December and the New Year

Hypnotherapy Network Group Open Talks

What's On at Chacewater W.I Hall

Tuesday December 8th @ 6.45pm

Christmas Networking  - A FREE Event for Everyone

We are opening the doors at 6.45pm to welcome everyone. Please feel free to bring plates of food/nibbles to share and whatever you would like to drink. They'll still be the usual tea and coffee available. It'll be a great chance to mingle and network and get to know everyone.
We will then welcome;

ALSO - Judith Kingdon 
at 7.30pm
Judith will be speaking about 'Star Shapers' (registered trademark) a new company that aims to 'lift people up and help them shine' through community workshops, corporate training and professional licensing focusing on 'positive lifestyle design'.  The challenge many adults face is that they are 'too busy' and quality time is increasing scarce.  Judith has developed an approach that will help people to review their lifestyle habits, explore aspirations and create new rhythm for living. This is colourful, innovative and workshops are being piloted across West Cornwall throughout November.
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Tuesday January 14th @ 7.30 - 9pm. £5

It's Over To You!
It has been suggested that a few of you would like the chance to talk for 20 - 30 Min's on a topic of your choice. This will give us, the audience the chance to experience a variety of exercises and experiences, gaining knowledge in different areas and getting to know more about each each other and ourselves.
We have 4 slots available so please let me know ASAP if you would like to present. I'm sure this will be a great success and we will repeat this format again, but it'll be first come first added to the list. Email me on: or call 07958 956216

Tuesday February 11th @ 7.30pm - 9pm. £5   **Change of Venue tonight only - The Victoria Inn, Threemilestone Nr Truro**

Joseph Pritchard- ZETETIC PIONEERING STRATEGIES   Booking Essential - Email: or 07958 956216
When Your Words Connect is a workshop which explores compelling oratory through the Zetetic Language Model.  This is about my definition of four movements of language and the effect on your nervous system.  In the commercial context is about strategy and getting buy-in; in leadership and management it’s about understanding the difference between the two in the words that you use; and in hypnotherapy - well I couldn't possibly say but suspect it might be useful to students of Milton and Meta modelling.
In the sixty minute plus frame I can outline the model and give mini examples.  If you have overhead projector and screen then I can show a ten minute video presentation illustrating the points using Dr Martin Luther King and President Obama.  (if not then verbal only.)  The use of story as an oratorical  - not to mention hypnotic – device is an integral, even if accidental,  part of the excellent orator skill: as is meta model language and a bit more besides.
The Zetetic Language Model is now a four day module on our Zetetic NLP Master Practitioner Programme – so this is only a taster as you know.
 The ideas are certainly good for anyone with NLP exposure, those in leadership and management, and those in 121 management consultancy.  (Given my background I can say this.)  For the hypnotherapist it could be interesting to consider my developing hypothesis related to the four language movements and the corresponding functions of the brain.  But I make no pretence at increasing their induction skills!

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Tuesday March 11th @ 7.30pm - 9pm. £5

Sandra Cassidy - Nutrition and more!      Booking Essential - Email: or 07958 956216

The talk is designed to empower you with knowledge and understanding of the foods that most benefit us and our busy lives and those that don’t.
Also included will be tips on good and mindful eating habits.
The information given will be concise, evidence-based and applicable to everybody.

Sandra says “Health, energy, vitality and positivity in body and mind are important to me. So to discover more about the connection between these and nutrition I completed a 3 year diploma course with The College of Naturopathic Medicine to become a qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist.
I truly believe that our emotional wellbeing can have a big impact on our physical wellbeing.  So to be able to offer my clients a service where I could integrate mind and body wellbeing I trained to become a fully qualified Life Coach with The UK Coaching Partnership.  I now work with a variety of coaching models including Emotional Intelligence to help clients understand more about their emotions and attitudes to wellbeing.  This combined with my knowledge on nutrition means I have a much greater understanding of how the body works and the different processes involved in nourishing it physically and emotionally to be as healthy as it can be.
I want to share my health and wellbeing knowledge and skills to support you to have more energy and vitality and be more conscious about your own wellbeing.  My values of caring, open mindedness, health and fun mean you are guaranteed a unique, warm, non-
judgemental and personalised experience, focused on achieving the health results you want”.

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All Talks are £5, payable on the evening. Refreshments are available.

Please book a place as spaces are limited by venue. Call Amanda on 07958 956216 or email me or Subject headed Hypno Group

Venue - we are situated in the centre of Chacewater in the car park for the Health Centre and Village Hall. We're in the very cosy green hut to the left as you enter the car park

The talks are hosted by a group of Clinical Hypnotherapists who meet up every month for peer support and discussions around the theme of Hypnotherapy. We decided to open up our talks to a wider audience to allow more like minded people to hear the great speakers we had and to network/socialise.
If you are a Hypnotherapist and would like to join our closed confidential groups please let Amanda know. We meet before the Open Talk at 6.30pm.

If you would like to give a talk to our group please give me a call, it would be very welcome

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Thanks Amanda
Hypnotherapy Group South West is hosted by a group of Clinical Hypnotherapists with a like minded view to encourage knowledge and openess