Crafty Bob's Cards & Envelopes

Perfect for making your CUP Cards! Packs of 10 New Crafty Bob's Cards and Envelopes. Card weight: 270 gsm, Envelope weight: 100gsm. HOT PRODUCT!

Crafty Bob's DL White Cards & Envelopes (10 Pack) - just £2.00


Crafty Bob's 8x8 White Cards & Envelopes (10 Pack) - just £2.00


Crafty Bob's C6 White Cards & Envelopes (10 Pack) - just £2.00


In this episode we have the return of Exclusive Designer Joanna Swinton making a 3 Panel Popout Kit. The front of the card has decoupage parts for an effective effect. There are also extra pieces to go inside on the third page to give different greetings. - Watch Now

3 Panel Lilac Lilies Card
Only £2.25

3 Panel Girls Accessories Card
Only £2.25

3 Panel Baby Boy Card
Only £2.25

3 Panel Baby Girl Card
Only £2.25


Meerkats In Love! by Sandra Carlse

Finally, we had some sunshine last week, so me & hubby took a trip out to our local garden centre and look what we found - some really cute Meerkats. Being a big Meerkat fan since visiting Marwell Zoo some years ago, I just had to buy these 'Meerkats In Love'. They are now going to take pride of place in my garden which hopefully if we have a hot summer, I will be enjoying over the next couple of months....... here's dreaming :)

cup426478_719 by Sandra Carlse

cup426477_719 by Sandra Carlse

Amy, My Yorkshire Terrier by Carol Sear

Attached is a photograph of a card made from a sheet made by Liz Harrison who was very sympathetic at the time of my loss of Amy. Amy was 14 years old at the time of her death in my arms and the most adorable, tender, loving little bitch I had during my 20 years of breeding and showing Yorkshire Terriers. She was an excellent mother to three litters of puppies and the last litter produced a little dog who went on to win every class he was entered in during the five years of his showing career, both at Championship level and Crufts. He had the gentleness of his mother and gave the same amount of love that she did. Amy's other puppies carried the same genes as her and have gone on to be old aged pensioners of the dog world. Some are still alive to this day.

MakeOver by Dawn Hill

My company decided to do a makeover on the garden - in fact we have three.
One is kept as a wild garden with shrubs and heathers and hidden benches to encourage the wild life - the middle one is the seating area with bistro tables and chairs with an unusual planted tree under a pergola, and lastly this one - all very impressive, especially when it is all 5 floors up!
The building is situated between the Town Park and River so spectacular views and amazing when you have Swans, Herons, and Ducks flying passed you at the same level

cup426566_351 by Dawn Hill

cup426839_351 by Dawn Hill

Trip to UK by Joan King

Here I am in the land of my birth spending most of my time looking after my 92 year old mother. Its not an easy time and without a car I am rather confined but I do get out for a walk each day if possible. Today I took some lovely photographs as just at the bottom of her road you have to walk through the local park to get into the town. The blubells (I am assuing that is what they are as we don't have those in New Zealand like you do here) seemed to be swaying in the wind and talking to me as though they were welcoming me back again. It was one of the few days when it hasnt been raining but it is very cold most of the time. I am wishing I had brought some good winter clothing with me!!!! At the other end of the park it is like a village with the cobblestones and the saxon crosses. I love the history. This is Sandbach in the photos. I hope you like my new designs. Joan

cup426826_1716 by Joan King

cup426635_1716 by Joan King


by Julianne Harris

Hi, I'm Julianne and I live in country Australia. I have been a CUP member / Card maker for CUP since about 2009.

I am Currently fundraising For The Cancer Council In Australian through the sale of my cards. I have a large variety with about a third being designs I have purchased through CUP.

I have recently uploaded around 90 cards here and hope to have another 10-20 over the next week.

From Saturday 18th of May until Saturday 22nd June I am Donating $1 (approximately £0.65) from the sale of every card I sell by phone order locally and online which includes those on

If you would like to help me raise much needed funds for the cancer council through buying a card it would be greatly appreciated.

My cards start at £0.85 for non 3D photographic cards and range from around £2.60-£4.50 for 3D cards. And I only sell through Paypal.

I have raised funds the past 3 or so years for them through the cancer councils 'Biggest Morning Tea' fundraising event which I held again this year and have also raised additional funds via my cards if you need any more information I would be happy to provide it.

