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GIJN Bulletin -- March 16, 2017

GIJC17 Website, Registration Open

Ready to join top investigative and data journalists at this year's Global Investigative Journalism Conference? The GIJC17 website is now live and will answer all your questions on accommodation, transport, and more. You can register for the big event, find discounted hotels, and tips on visiting our exciting host, South Africa. We have over 100 fellowships to attend for journalists in developing and transitioning countries. We'll also present the Global Shining Light Award, for investigative reporting under threat or duress, and submissions are now open. Deadlines for both: May 15. 

Tips on Using FOI Requests

Freedom of information requests can generate terrific stories on many topics. In his 2nd FOIA This! columm, FOI ace Toby McIntosh highlights stories from Sri Lanka, Brazil, and the UK which ferreted out stories on fishing, Uber, football, and a shady land deal. Have a great story you mined from a FOI/RTI request? Write Toby and we’ll share it with journalists worldwide.

Tracking a Mystery Missile Launcher

Egyptian traffic cops found a mobile launcher lying in a pile near the Cairo airport. Or did they? A video was quickly dismissed by Egyptian media as fake but others weren't so sure. In this detective tale, online sleuth Henk van Ess details step-by-step how he, Bellingcat’s Christiaan Triebert, students from Axel Springer Akademie, and Mokhtar Awad traced the source and tracked the location of the video.

Fake Sources: Fighting Back

From time immemorial, media, both good and bad, have published false official “truths” dictated by authoritarian governments and propaganda by private interests. There are no easy solutions but journalism is fighting back with new fact-checking initiatives, new media alliances, and the creation of new platforms to check sources. By OSF's María Teresa Ronderos. 
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Top Ten #ddj: The Week's Most Popular Journalism Links (Feb 27- March 5), GIJN & Connected Action. 

Tips & Tools 

Fact-Checking Online Course, API

Tax Disclosure Project, Finance Uncovered

Refugee Data, UNHCR

42 Newsletter Ideas, Poynter

European Data Portal V2

Risk Assessment for Freelance Journos, Rory Peck Trust

Travel Grants for Coders, OpenNews

OSF Journalism Grants, OSF

#NICAR17 Slides & Links, IRE

Stories of the Week 

Pakistan: Organ Trafficking, Dawn 

US: Psychic Nukes?, Muckrock

Germany: Exposing Fake #ddj, TBIJ

India: Bihar's Toxic Textiles, Third Pole

Yemen: Slavery is Still Present, ARIJ

Iraq: Surviving IS, The Age 

Montenegro: Šarić & Cocaine, NVO Mans

China: Online Loan Scams, Jiemian

How Uber Fools Officials Worldwide, NYTimes

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