January 2019 - New Paintings! Postcard sale!
Greetings, friends! Yes, it's been months since our last one-sided conversation and I thought I'd remedy that. I've been painting and writing away in my attic studio, trying to stay warm. Want to see some of what I've been painting? 
The Boy in the Wood, $200, 5"x7". Several people point out that I mostly paint girls. Fine, here's a boy.
And you'll have to trust me that this is a boy as well, heading off on a grand adventure. It's called The River Road ($800, 12"x16"). I really spent a lot of time on this one and enjoyed working the details. The boat! The lanterns!
Vigil, $200, 5"x7". They can't all be boys.
This is my new favorite painting. It's The Snow Beast, $2,000, 12"x24". I'm (kind of) okay if it never sells. Fun fact: I started to write a little story about this painting and the kid's name was (very, very, very briefly) Wendell. 
Emma and the Fox, 16"x20". This was a commission and it was the best kind of commission. The conversation went a little like this: 
"Paint me something for my daughter."
"Like... anything?"
"How about a giant fox and a little girl?"
"Make it happen."
Over the next couple months I'll do a few more paintings and will continue to work on my novel. And then I'll hit the road again in March (see show schedule below). In the meantime, I'm doing a...

Postcard Sale!

You know what I have that you could have? Postcards! And they're on sale for the month of January! 16 postcards for $10! Now you might think, This isn't really for me. Maybe you have some objections to purchasing postcards. But for every possible objection, I have an rebuttal:

Objection: I don't send postcards.
Rebuttal 1: Then don't! Frame them and hang them up on your wall like little prints! Or put them on your fridge!
Rebuttal 2: Start sending postcards! Your aunt who hasn't heard from you in a while would love one!

Objection: I don't know how much postcard stamps are.
Rebuttal: Easy. $0.35.

Objection: I don't like your art.
Rebuttal: Then buy these postcards and send them to someone, anyone, as soon as possible!
The postcards. Don't you want them all?


WICHITA, KS: Outdoor Living and Landscape Show – March 1-3 ($10 admission)
ALBUQUERQUE, NM: Rio Grande Arts & Crafts Festival - March 8-10 ($8 admission)

SAN ANTONIO, TX: King William Fair – April 27 ($15 admission)

LITTLETON, CO: Affordable Arts Festival – August 25 ($10 admission)

FRANKLIN, TN: Hutchmoot (Closed Conference) – October 3-6

*          *          *

Sebastian and Maximilian

Smiling Max, 21 months strong.
Sebastian in his cape, a fearless 3 1/2 year old.
Until next time,
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