Thank- You for your time and help

Kissing the Fish by Joanna Swinton

I thought I'd share this lovely photo with you of my Granddaughter at the Sealife Centre in Portsmouth, while we were on holiday there. The centre is quite a lot smaller than the one in Birmingham but had plenty in it. One thing that took my eye was the lovely otters. One was hiding just poking its head out now and then and the other was enjoying the attention. I'd like to know what this fish had that I didn't. I almost have to beg for a kiss and he just gets one. Maybe its his lipstick.

cup427703_470 by Joanna Swinton

cup426788_470 by Joanna Swinton

Scaling from a Helicopter by Diane Hannah

Scaling from a Helicopter? Not really. At a recent outing, the US Army recruiters had a booth. They had a wall, painted that you put your head through, added a real helmet...and are jumping from a helicopter. We got to take photos and even got dog tags! A fun day for all of the kids.

cup423586_874 by Diane Hannah

cup407589_874 by Diane Hannah

A Short Break In Brighton! by Sue Way

Last week my hubby & I took a short break to Brighton as it?s somewhere we have always wanted to visit. We had a fantastic time! We did the obligatory shopping in the lanes, having lunch in a couple of the many little cafes & then feasting on delicious fudge & ice cream. On the first evening we went to see Eddie Izzard in concert. The second night we ended up in a great little pup called The Mesmerist while looking for somewhere to eat dinner. A band came on called The Swing Ninjas who play Swing, jazz & Gypsy swing. Some people got up & did Lindy Hop dancing. It was such a brilliant atmosphere & as I love dancing of any kind I was very happy! We had a great time in Brighton & can't wait to go back again. Here is a picture of me outside the beautiful Brighton Pavilion, just after we had had a look around the museum, where I fell in love with all the retro & Art deco pieces. I have added a couple of new mini kits of the 1950's ladies that I love so much.

cup428185_38 by Sue Way

cup428254_38 by Sue Way

Perthshire by Heather Howes

Me and My Partner Dave are in Beautiful Perthshire on a weeks holiday and whilst strolling through Pitlochry we came across this tea shop, Dave just had to take a pic
as a lot of people know me as hetty,
We have had lots of sun and enjoying some of our favourite places .

cup426746_107 by Heather Howes

cup427481_107 by Heather Howes

Old Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

by Sandie Burchell

I spent an interesting afternoon yesterday at Point Loma, San Diego. It was at Point Loma where the first European, Portuguese navigator, Cabrillo, landed in 'present-day' California in 1542 and because of this it is described as 'where California began'!

My photograph shows the best known landmark in Point Loma ' Old Point Loma Lighthouse' which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The small, two story lighthouse was completed in 1854 and has been preserved along with the Lighthouse Keepers Quarters which you are able to go into. At 422 feet (129m) above sea level at the entrance of the bay, the seemingly good location for a lighthouse soon proved to be a poor choice, as fog and cloud within the marine layer often obscured the beam for ocean-going vessels. In 1891, the lighthouse ceased to be used for its original purpose, as a new lighthouse was built nearer sea level on the same southern point.

The CUP pictures below are a couple of my new Decorative Topper Mini Kits.

cup427634_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup427635_425 by Sandie Burchell

Get Ready for Summer

Crafty Bob's Purple Handbag Umbrella just £4.99

Crafty Bob endeavours to keep you dry on a rainy day!

Ladies manual open folding umbrella, with polyester canopy and outside sleeve. 8 panel sections, one with a printed Crafty Bob logo.

Matching purple handle and wrist strap.

To use this umbrella, please hold over your head when it rains :)

Never mind my Dolly .......

Let me Show you how to do it Nana!!

by Carol Clarke

On a recent visit to Clumber Park with my youngest granddaughter Olivia we stopped for a cup of coffee in the Cafe. Olivia had got her dolly and a number of other toys with her ........... but predictably wanted to play with my iPhone instead!!

These are a couple of my new 3D Octagonal Shaped Cards. They come in a kit with a pyramage topper, separate decoupage Bow, matching Gift Tags, insert and greetings tags. Making a beautiful card that once completed is just under 8" x 8"

cup424824_359 by Carol Clarke

cup424815_359 by Carol Clarke

Rainbow cake! by Sarah Edwards

I wanted to have a go at baking something a bit different, and eventually chose a "rainbow cake" recipe - and the results certainly was colourful! What do you think? I can imagine lots of these cakes will be made in the future!!

cup425400_172 by Sarah Edwards

Back to work by Kirsty Green

Well the rain has finally stopped today, so it was back to work for me. I work as a gardener. I love my job & I have been doing this since I left school. After 26 years my knees are feeling the strain now lol.

