

The photos are of my model vans which I have altered so that they can now be used as little party favour boxes. These two have graphics suitable for children's birthday parties.

cup420742_66 by Sheila Rodgers

cup420732_66 by Sheila Rodgers

St Georges day by Heather Howes

This is a picture of 2 of my grandchildren in the St Georges day Parade in Norwich last week...George was so chuffed to be nominated as the flag bearer and lead the parade and Shannon was there to showing her pride at her cousin...I only wish i could have been there in person to see them

cup420956_107 by Heather Howes

cup420959_107 by Heather Howes

Platinum Status! by Tina Fitch

Just a little peak at me desiging.. with my next New design Just finished... which will be here on CraftsUprint only.......After selling for just over 3 years here on Cup I have finally made Platinum status......Would just like to Thank everyone that has purchased my cutting files and look forward to the next 3 years of your support...

cup406315_596 by Tina Fitch

cup418193_596 by Tina Fitch

Spring brings new life! by Mary Jane Harris

Spring to me is a time of new beginnings... and for some friends of ours it means new life as well. These baby goats were born just a few weeks ago. They are so adorable!

cup419626_99 by Mary Jane Harris

cup417935_99 by Mary Jane Harris

Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre by Joanna Swinton

On Sunday I went out to Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre with my hubby, daughter and Granddaughter, Bella. This is a lovely place that houses a lot of animals that were bought by people who found they could not look after them. They were then donated to Gentleshaw Wildlife Centre, Stone Road ST21 6JY in Stafford. It was hard to understand why people would buy some of these animals for domestic pleasure. There were a lot of different kinds of birds, owls and other birds of prey. Monkeys were plentyful as well as racoons, thats hard to comprehend. Lots of reptiles and bats....don't ask??? We had a lovely time there. What was totally amazing was that my Granddaughter wanted to have a beautiful owl fly over to her and land on her hand. Never saw that coming. She didn't seem at all scared and once it landed she started stroking it. It was a really lovely day out

cup421165_470 by Joanna Swinton

cup421168_470 by Joanna Swinton

Ortega Highway 74 Southern California

by Sandie Burchell

We drove on one of the most scenic highways in Southern California last Sunday. The Ortega Highway connects Riverside (where I live) and Orange Counties via the Cleveland National Forest. It was a beautiful day to have the top down on the car and although it was very hot (97 degrees Fahrenheit (36 C)) there was a lovely breeze up there. The photo shows me at one of the viewing points along the highway overlooking Lake Elsinore.

The designs below are two of my latest Mini Kits. I have quite a few of the Cameo Toppers Mini Kits on the site already and will be doing more of both so please feel free to have a browse! As always, I appreciate your custom!

cup420932_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup421187_425 by Sandie Burchell

Our Public Speaker by Robyn Cockburn

My daughter Rachel (14yo) has just competed in the first round of the Rostrum Public Speaking competition - and won her heat! She now goes on to the regional final. It's quite a daunting competition but Rachel has been doing well in public speaking for some years now. Her school debating team also just won it's 3rd debate in a row - by an unusually high margin! What she is most excited about though is having her application to participate in the Queensland Junior Physics Olympiad accepted. There are only 48 places available so she was very thrilled to get in. This event is 5 days of doing physics - forums, workshops, experiments and interactive discussions with university lecturers and tutors. She's a hard working student and we're very proud of her achievements.

cup420886_123 by Robyn Cockburn

cup414455_123 by Robyn Cockburn

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