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As we reach the milestone of 50 weekly CDs released on CUP we are having a 24hr Fire Sale of our back issue CDs. Grab your missing ones to complete your set. This offer is for the CD only and you will not recieve any free gifts relating to the back issue.

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Lady Liberty by Diane Hannah

The statue of liberty is awesome. On our trip to NY we got so see her from a tour ferry. Sadly she is closed right now. The lovely lady needs repairs due to the damage sustained by hurricane Sandy. Maybe we can see her and climb the stairs on our next trip.
For my card selections I chose two cards very suitable for June. A wedding card sheet...and a Father's Day card sheet.

cup431543_874 by Diane Hannah

cup430797_874 by Diane Hannah

Casell Coch by Gail Collins

Recently my son took us on a day trip to Wales,He took us to see Castell Coch,wow it is like a fairytale Castle and well worth a visit,it is on a hill in a wooded area and it wa a lovely ,walk up through the trees with all the spring flowers and lovely green at this time of year,the Castle was amazing and fascinating to see how they lived in those day,not for me I may add,i like my home comforts.On the way back he took us past Caerphilly Castle another one well worth a days visit in the future, my map of places I have been is growing,after so many years of being afraid to travel .

cup426821_695 by Gail Collins

cup426779_695 by Gail Collins

The big 60 by Vicki Avcin

Well I turned the big 60 on Saturday 1st June. First day of winter here and guess who hates winter with a vengance. It started out like an ordinary Saturday morning, nothing special. Call from the stepson in Bowen and a message from my eldest son. I was trying to fix some files to get ready to upload to CUP when hubby says 'you best come out the front'. Now I hate being disturbed when I'm working, so, begrudgingly got up and went out the front. Couldn't see anything and was about to go back inside when I heard a car door. My other son and his wife and Chloe and Riley were here!. Was brilliant to see them and snapped me out of my 'mood' immediately. But my son had been sick and in hospital on the Thursday with a migraine and when he got out of the car I knew he still wasn't right. Got him inside, some painkillers and a cool pack and he crashed on the bed. Best to let him sleep, as much as I'd have loved to talk to him. But I had Kelly and Chloe and Riley to talk to which was great too. Next thing my daughter and her partner arrived! They all came bearing lovely gifts and we had heaps to talk about. And my daughter and partner had even made a cake. I got the candles out in one puff .....fortunately there wasn't 60, but being a good firefighter I got them out in one go.
Every afternoon here we have a ritual with the feeding of the birds and this is the first time Chloe and Riley had experienced it. They all headed back for the 4hr trip back home around 4pm. Although I didn't get much of a chance to talk to Paul with him being so ill, he'll never know how much I appreciated the effort of coming up with the family. He wasn't going to miss my big day. All in all the day turned out a fabulous birthday albeit a bit overwhelming having an unexpected house full of people.
The pictures are Chloe and Riley feeding the birds (with a bit of help from Poppy). They get heavy when theres a few of them on the plate. And the cake that made the 4hr trip from Brisbane......and yes it was deliciously rich and yummy.

Check out all my Flowers in a Teacup Designs and the 2 designs I did for the males in the same theme.

cup430040_543 by Vicki Avcin

cup430044_543 by Vicki Avcin

Bluebells by Sheila Rodgers

Thought you might like to see a photo of some of the millions of bluebells flowering around my house at the moment.

cup435340_66 by Sheila Rodgers

cup435415_66 by Sheila Rodgers

Hen Night by Ann-marie Vaux

Well as most of you know I am getting married on the 21st June and last Friday I had my Hen Night, with a handful of friends we all went for a refined and quiet meal.. or so I thought! I wasn't prepared for the Bing Bong ears or the L plate, but we had a fabulous time and now its roll on the Wedding ! x

cup188568_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

cup187444_10 by Ann-marie Vaux

Mysterious Skull.... by Anne Lever

We found this mysterious skull in our garden recently, and I loved it! I have no idea what animal it was, but it was something small as the skull is around an inch and a half long. We assume it is some kind of rodent, probably a mouse because of the huge front teeth. If anyone knows what it is, please let me know through the forum! My daughter Jessica took this fantastic detailed close up photo, and I had to share it with you.

cup432055_1763 by Anne Lever

cup400496_1763 by Anne Lever

Coronado Island, Southern California by Sandie Burchell

I visited the beautiful and quaint Coronado Island yesterday, which is a peninsular just off San Diego. There is a lovely view from there of Downtown San Diego and the Coronado Bridge. I saw some beautiful big boats that were the size of a house! What struck me most about the place was not only how very pretty it was but also how clean - not a piece of litter anywhere!