Now I am also a designer with CUP & I take my camera everywhere with me. This was lucky as I snapped this photo today of the most amazing Camellia I have ever seen. It is about 15 feet tall & as you can see absolutely covered with flowers.

cup425339_1914 by Kirsty Green

cup415935_1914 by Kirsty Green

3 little ninja's by Silvia Griffin

My tree little grandkids love to play ninjas. So Daddy found a youtube video on how to make them look like them with a simple black or white T shirt.

Now go on have fund with your kids and grand kits :) Silvia Griffin

cup427110_262 by Silvia Griffin

cup321768_262 by Silvia Griffin

Dandelions by Mary Jane Harris

The Dandelions took over the lawn during the week that we had rain every day. They are like little bits of sunshine in the grass. Here is a picture of a wild rabbit out enjoying the abundance of Dandelions in our yard... before I mowed it!

cup427319_99 by Mary Jane Harris

cup427315_99 by Mary Jane Harris

Sunday Out In Lacock. by Katie Silver

We went to Lacock (Wiltshire) yesterday for our usual summertime morning out at the car boot sale. We went on down to the village after for a wander around one of of our favourite villages. You must all have seen at least parts of it in either Emma, Cranford, Pride & Prejudice, Moll Flanders and of course Harry Potter. We wandered into the Abbey grounds and I was hoping to get a good picture to send in but where I was hoping there would be masses of bluebells it was all wild garlic and cow parsley!!There was a pleasant surprise though - a falconry display - and we love raptors. I do not have a good enough camera to get good shots of the birds in flight but took this one of Samson the golden eagle in the cloisters after the display. The falconer, Jonathan Marshall, is the chap you might have seen on TV sky diving with one of his falcons. He also hang glides and flies his microlight accompanied by Samson whom he rescued from bad treatment as a young bird, nursed him back to health, and now flies him in displays. What a great day it was!!

River Parade by Maurine Tapscott

May is a busy party month here in San Antonio, Texas. With Cinco de Mayo celebrations, Fiesta, Oysterbake, and lots of other events, there's lots to do and it's a great time to go downtown to San Antonio's famous Riverwalk. I was lucky enough to have friends with front row tickets to the River Parade, which is a parade that features colourful, beautifully decorated barges floating down the river with the water reflecting all the beautiful lights. Lots of music, food, and fun ...not to mention shopping in the little stores along the Riverwalk, which inspired this series of double-window cards.

cup428279_958 by Maurine Tapscott

cup428282_958 by Maurine Tapscott

Arctic Pirates by Carol James

On our recent trip to the Isle of Wight we visited Butterfly World. What a lovely place to visit. Not only do they have the butterfly area they also have the Italian and Japanese garden where I was able to take loads of pictures. They also have an area called 'Small World' and various characters are on display here. While we were there they had the Arctic Pirate Scene on display. It was a quiet early morning when we visited so we had our own private viewing of the Arctic Pirates and my hubby and I were like two little kids taking it all in and bopping along to the music. All in all, well worth a visit.

Here are two of my latest cards which are proving popular.

cup426108_1010 by Carol James

cup426107_1010 by Carol James

Old car? by Christine Crowther

Well, I may say that... but my husband prefers to call it classic! Only joking, I love it too - really! This is our 1973 Mark 1 Ford Escort RS2000. As you can see it is a gorgeous sunshine orange colour, so heads turn when it drives by. Or is that the noise of the engine that preceeds it's approach by at least 50 metres? This year it will hopefully be out on an event. Of course, it's almost impossible to photograph anything in my garden without a nosy chicken getting involved. This time it's the lovely Lily - just showing how much she matches the Escort and helping by cleaning a little bug off the bumper, or is she just admiring her reflection in the chrome? She's such a poser, if you open car doors or boot, she jumps straight in.

cup428633_994 by Christine Crowther

cup428621_994 by Christine Crowther

My summer craft haven by Amanda McGee

This is where I love to craft in the nicer days, the sound of the birds and a light breeze and I am in my element, of course a nice glass of prosecco beside me doesnt go amiss.

cup426572_56 by Amanda McGee

cup422768_56 by Amanda McGee

Holiday :D by Amy Perry

This year me and my family took off to Bantham in Devon and wow it was beautiful the views were mind blowing and we got up to lots of fun things this is a picture of my children jayden and taylor i dont need to say whats going on in this picture because it says it all lol xx

cup428130_983 by Amy Perry

cup341889_983 by Amy Perry


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