February 2018 - A coupon awaits...
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Greetings, friends! Let's start with my latest regional histories. Want to know about the Skilewood Region and the Brenwaite Region? Then click away and dive a little deeper into Hibaria. And for those of you who want to read a little story, I've linked that in the Skilewood Region...
Maps. Yup, maps.

February Coupon

As its name suggests, the February Coupon is good for the month of February. It's for 15% off anything or multiple anythings on my website (including originals!), but come March 1, it turns into so many useless pixels. So get thee to the store and don't let it go to waste! Oh, the code? 15FEB
Coupon. I spent hours on this. You're welcome.


My work since we last spoke, and by "since we last spoke" I mean, since I last emailed you.
Ursa Major or Arthier or Giant Bear. I haven't decided yet. 24"x30"
Screech Owl II (8"x10") and Night Raven (5"x7")
Work in progress (10"x20") as of yet untitled.
*            *            *

Sebastian and Maximilian

Seb about to ambush Max. Max was faking sleep, though, and pummeled him. See his little fists? Never underestimate Max.
Until March,
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