The CUP cards below are a couple of my recent sheets which also have an Insert available to match.

cup435251_425 by Sandie Burchell

cup435243_425 by Sandie Burchell

We Need Your Help! by Emma Winnell

Hi Everyone!

I told you last week that my partner Alan is entering into a charity event for Habitat For Humanity - an international charity that aims to break the cycle of poverty by eliminating housing poverty and homelessness. As part of their challenge they are going to build a shelter to sleep 6 people out of plastic bottles. The main idea being to gather an understanding what it's like to build the roof over your head out of whatever is at hand - a situation that millions around the world are faced with.

Fundraising has gotten off to a slow start. I'd be delighted if anyone would consider sponsoring the team? - They're called "A Shed Load of Bottle"! Please check for donation details.

Here's a photo of just some of the bottles we have collected to build the shelter - still got lots to collect! We are collecting 4 pint milk bottles as well as 2 litre soft drinks bottles. Please contact me via the forum or neighbourhood watch if anyone in the Southampton area has bottles to donate.

Many thanks in advance - they're aiming to raise £2500 and have a long way to go! Every little helps!

cup433364_1435 by Emma Winnell

cup433359_1435 by Emma Winnell

Look what I found down the road... by Christine Crowther

The most gorgeous display of azalea! These bushes look green and nothing special for most of the year, then for a week or two, they burst into this delight of colour. To be truthful, I didn't catch them at the height of their display - that was about three days ago when I saw them on my way to the supermarket. Quite a lot of petals have dropped already, but I just had to go snapping today to share them with you. I can see some background papers resulting from these photos... To make my day, they are next to a paddock of chickens, so this chicken-centric girl was a happy bunny (or should that be happy chick?) to see them too.

cup434120_994 by Christine Crowther

cup434096_994 by Christine Crowther

The Tropics in Cardiff by Carol James

I'm sure you've all read about our wonderful Roath Park in Cardiff. One of my most favourite places to visit and take photos. Here is another one taken in the Conservatory which houses lots of tropical and exotic plants. Truly a lovely place to visit. There are also a lot of benches throughout the park so you can sit and take in all the beauty of the place.

Here are 2 of my latest designs - I hope you like them.

cup432710_1010 by Carol James

cup427160_1010 by Carol James


Ride Em Bobby Boyy!!! by Carol Clarke

On a recent visit to an Art Gallery our own Bobby Boyy decided to take a ride on this rather nice old Rocking Horse. The exhibition was all about Horse Racing and a rocking horse is probably the safest bet! lol

I have uploaded a few more of my 3D Offset DL Cards with pyramage toppers including the 2 below. They are really quick and have a real WOW factor too!!

cup433156_359 by Carol Clarke

cup429627_359 by Carol Clarke

UK trip by Joan King

Well my time has now come to an end in Sandbach, Cheshire visiting my mum. The four weeks have flown by and tomorrow morning I am off on the train down south to Colchester, Essex to see my daughter and 2 grand daughters and brother plus an old friend who I haven't seen for 40+ years..... should be interesting. Basically 10 days to go now. Although I am happy to be doing my trip down south I cant wait to get back to New Zealand. I dont like goodbyes and it is going to be hard tomorrow saying goodbye to my mum and she will be crying which is harder knowing It is unlikely I will see her again. Times are tough sometimes but sadly this is life. I did have a great time when I went to the CUP headquarters in Warrington and enjoyed meeting some of the staff. I have attached a photo of myself with Pam and Neil. They were wonderful to us. Hope you like my two designs and feel free to check out my others as there are now a lot of shooting stars that can be picked up.

