August 2018 - Colorado, I can't stay away!

Affordable Arts Festival!

Greetings! This weekend I'll be in Littleton, Colorado for the Affordable Arts Festival. It's $10 to get in, but oh is it worth it. (A little too steep for you? Here's a link for $2 off 2 tickets. You're welcome.) Everything at the show will be $100 or less. I like this show a lot - people are pretty enthusiastic to find deals, and deals are to be had! Here is a sampling of what will be available, along with each piece's tantalizing and riveting history:
Oldie but a goodie. Water Lilies is 18"x24" and was created during my Almost Realistic Period when I kind of cared about that. It was for a botanical gardens poster contest. I lost. Not enough flowers I guess. 2010.
This isn't old at all. In fact, it came into being just a few weeks ago. But I know people love their owls, and I was able to paint this guy fairly quickly. Great Horned Owl IV is 8"x10" and, if purchased, will tirelessly watch over your house with those angry, unblinking eyes. 2018.
The Time Disc (5"x7") is one of three paintings from my Painting-a-Day Extravaganza (July 2018) that didn't sell. Frankly, I was surprised. A giant old stone sundial with gulls flying around it, their piercing cries drifting toward you on the wind? How did this not go? It's a mystery that will forever haunt me. 2018.
Ellen and the Swan (12"x12") truly is a magical painting. It baffles me that this is still in my possession. But while I love it, I also hate it. And by that I mean I am selling it for $100, which is ridiculous. Maybe that just means I hate profit. That's probably it. Sorry I said I hated you, Ellen. 2014.
The year was 2015. I had been doing painting full time for about nine months. Sebastian had not yet been born. Neither had Max. None of that is really pertinent to Voyage II, but I thought I'd share anyway. It's 12"x24" and can't wait for a nice Colorado family to take it home. 2015.
I've been experimenting with stained glass a bit more this year. I've also been experimenting with the half-finished look. Why the half-finished look? I want to convey possibility and wonder. What I don't want to convey is laziness. We'll see what people think! The Window of the World is 18"x22.5". 2018.
If at first you don't succeed, paint a bigger lily. The wrong takeaway, it turns out. I lost the poster contest in 2012 as well. This concluded my participation in said contest and it just might be the last time I painted a flower. Something in me died that day. Alas. Lily, 18"x24". 2012. 
All of these are ORIGINAL PAINTINGS. (Sometimes you just have to yell to make sure people understand.) I have lots more originals besides these, as well as my usual assortment of prints and tinies and books and cards.
See you at the Affordable Arts Festival!


I'll be in Littleton, as I'm sure you're now aware. But where else this fall?

LITTLETON, CO: Affordable Arts Festival – August 26 ($10 admission)

OMAHA, NE: Rockbrook Village Art Fair – September 8-9 (free admission)

FRANKLIN, TN: Hutchmoot (Closed Conference) – October 4-7

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Sebastian and Maximilian

Ever wonder how orange juice was made in the 1970s? These boys do! And Mr. Rogers has them covered. Over and over and over again.
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