January 2018 - Legends and lore at your fingertips...
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Lately I've been a) writing and b) writing. Let me explain.

a) writing- I've been writing a story. You know, a book. And not a short book, either. It's going to be a novel or at the very least a novella (which is a baby novel, but it's still nothing to look down your nose at). It takes place in the world of Hibaria, the world that you've seen if you've ever looked at any of my paintings. I'm excited about it. It's about a girl named Cora and the Master of Tides and a circus made up of thieves who also happen to be children. It also has a magician in it and his name is Imago. He's a bad dude. (And in case you're wondering, he lives here.)

b) writing- I've also been writing descriptions of each region of Hibaria, introducing characters (some of whom are in the novel) and events and bits of legend and lore. I publish a new regional summary along with a regional map (because I've got a thing for maps) every two weeks or so. I can't tell you how much I love doing this.

Here are links to the ones that are up:
Hibaria, obviously
Barn Owl IV, The Path, and Monster of the Skies. Just kidding. It is, regrettably, called Butterfly.
And this fella is giving me problems so we're not really on speaking terms. I imagine I'll figure him out eventually... (I'm not showing you the problematic areas.)
The Difficult and Frustrating and Not-to-be-Tamed Bear


March is coming and that means I'll be back on the road. First up is Albuquerque for the Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival. This will most likely be my only visit to New Mexico this year. And then in April I'll head back to San Antonio for the King William Fair. Other show announcements forthcoming...
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Sebastian and Maximilian

The boys are doing well. See?
Seb's Surprise That It Was So Easy Stealing Max's Present and Max Licking His Chin
Until February,
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Upcoming Shows:

Albuquerque, NM: Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Spring Show March 9-11th. Cost: $8
San Antonio, TX: King William Fair April 28th. Cost: $15

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