cup433028_1716 by Joan King

cup426155_1716 by Joan King

Spring Craft Fest by Carol Lepard

A friend and I went to Rogers City in the very northern part of the Lower Peninsula of Michigan this past Saturday where we participated in an annual Spring Fest. The weather didn't co-operate very was overcast and a bit chilly, but the wind and rain did stay away until well after closing so I guess I can't complain too We both had loads of fun, sold lots of stuff and met a lot of new people. I think I love the "People Watching" as much at these shows as I do selling my products. Besides my cards, I took all of my tatted jewelry and crochet market bags. We are already planning on returning in September for the Fall Fest. ;->

cup328064_11 by Carol Lepard

cup307430_11 by Carol Lepard

Color Me Happy! by Mary Jane Harris

My husband gave me a fantastic, "just because I love you", gift this past week. He bought me a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine! I am so happy to have this amazing machine in my craft room. I have pretty much destroyed the sticky mat that came with the machine! I have three on order, at this rate I think I'm going to need them.

This is my office cat, Penny. She gets up and sits on the desk next to me while I'm working. She has round the new addition of the Silhouette to be quite facinating, especially when I have it running. If you look you can see it behind her.

cup430332_99 by Mary Jane Harris

cup427319_99 by Mary Jane Harris

Flowering cactus by Pamela West

I have a large cactus that usually flowers once a year. This year it has been covered in flowers as my daughter has been feeding it. Thought you might like to see a pic of it. The flowers only last about a week which is a bit of a shame though. For all of you who are starting your Christmas cards early here are a couple of my designs

cup342488_117 by Pamela West

cup361545_117 by Pamela West

Unique flower display by Silvia Griffin

I visited a nursery here in St. Albert Canada and saw this very unique flower display. It looks like they made a frame of sorts around a metal box and planted these lovely greens. Hopefully you will get hubby to make it for you.

Showing off my latest Male creations in the hope they finds a good home ......

cup435792_262 by Silvia Griffin

cup435795_262 by Silvia Griffin

New Addition to the Family by Patricia Platt

Hubby and I decided that it was time that we added a new member to the family. We contacted a couple of rescue centres and a local one said they had some little ones like we were looking for. So off we went thinking we would end up with Dolly, but instead it was her sister Roxie who won our hearts. She kept going back and forth to the pair of us and playing ball and her eyes just never left either of us. So after a few days and all the stuff you have to go through we now have Roxie living with us. She is such a lovely little dog!!! So well behaved and loving little dog. She is 8 years old and is a Pomeranian and Papillon cross. One website calls them Paperanians... what beter dog to have for a card maker designer. :) It has been a bit of an adjustment but the cat is coming round and with this being Hubby's first dog he too has come to love her as much as I do. She is a right little character and loves to play fetch with her favourite tennis ball. I can definately recommend if you are going to adopt an older dog is brillant!!!! Even if they do snore when they sleep. :)
And don't let those little legs fool you!! She likes to go walkies at a good clip! And reminds me of that battery bunny that just keeps going and going!!!

cup349274_1416 by Patricia Platt

cup331678_1416 by Patricia Platt

My Birthday by Sue Way

Last Sunday was my birthday, so I had my family, including my darling granddaughters, round for the day. They surprised me with a delicious carrot cake, then my hubby took us all out for dinner at my favourite Asian restaurant. After that, as we live at the seaside, we went to the amusement arcade & I finished off my day playing on my favourite 2p machine! I am easily pleased! Here are a couple of my new 1920's Lady Mini Kits. I love these as I am a big fan of the art deco era. I hope you like them too.

cup435871_38 by Sue Way

cup435424_38 by Sue Way

A Great Day Out by Joanna Swinton

This family day out was finished off with 3 cute, silky animals. They were beautiful otters. One of them was lay on a step lapping up all the attention he was getting. The second one was hidding in their bedroom only popping his head out now and then. The third had just been for a swim as we arrived. My Granddaughter Bella loved them. She wanted to take one home... or at least have a cuddle. It's hard to tell a 2 year old that they are just there to look at. I found it amazing that one was so shy while the other was loving the visitors

cup428849_470 by Joanna Swinton

cup427703_470 by Joanna Swinton

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