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Just the Twoo of us Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Gillian Hutchinson

The Dovecote Quick Card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Russ Smith

All Dressed Up

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Jean Gordon

Magic Garden Card Front & Tea Bag Tiles

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Carol Lepard

8 x 8 The Magic Garden

Only £ 0.80

Designed by June Harrop

2 x Christmas Poinsettias & Cardinal Birds Cup Cake Wrappers

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Elaine Sheldrake

Hide and Seek Birthday Decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Sue Way

Blue Wren And Roses Reflected In Silver

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Frances Dent

6x6 rose and butterflies

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Cynthia Berridge

Bronze chardonnay book shaped card

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Sharon Poore


Only £ 1.50

Designed by Clive Couter

Floral Card Front With Decoupage

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Chris Harland

Lilac Basket Fancy Edge Mini Kit

Only £ 1.20

Designed by Denise Rhodes

Romantic Rose

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Deborah Davies

Bouquet of Love Card & Envelope Kit

Only £ 2.00

Designed by Mary Jane Harris

Have a Paw...fect Fathers day with decoupage

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Wendy Jones

Birthday Wishes just for You Mother Daughter Sister Auntie

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Valerie Swinglehurst

The Little Florist

Only £ 0.80

Designed by Barbara Alderson

Dawn Hill

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Exclusive Designer Spotlight

Susan Alison

I live in Bristol in the South West UK. Thank you all for downloading my sheets - it's most encouraging. High-paw to you from Jeff-Dog, too.

View more of Susan Alison's items HERE

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Card Maker Spotlight

Joan Prince makes:

Hollyhocks in my garden topper with decoupage

by Exclusive Designer Angela Wake

Card Maker Comments: Printed out onto white card and cut out all the elements. I placed the base image onto a red scalloped edge 6x6 card using d/s tape and added the remaining pieces using foam pads. I then placed a green ribbon around the spine and made a bow to put on top. A really cute Spring looking card.

Buy now for just £ 0.80

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Hollyhocks in my garden topper with decoupage

Crafty Bob's Pick of the Day - Mary Macbean's Shaped Card Mini Kits

APRIL 1ST GIVE A FOOL A £1 DAY by Rich Watson

Rich Watson is a good friend of Crafty Bob so please help

I am currently fundraising for the Huntington's Disease Association. I know I keep asking for help, but donations are drying up so I'm getting desperate and am trying something different!

Can I tell you a very short story? When I was 13 I met the most beautiful girl (Nicola Colgan) and we started 'going out'. 8 years later we got married and last December we celebrated out 20th wedding anniversary with our 2 beautiful daughters, Olivia (13) and Holly (12). Unfortunately this was shortly after Nicola was diagnosed with Huntington's Disease (HD). There is currently no cure or treatment for HD and this disease will stop her ability to walk, talk, eat and ultimately live.
This makes me very sad and very angry but I have 2 options - 1. do nothing. or 2. do whatever I can to help raise much needed funds to provide support for people with this disease and ultimately find a cure.

I chose option 2. I will never give up and am currently doing a challenge to walk, run or cycle at least 5km EVERY DAY for 100 days. So far I have averaged over 10km per day and on 1st April I will have passed half way and would really like your help. I really believe that with funding a cure can be found and we can celebrate many more wedding anniversary's together (unless she divorces me for doing this ;-)

All I am asking for is a donation of £1 on April Fools day to celebrate me being a fool to think this would be easy but getting past half way :-) I know everyone has a million things they need to spend their money on but all I am asking for is £1, Please.

You can donate by text by texting 'NOHD71 £1' to 70070 or you can donate via my website at CLICK HERE

Please please please help if you can - can I also ask (or beg) that you invite some of your facebook friends to this 'event' so we can spread the word and raise some money.
Thank you. Rich Watson

I am now a Platinum Seller by Diane Furniss
Hi Everyone, Wow I woke up this morning, turned on my computer and when I checked my status I noticed I had gone from a Gold Seller to Platinum. I set myself a goal at the begining of the year to make it here by the end of March 2013 and I made it. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank Each and Everyone of you who helped make this possible for me, Along with the Staff at Craftsuprint who are so helpful and supportive. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the bottom of my Heart.

Spring has Arrived! by Diane Hannah

It's a lovely warm but cloudy Easter Sunday. Spring is finally arriving, with the pollen scattered on everything, bulbs blooming everywhere, and the Cherry Blossom Trees in bloom. This one pictured is in my yard. Planted about 10 years ago as just one little stick. It is now in bloom and oh so beautiful, it has these fabulous light pink flowers, that will yield to lush green leaves that will stay until fall. Spring and summer are my favorite time of the year. Spring with all of the birds singing is what inspired me to make the Romantic Bird series of cards. Available as a bumper set, or choose one or two of your personal favorites. Everyone on your card list would love to receive one of these cards on their next special day! Great for many occasions, each card includes printed sentiment tags, and a blank for you to personalize.

cup412117_874 by Diane Hannah

£25 Image of the Week Winner Gillian Hutchinson


£15 Card of the Moment Winner Dianne Jackson

Magical Toadstools by Carol James
This photo of toadstools was taken in my sister's back garden. Isn't it magical...if you look long and hard enough you can almost see elves and fairies.....

I so enjoy making cute cards and this is just one of them that I made recently.

cup412090_1010 by Carol James

Pouncing Meerkat by Ann-marie Vaux
After having a few days off and enjoying the very cold weather we managed to get to see a gorgeous Meerkat, and I wanted to share him as he looked so cute. I know we all love Meerkats and I think this one looks like hes going to pounce.. lol luckily for us he didn't. I want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter, and I hope you all enjoyed your chocolate eggs. xxx

cup412362_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

My Lovely Grand Kids by Silvia Griffin
My lovely grand kids having lunch in my RV - Camper- Caravan I live in. It can get tight but still love them to pieces :) Well have to go back to Canada for the summer and only see them over skype - happy crafting to you all ....Silvia

Have created 3 different sheets on this one and please do not hesitate to ask me for what you need....

cup412173_262 by Silvia Griffin

Craft Fair at Grange over Sands by Margaret Bleazard
I thought I should send you this photo of my stall at the craft fair in Grange over Sands today. I regularly attend craft fairs in Bowness-on -Windermere and Grange over Sands where I meet up with friends and have a good day out catching up with their news and generally having a nice time.



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