July 2017 - Forming a New World...
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Greetings! This month I've been to Denver and Des Moines and those shows have been good to me. I've also been painting (if you recall) a 5"x7" piece a day to celebrate turning 40 this month, and selling them for $95 each. I'm happy to report that I successfully turned 40 and as of writing time I've sold 25 of the 30 paintings. The sale only goes through the end of the day, so if you want to see what's left (or to see these in greater detail), head over to my Instagram feed or Facebook page. Below you can see a composite of all the paintings. 
June one-a-day paintings. 30 of them.

Forming a New World...

At shows people will often ask if my paintings are from stories. And I'll tell them that as I paint I come up with story ideas and that all these probably take place in the same world, but I'm not entirely sure.

Well, I'm now entirely sure. In between painting 5"x7"s, I've been working on a map of the islands that contain my paintings and stories. Ellen lives in this world, Cora lives in this world, and Penelope lives in this world. The Black Horizon takes place here. The Master of Tides rules the city of Tarian, Augrind lurks in the frozen shadows, and Fenigus March explores the islands and documents their Lost and Forgotten Things.

I'm excited about this because creating a single world brings all of these different and constantly forming strands together. They don't overlap right now, but they will. Here's a peek at the map I've begun. It's (obviously) still in the early stages. And it's pretty big - 22"x28" - so there's plenty of room for lots of detail.
A portion of the map of the islands, which, as of today, still lack a name.
*            *            *

Sebastian and Maximilian

It's been fun to see these two get to know and like one another. Max continues to grow and has learned to (sometimes) fend off Seb's well-meaning affection ("hugs" are usually head-butts, and Seb has an enormous* head and poor motor skills). These poor motor skills have ushered Sebastian into the stage of life when injuries seem to happen daily. Skinned knees and bruises are common. But he laughs through it all and smiles and is happy. We have a pretty good life.
Not Head-Butting
*It has satellites
That's all for now! Check out the shows below to see if I'll be near you soon!
Until August,


Upcoming Shows:

Denver, CO: Cheesman Park Art Fest July 29-30th.
Denver, CO: Affordable Arts Festival August 27th.
Omaha, NE: Rockbrook Village Art Fair September 9-10th.
Bonner Springs, KS: Kansas City Renaissance Fair September 16-17th.
Wichita, KS: Fall Artisan Festival October 21st.
Albuquerque, NM: Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Thanksgiving Holiday Show November 24-26th.

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