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vintage rose
by Heather Howes
Only £ 1.20

Little Miss
by Chris Harland
Only £ 0.80


8x8 pink gardenias
by Carol Smith
FREE on Volume 48

Art Deco Lady & Her Dog
by June Young
FREE on Volume 48

Carol Clarke

3D Offset DL Cards with pyramage toppers, separate decoupage Bow, matching Gift Tags, and greetings tags. Making beautiful cards that once completed are approximately 9.5 x 20 cms and will fit in a standard DL envelope. These pretty designs are great for female birthday cards, Birthday Invitations, New Baby Cards, Mothers Day Cards, rak and swap cards etc These are mini kits and contains everything to make a really special card. There are 2 sheets in each kit including the offset folded card base, 2 folded gift tags, decoupage bow and greetings tags, plus full step by step tutorial - View Tutorial HERE


Bodil Lundahl

You're the best
Only £ 0.80

Vintage Kitty
Only £ 0.80

Vintage Love
Only £ 0.80

It's not very often I make series, when I am designing, but I just love vintage images. I really think they are small pieces of art and that they deserve to be seen again and again. Every single day I fall over vintage images of people, flowers, animals and bits and pieces - the one more beautiful than the other and with beautiful details. When I use vintage images in my designs I mostly alter them, flip or rotate the pictures, edit the colours or build more pictures together into one new picture, so that they get a little touch of me. I love when the various items in a design match and suit eachother in colours and style. These designs are all made on backings from the same serie, which I found at I have edited the colours to match every single picture, in fact I can't even remember how the original colour looks :) Some of the backings are also altered in other ways. I use Corel Photo-Paint Essential when I design, but I know that is not the smartest programme, and I spend hours on almost every singe design I make. I have got a PhotoShop programme, which I believe most of my fellow CUP designers use for designing (?),but unfortunately I have not yet learned how to use it :( But, I have a wonderful nephew, hwo has promised to teach me, so now we just have to find the time for it. My best wishes to you all, Bodil from Denmark - View Tutorial HERE


Sue Douglas

My latest Truly Scrumptious Gift Box designs are extremely easy to make, even easier than my popular Handbag Gift Boxes. They are really pretty, and are a good size, (the lid space can be utilised too), They will easily hold a gift of a full set of jewellery, and other small gifts etc. An optional Cupcake support is also included in each kit, should you wish to use the gift box, to give a beautifully decorated cupcake, which I know is a really popular trend at the moment, amongst crafters. Thanks for looking! - View Tutorial HERE


Angela Ludwig

Delightful Butterfly
Only £ 0.80

I hope you enjoy my "off the edge" series of cards. Thank you for all your support and for enjoying the cards I design. Cheers Angela x - View Tutorial HERE


Valerie Dawes

This is a new range of gatefold cards with curved front flaps, topped with decoupaged displays. Every aspect of the card is provided in these kits including inside panels and a back panel to cover all construction, so no having to search around for sheets of coordinating card from your own stock. The cards are really simple to make yet the finished item looks complex and as though it has taken hours! There is a picture tutorial included with every kit. There are lots of decoupage elements to choose from, meaning you can add as much or as little as you choose, as well as a wide selection of greetings tiles including blank, making these cards suitable for birthdays, get well, thank you, anniversary and so many other occasions. There are also several matching gift cards included. A truly versatile addition to your collection! - View Tutorial HERE


Vicki Avcin

Gerbras in a Teacup
Only £ 0.80

Hydrangeas in a Teacup
Only £ 0.80

Pansies in a Teacup
Only £ 0.80

These are very quick and easy cards to make up. 8 Flower in a Teacup designs and not to forget the males there is 2 designs for them too. - View Tutorial HERE


Mary MacBean

These are my new fun easel cards with knitted woolly bobble hats. There are Christmas or football designs. They are very easy to make and instructions are included. I hope you like them. Thank you for looking. - View Tutorial HERE


Tina Fitch

Back to front kits now available to machine cutting as print and cut or hand cut for you too....Something I have designed which derived from my cutting designs..Something available for every Occasion...Easy to assemble too... - View Tutorial HERE


Carol Dunne

Layered centre steppers, easy to make centre steppers with a fancy oval shaped pyramid in the middle and a smaller layered panel each side. - View Tutorial HERE


Sheila Rodgers

A set of easel cards for Christmas. They all have a background of a fireplace with Christmas presents at the side of the hearth and a figure standing in front of the fire. The kits include instructions and envelopes. - View Tutorial HERE


Robyn Cockburn

Super quick and easy to make! Just print the cover sheet, print two insert panels and attach to the inside, then add your decoupage and selected greeting. Card is 5" x 7" when closed. Step by step instructions included. - View Tutorial HERE


Christine Crowther

Norma Jean Loves Roses
Only £ 0.80

Norma Jean Loves Dogs
Only £ 0.80

The Norma Jean Collection Love Marilyn Monroe? Then this set of cards is for you! A set of cards featuring a Marilyn Monroe lookalike in various different settings. Some are step-by-step or decoupage cards, others are pyramids for those who prefer simpler cutting. Each card has a matching insert which is a great way to give your card that extra special professional finish for just an extra 20p! There are also a range of background sheets, where you can let your imagination run free adding your own choice of embellishments. - View Tutorial HERE


Kim Blundred

Aperture-Square Table-Card Mini Kits - This concept is very simple, folds flat for posting and is very effective once complete. You'll need an 8x8 car to work with the kit. There's a centre square that - once cut - folds down and slots through the rear of the card to form the "table" from which the table elements protrude to give a 3D feel. The table supports the card which means it won't flop after a few days. There are decoupage layers for the front of the card and table elements for you to use - or add your own table elements for a unique design. Most of these kits focus around male themes and there're more on the way. There's a picture tutorial in each kit with written instructions for you to follow. - View Tutorial HERE


June Young

These designs have a central panel with appears to 'float' above a wreath of flowers and leaves. There are pyramid layers for the centre panel and decoupage for the floral embellishment. Each in this series has a beautiful Edwardian young lady as the centrepiece. The kit also includes an inner panel, greetings tags and two gift tags. - View Tutorial HERE


Cynthia Berridge

baby boy mini kit
Only £ 1.20

baby girl mini kit
Only £ 1.20

blue iris mini kit
Only £ 1.20

new design large sqaure card with bookmark and tags - View Tutorial HERE


Julie Hutchings

Some New designs from my vintage ladies set of designs. Big thank you to everyone who purchase and support me on Craftsuprint!! - View Tutorial HERE


Amanda McGee

A new selection of great money wallets that can be used for many occasions, with a generous sized panel on the back for your message, tutorial is using cup no. cup431649_56 - View Tutorial HERE


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